What ‘Not Provided’ Means in Google Analytics

Ever peeked into the world of Google Analytics and spotted the term “Not Provided”? It’s a bit like a mystery box.

Today, we’re cracking it open to understand why Google Analytics holds back info about how people find your website.

Think of it like having a map but missing some key markings. We’ll dig into why this happens and, more importantly, how you can get back those missing pieces using tools like Keyword Hero or Google Search Console.

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Understanding "Not Provided" in Google Analytics

Understanding Not Provided in Google Analytics

If you’ve ever glanced at your Google Analytics dashboard and come across the term “Not Provided,” it means Google decided to keep certain organic keyword data under wraps.

Instead of revealing the specific search queries that lead users to your website, you’re met with a blanket term – Not Provided.

To understand why this term appears, you have to understand that Google aims to prioritize user privacy, ensuring that individual search behaviors remain confidential.

In doing so, it restricts the visibility of specific keywords that brought users to your site. This approach, while protective of user information, leaves website owners and marketers in the dark about the exact terms driving organic traffic.

Typically, website owners and marketers heavily rely on detailed keyword data to shape their content, SEO strategies, and overall online presence. With hidden data, decision-making becomes more challenging, and the effectiveness of SEO efforts becomes harder to measure.

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Why the ‘Not Provided’ Term Isn’t Good for Your Website

Consolidating to a single domain version eliminates duplicate content risks, focuses signals to boost rankings, and prevents issues splitting analytics data. 

With redirects or canonicals implemented, type various domain versions in a browser again or use ScreamingFrog to confirm they all go to your primary URL. 

Recheck the Search Console for duplicate content or crawler access warnings. Combined metrics equal a successful duplicate domain consolidation.

Using Keyword Hero to Reclaim Keyword Data

Understanding the keywords driving traffic to your site is crucial for optimizing content, improving user experience, and refining marketing strategies. Consequently, the absence of this information in the ‘Not Provided’ section can hinder effective decision-making and SEO efforts.

Enter Keyword Hero—a powerful tool that employs advanced algorithms and data processing techniques to recover the hidden keyword data that Google Analytics conceals for privacy reasons.

Here’s a snippet about Keyword Hero:

An Overview of Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero is a tool designed to help users understand the organic search keywords that drive traffic to their websites.

Keyword Hero’s main features include:

  • Keyword Attribution: The tool aims to provide more accurate data on which keywords are bringing visitors to your site. It attempts to overcome the “not provided” issue in Google Analytics, where Google withholds specific keyword data for privacy reasons.
  • Integration with Google Analytics: Keyword Hero typically integrates with Google Analytics to extract data related to organic search queries and provides insights into keyword-level performance.
  • Data Visualization: The tool often offers user-friendly dashboards and reports to help users visualize their organic search data. This can include information on keyword performance, trends, and more.
  • Conversion Tracking: Keyword Hero may provide insights into how different keywords contribute to conversions on your website, helping you understand the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.
  • Content Optimization: Keyword Hero might offer suggestions for optimizing your content based on the keywords that are driving traffic to your site.

Now that you’re familiar with Keyword Hero, here’s how it can help you reclaim your keyword data:

Integration With Google Analytics

Integration With Google Analytics

Keyword Hero seamlessly integrates with your existing Google Analytics account. Once connected, it starts using sophisticated algorithms to analyze available data, such as landing pages, user behavior, and other relevant metrics.

By examining these patterns, it reconstructs a comprehensive list of keywords that are likely to have led visitors to your site.

Leveraging machine learning capabilities, Keyword Hero continuously refines its understanding of user intent and behavior. This dynamic approach ensures that the recovered keywords are not only accurate but also adapt to changes in search trends over time.

Detailed Reports and Analytics

Once the data recovery process is complete, Keyword Hero provides detailed reports and analytics. These insights include information about the specific keywords, user demographics, and the performance of each keyword in driving traffic and conversions.

Alternative Tools Available for Retrieving Keyword Data

While Keyword Hero is a powerful tool for unveiling ‘Not Provided’ keywords in Google Analytics, there are alternative solutions that digital marketers and website owners can leverage.

Two notable options are Google Search Console and Ahrefs Webmaster Tool, each with its own set of advantages and limitations. Here’s an overview of both tools:

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a popular SEO tool often used to monitor your website’s rankings in search engines. It also has a couple of other uses, like tracking backlinks and troubleshooting errors.

If you don’t want to use Keyword Hero, you can use Google Search Console to see your organic keywords in the Performance report that the tool provides. The report will include data about Google Search queries, the number of clicks your website is getting from organic search, and the number of times your website appears in the search results.



Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

If you’re not a fan of the limitations of Google Search Console, you can always use Ahrefs Webmaster Tools instead.

Like GSC, it’s a free tool, and it doesn’t have the same limitations. The tool gives you access to the SEO data you need for your websites, including the keywords they’re ranking for.

Here are the pros and cons of the tool:



In conclusion, choosing between Google Search Console, Ahrefs Webmaster Tool, or Keyword Hero depends on the specific needs, budget, and preferences of the user. Each tool offers unique features and insights, and a combination of these tools may provide a well-rounded approach to keyword analysis and SEO strategy.

To Wrap Up

As Google decided to safeguard user privacy by withholding specific organic keyword data, the once-transparent map of keyword data in Google Analytics became obscured.

In the absence of detailed keyword insights, a lot of marketers and website owners faced challenges in understanding user intent, measuring the effectiveness of their strategies, and adapting to the evolving digital landscape.

Luckily, there’s always a tool for everything, and Keyword Hero is likely the one you’re looking for.

By providing granular keyword-level insights, seamlessly integrating with Google Analytics, and offering a user-friendly interface, Keyword Hero helps you overcome the ‘not provided’ issue of Google Analytics.

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What ‘Not Provided’ Means in Google Analytics

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