Ranktracker Review: Is it a Top Ranking SERP Tracker?

Are you finding it difficult to find your next lucrative keywords to rank on Google?

Yes, finding those keywords is time-consuming, and then you are not sure if they are the right fit for your content.

I tested the top-ranking SERP tracker and compiled a Ranktracker review to see if it could help me find and track my keywords.

Ranktracker has loads to offer, but is it the best?

I’m committed to providing unbiased opinions to you when reviewing SEO tools. I always test the product first-hand to provide a real user experience backed up with data. Combining this with my many years of experience in the SEO industry allows me to provide a great, unbiased review.

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Key Takeaways

  • You get an all-in-one SEO platform providing you with solutions
  • Ranktracker is an ever-evolving tool that keeps track of trends and makes changes as needed.
  • It helps to study your competitor’s success to provide information on how many keywords you must use on your page.
  • You get insights into other keyword opportunities to help improve your search volume.

Pros and Cons of Ranktracker

Ranktracker can offer you loads of benefits, but it also comes with disadvantages.

Pros of Ranktracker

  • It provides you with insights into your SEO performance
  • You get an excellent design with an easy user interface
  • It has a huge data set
  • Does automated web audits
  • High keyword tracking efficiency
  • Customizable reports

Cons for Ranktracker

  • Huge learning curve for beginners
  • The site audit is not thorough enough and misses describing text for some numbers.


My Quick Take

If you like to work data-driven and have everything collected in one place, then Ranktracker is a decent SEO tool.

Keyword Research
User Experience



I’m not a fan of the user experience with Ranktracker, but it has a ton of data.

What is Ranktracker?

Ranktracker offers an all-in-one SEO platform that helps you analyze competitors internationally. It monitors and spies on backlinks and provides web audits.

You can use it to find relevant keywords to help generate organic traffic to your site.

Furthermore, it has other unique tools, like SEO savings and sharing. These tools help you gain a competitive edge while watching your website yield your desired results.

Ranktracker started 2014  as a sub-par tool and evolved into a first-class platform offering top-notch features.

Ranktracker Review Features

Ranktracker offers many features to help you with search engine rankings in your SEO strategy. I tested some of them, so let’s look at what each feature offers.

Keyword Rank Tracker


A standout feature is the Rank Tracker tool, which can monitor your website in any language in the different search engine locations.

You can check your organic positions for keyword rankings to provide a detailed report to send to clients. 

You also get tips to help adjust attributes, if necessary, on your ranking problems through various uses from mobile to desktop platforms.

Another added function is that the tool also tracks your Google Business Profile rankings on all keywords in the Google search engine.

It also sends you daily email notifications; you can upload a logo to your SEO reports to make it more personal.

The rank tracker will display your SEO metrics on graphs for you to see how your position changes set up as:

  • Instant Visibility
  • Traffic
  • Average Search Engine Position and more

Lastly, the report also shows if you have SERP feature maps, reviews for your site, and shopping previews. You can optimize your content for those features to boost your traffic if they do not appear.

Keyword Finder


Another essential feature that Ranktracker offers is the keyword finder tool. I used it to establish the difficulty level of keywords it generates.

It did help me to get ideas on which ones I must focus on in my content. Another thing I love about this tool is finding long-tail keywords in a keyword history.

The information lets you find feature opportunities for specific keywords to target and improve your organic traffic.

All you need to do is enter a keyword phrase or word, and it provides you with a keyword analysis of the research keyword with search volume and how difficult it ranks.

Another fantastic thing is that you do not need to copy those keywords to paste them into a different document.

You can save them in a custom list available on your dashboard. Furthermore, the keyword planner also shows you the cost-per-click value of your keywords and how much pay-per-click they are getting.

Pro Tip: The keyword finder tool also provides you with a competitor analysis of the keywords they are ranking for.

Automatic Google SERP Checker Tool

If you have been in business online for a while, you know how time-consuming it is to navigate through each result page when using Google manually.

Ranktracker has made it easy for you with the automated SERP Checker Tool. This tool lets you check SERP pages from different regions and see how your website ranks.

Another great thing is you can customize it with different aspects, including the geographical region you are searching.

So, it automates everything for you, and using the checker tool is simple. The first thing I needed to do was to determine the keyword I wanted to use.

I found that you can also do multiple keyword searches separately. Next, you decide where you want the results page to be searched, for example, in the United States, Europe, or Asia.

Then, you must decide if the information gathered must be for mobile or desktop users. So, it will provide you with details for a target keyword for desktop and mobile searches.

Once you enter all the information, you can conduct your check and will see it on the results page for the keyword you entered.

You will see the relevant data and can organize it however you like. Different options are available, including sorting by position in the search engine, order of the results, URL, and the KD.

Website Audit 2.0 Tool

This audit tool monitors the health of your website by examining all its technical issues. It also provides tips on how to fix SEO issues in search engine optimization.

You can use the tool to automatically scan your web pages, giving me actionable insights to fix problems, compare them with previous reports, save the SML reports, and evaluate over 100 data points.

Backlink Checker Tool

This is a helpful tool for checking competitors’ backlink profiles so you can spy on them 😂. Still, be warned; they will do the same with you.

One of the standout functions of the backlink check is the instant analysis of backlinks from any competitor’s site. With it, you can instantly see who has linked to the competitor’s site.

So, you get a complete analysis of your competitors’ backlink activity from the hooks sites use to link to them, whether it is a no-follow or do-follow link. Furthermore, you can check the new, lost, and broken links.

With the information, you can take the opportunity to take the lost links and create new content around them. You can also check the domain authority using the included domain rating system.

You will see where the competitions are positioned compared to other sites in the database. So, you get an overall URL rating based on the quality of the backlinks received.

You can save those backlinks to use later to optimize them further.

Backlink Monitor

Yes, as important as it is to check the competition’s backlinks, you must also check who links to you.

Using the backlink monitor, you can see who links to you and who has stopped.

I found this a great tool to use, as I can check the performance of my content strategy and see where I need to improve.

You also get clickable words that sites are linking to keep you on track with the anchor text diversity and avoid being penalized by the SERPs.

AI Article Writer


One thing is for sure: Ranktracker is an all-in-one SEO tool that offers a rank tracker feature, searching for relevant keywords, giving you keyword suggestions, daily keyword rank tracking, and an AI article writer.

You choose a keyword to target, and the tool will do its magic. It will then give you different content outlines from which to choose. Once you click on the generate button, you will receive an article of, on average, 2500 words and optimized.

You also have complete control of your content creation process by manually entering the title, and the AI generates an outline for you to edit. So, it can help you save valuable time.

Still, I did not find it very helpful to use. The readability is poor, and the quality is lacking when tools stretch too thin. Hopefully, they will improve it in the future.

For Whom is Ranktracker? 

Ranktracker is a powerful tool designed for website owners, SEO professionals, and marketers to track their website’s search engine rankings.

It helps you monitor the performance of your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy by analyzing keywords and providing insights into how your website ranks on various search engines.

You can use it to track your website’s ranking on popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

It also provides detailed reports, graphs, and charts that help you understand your website’s search engine ranking performance over time.

Furthermore, you can use keyword research tools to provide keyword lists and ideas to help you rank on the SERPs.

With it, you can monitor your website’s SEO performance and make data-driven decisions to improve its visibility and search engine rankings.

Ranktracker Alternatives

With Ranktracker, you can monitor your website performance metrics to give you detailed insights into your SEO campaigns. But there are other alternatives I can recommend.

Ranktracker Pricing


The Ranktracker pricing plans offer you subscriptions you can pay monthly or yearly. There are four monthly plans: Starter, Double Data, Quad Data, and Hex Data.

The main difference between these plans is:

  • the amount of daily tracked keywords,
  • competitors per domain,
  • monthly keyword lookups,
  • keyword suggestion,
  • on-demand keyword difficulty checks,
  • backlink rows, and more.

On this all-in-one platform, all plans except the starter plan include unlimited users. You also have access to online chat customer service if needed. Ranktracker also has a seven-day free trial you can try out.

Ranktracker is a bit more expensive than KeySearch. KeySearch starts at $17 and offers loads of value. While SEO Powersuite is costly, you can use the tools for free, but they are limited.

Wrap-Up: Is Ranktracker a Top Ranking SERP Tracker?

No, I would not say it is a top-ranking SERP tracker, as others like KeySearch do the job well.

I did find it helpful to find keywords to help me write content. It showed me keywords I was unaware of and on which my website was ranking.

The features offer a great combination. Still, users who paid for a lifetime deal and cannot even use the basic features complain a lot because they do not get customer support.

I used the free trial to provide you with my Ranktracker review, and it offers loads of features at a great price.

However, I still prefer using KeySearch over Ranktracker. 


Is Ranktracker a complete SEO tool?

Ranktracker offers keyword research and competitor analysis, backlink monitoring, and search engine ranking tracking. With Ranktracker, you can save time and get precise data to optimize your website’s performance on search engines.

Who are the regular users of Ranktracker?

Ranktracker is an excellent tool for website owners, digital agencies, and large corporations looking to improve their search engine rankings. They offer flexible pricing plans and easy website performance monitoring across multiple search platforms, including Google. The software provides accurate data to help optimize your website’s performance for success.

Why is Ranktracker not showing any keyword data?

Sometimes, specific keywords may not have any information available if people in a particular area are not using them. In such cases, the app may not display relevant data because the keyword does not appear on any search engine, including Google.

How can Ranktracker help with SEO?

Ranktracker streamlines your SEO strategy and saves time. Its features include competitor analysis, keyword research, backlink monitoring, and search engine ranking tracking. With precise data and insights, you can make informed decisions and optimize your website’s performance on search engines. Ranktracker is an essential tool for achieving success in search engine rankings.

Ranktracker SEO Software to help you find lucrative keywords on Google

Are you finding it difficult to find lucrative keywords to rank on Google? Then check out the Ranktracker review to see if it can lighten your workload.

Price: 24

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Web

Application Category: SEO

Editor's Rating:


  • It provides you with insights into your SEO performance
  • You get an excellent design with an easy user interface
  • It has a huge data set
  • Does automated web audits
  • High keyword tracking efficiency
  • Customizable reports


  • Huge learning curve for beginners
  • The site audit is not thorough enough and misses describing text for some numbers.
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Ranktracker Review: Is it a Top Ranking SERP Tracker?

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