AI Copywriting Rewind 2021

AI Copywriting Rewind 2021

As I mentioned in my previous video where I looked back in 2021 to find the biggest trends of software. Then we had the biggest trend, which was AI copywriting software. Ever since they released GPT-3 back in January in 2021. We have seen a lot of products coming out within the AI copywriting industry, and some products were early because they were allowed within the closed beta and others came a little bit later when it was opened up for everyone to use. Now in this video, I want to go through the five biggest AI copywriting software we have seen in the industry and those who has had the biggest impact in the industry.
So let’s just dive in.

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    1. AI Copywriting 1: Rytr
    2. AI Copywriting 2: ClosersCopy
    3. AI Copywriting 3:
    4. AI Copywriting 4: Nichesss
    5. AI Copywriting 5: Peppertype

    AI Copywriting 1: Rytr

    Now, the first product I want to talk about is Rytr. Rytr was not necessarily the first product to be in the AI copywriting industry, but they’re definitely established and they have made a huge impact on the industry because first of all, they were announced as Appsumo’s product of the year, and not only did they get a tonne of reviews, but also a tonne of users. And all of these users gave feedback to Rytr and Rytr could then develop their product in the right direction. And when you use Rytr today you can really see that they have spent a tonne of time on developing their product optimising and fine tuning it.

    Now Rytr is mainly for short form content. I do know that they are working on a long form content editor and with the quality we see from Rytr, it will be so interesting to see what they can come up with because as many of you know, we do have a limitation on GPT-3, which means that we can only generate a certain amount of characters, which is around 300 or 400 characters. This means that we cannot generate an entire article. We can only generate sections of an article and then put it together in order to get a full article.

    But Rytr has not released a long form content editor yet at least as far as I know.

    So this will be so interesting to see when they do release it.

    Rytr - An AI tool who proclaims to be the best with 25 tools


    Rytr is a simple yet powerful AI Copywriting platform. I went through all of their functionality.

    AI Copywriting 2: ClosersCopy

    Now the second product I want to mention is ClosersCopy. Normally a lot of these AI copywriting software. They go through a platform called AppSumo, but ClosersCopy took their own approach.

    They marketed their own product via Facebook and Google to get the product out in the consumer’s hands to get a tonne of feedback. And the founder, Nico is a very cool guy and I have had a conversation with him where I got some insights within Closers Copy, which you can also see in my review of Closers Copy. But Closers Copy is the perfect tool for long form content. It’s mainly made to produce great articles or blog posts. You can also use it for short form content, but it’s mainly for producing great long form content, and you can see just from the get go when you get into the product.

    It is just a long form page you get where you can just produce content based on some small keywords. Then you build an outline, and then you build your entire article. I’m really intrigued to see how ClosersCopy will develop their product in 2022.

    ClosersCopy - An AI Copywriting Long-form Editor


    ClosersCopy is mainly for long – form content. It produces great content.

    AI Copywriting 3:

    Now the third product I want to mention is This is mainly the biggest AI copywriting software in the industry and that is because they have been able to purchase smaller players in the market in order to establish themselves and create a great product. So they do have both the long form content and the short form content. I have not been able to play that much around with, but from what I have seen, they produce great content and it seems like a very professional setup in order to generate both great content but also useful content.

    So this will also be interesting to see whether they will continue to purchase smaller players in the market or they will start to fine tune their own products, develop their own product and just continue to deliver the best possible product that they can.

    AI Copywriting 4: Nichesss

    Now the fourth product I want to mention is Nichesss. Nichesss was one of the first products we saw within the AI copywriting industry and the founder Malcolm, he has really been interacting with the users, the users of Nichesss in order to just deliver the best product. But I think this is also a great example that you don’t have to listen to everything the users are saying because often they mentioned a very niche idea. So you really have to take all of this feedback into account and then figure out what of this feedback has been most requested.

    But Malcolm in his Facebook group he has really been interacting. He has been commenting.

    He has really been there for the users in order for him to create the best Nichesss that he can. And we can really see today if we see away from the design that the content that Nichesss create is just fantastic. It’s really one of my favourite products in order to generate short form content. He does also have a long form content editor, but this I don’t feel I have got the best results with yet. However, I do feel that in the future, especially here in 2022 we will see great results from this long form editor, so it will be great to see Malcolm continue his journey with Nichesss and just to deliver the best possible version of Nichesss that he can.

    Nichesss - The best AI generated content


    Nichesss was one of the first AI Copywriting software in the market.

    AI Copywriting 5: Peppertype

    Now the last product I want to mention is PepperType. PepperType is a product that came in, in the mid process of the year, and they are actually delivering great results with their product. It’s mainly meant for short form content and their results are great. I have also reviewed PepperType in order to test out all of their features and overall the results were great.

    They have great design, it’s easy to use, the UX is fantastic, so overall, PepperType is a great product. If you want short form content, and you need it for social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, but you can also make it for Idea generation, blog post titles and so on. What I do really hope to see from PepperType in 2022 is the Long Form Content Editor. Maybe they’re waiting for GPT-4 to be released, but I do hope they will start to develop it in 2022, so we will see what they can deliver with GPT-3 for a long Form editor because it’s really easy to see that the AI copywriting industry is going in that direction.

    If you do not have the Long Form Content editor, you’re slowly playing yourself out as a player in the industry, whereas when you can deliver great results with a Long Form content editor, you’re definitely in there in the mix, fighting to be the number one in the AI copywriting industry. That was the five products I believe has had the biggest impact on the AI copywriting industry in 2021.

    Peppertype - AI Copywriting with some of the best results


    Peppertype is a beautifully designed platform which allows you to generate great content.

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