SEO Powersuite Review 2024 (All 4 Free SEO Tools Tested)

One issue I have with many SEO tools is the price; they are so expensive and often only solve a narrow set of use cases.

So when I stumbled upon SEO Powersuite, which is free to use and has tools covering almost all use cases, I had to try it.

After trying more than 200 SEO tools, I was excited about this one. I wasn’t disappointed; these are solid SEO tools, but they’re running locally on your computer, and I can’t figure out whether it’s positive or negative.

I’m committed to providing unbiased opinions to you when reviewing SEO tools. I always test the product first-hand to provide a real user experience backed up with data. Combining this with my many years of experience in the SEO industry allows me to provide a great, unbiased review.

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Pros and Cons of using SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite is a powerhouse of free SEO tools, and after using all 4 for a couple of weeks, here are my pros and cons.

Pros using SEO Powersuite

  • 4 SEO tools that work seamlessly together.
  • All the tools are thoroughly worked through and packed with features.
  • You get all functionality for free, except saving your projects.

Cons using SEO Powersuite

  • It all runs locally on your computer.
  • Sometimes, when you perform heavy tasks, the applications stall.

SEO PowerSuite

My Quick Take

SEO PowerSuite is the best free SEO tool I’ve tried. The amount of features you get without paying is incredible.

Keyword Research
User Experience



Are you looking for an enterprise SEO tool to manage your large websites? Then SEO PowerSuite is the answer.

What is SEO Powersuite?

SEO Powersuite is a collection of 4 free SEO tools where you get:

  • Rank Tracking & Keyword Research
  • Website Audit
  • Backlink profile analysis
  • Link building and management

The first tool I tried was the website audit, which I was super pleased by. It’s a thorough website analysis that finds technical issues on your website.

Next up, I took the tools one by one, and you get some great tools that have been worked a lot with.

They all work independently, so you don’t have to get all 4 to get the most out of it.

You can use the tool if you only need keyword research and rank tracking, but I recommend it if you need all four tools.

SEO Powersuite Review: Website Auditor

You probably have some technical issues on your website, but you’re unsure how to fix or identify them.

Or maybe you want to know more about your rankings or even backlink opportunities.

This is where SEO Powersuite enters as a package of 4 tools, and I’ve tested all of its features, using it for a couple of weeks.

In this SEO Powersuite review, I’ll review all its products and features and share my opinion on what it does and where it needs to improve.

Site Structure: Find and Fix Technical Issues On Your Website

The site structure consists of 4 submodules:

  • Site Audit
  • Visualization
  • Pages
  • All resources

The site audit is one of my favorite modules within Website Auditor because it’s powerful and goes in-depth with your website. It finds all the issues on your website and tells you how to fix them.

website auditor site audit

Pro-tip: It checks your website on 75 points. I counted myself, but ensure you integrate both Google PageSpeed and Google Analytics before you run it to get the most out of it.

It checks everything from images and links not working to posts loading too slowly or if you have issues in your HTML.

This means it doesn’t only work for WordPress, but it works for any website, and it ensures you get a much better user experience by fixing all these issues.

Next up is the visualization, and this is the module I’ve been using the least because it didn’t bring me any value.


It shows how your website is linked together. You can then click on a specific page on the right sidebar to see all pages linking to that page.

It might be helpful for you or smaller websites, but it was a mess and impossible for me to get an overview. I prefer a spreadsheet instead.

The pages module provides a better overview of how all my pages perform overall.


What I love about this is that you can pull in a ton of data, get the data points on each page, and compare them.

Using this makes it easy for me to identify the outliers and optimize the pages.

I integrated Website Auditor with Google Analytics and PageSpeed, which meant I could see pageviews and bounce rates.

I hope they’ll add an engagement rate in the future, as I could use that. However, by doing this, I could sort by the highest bounce rate and then optimize those pages, looking at what the other pages are doing well.

This is why this module is so powerful.

All Resources is a module that shows you the technical elements of your website.


It’s just a simple overview, and if you have any outliers where a page is much more heavy to load than another, you might want to look into it.

It’s not a view you’ll use much, but it’s an excellent overview.

Page Audit: Optimize Content


This is the module for when you want to optimize your content on your website.

The power of this tool is vastly underrated, but let me take you through it.

It contains six modules:

  1. Keyword Map
  2. Technical Audit
  3. Content Audit
  4. Content Editor
  5. TF-IDF
  6. Reports

It would be best if you used these modules in the same order.

You add the main keyword to your page or post in the keyword map module. Even though a blog post ranks for 100, sometimes 1000s of keywords, you always have a main keyword you’re focusing on.

Next, you’ll run a technical audit on your post or page. This will provide you with many data points on your post/page, including any issues with images, whether it is mobile-friendly, and more.


It checks your page/post on 21 data points and gives you actionable on how to improve them.

Once you’re through this process, it’s time to optimize the content, starting with a content audit.


This is where the Website Auditor checks your content on the classic SEO elements, such as whether you use the keyword in the title, meta description, and body.

It checks your content on 18 data points you can use as guidance, and you mustn’t follow it strictly.

Pro tip: These tips are intended to help you improve your content, but sometimes, your content will worsen if you strive to score 100% by following each tip.

It’s a quick overview, and I like it.

Now, it’s time to get to work and use the actual content editor to improve your content. Here, you can choose between the editor mode or the browser mode.


It loads your website 1:1, and it works well.

You can easily click wherever the text is and delete or add new text. You can also see how the design changes to ensure it remains user-friendly.

Once done, you can export it to HTML or simple text.

The right bar is packed with great information, such as NLP words, optimization tips, competitors, questions about your topic, and more.

It’s a treasure trove of great information that helps you write a better blog post.

Even though you fulfilled all these when you wrote your blog post a year ago, things might have changed, and you need to cover something new, or you’re over-optimized.

Pro tip: Once you upload a new version of your article, change the publish date and ask Google to re-index it in Google Search Console.

The TF-IDF module is your best friend if you want a simpler overview of what words and phrases are missing in your content.


It’s a simple table overview where you can see all the words and whether you need to use them more or less. You can also compare yourself to your competition to see where to improve.

Lastly, if a writer uses a different tool to optimize or write the content, you can create a report and send it to them.


It’s packed with all the essential things you have in Website Auditor, and it ensures that if your writer follows the instructions, your content will be optimized for your target keywords.

I found the report super easy to follow and jam-packed with great information.

Domain Strength: Get an Overview of Your Domain


This is a super simple overview of your website, including its progress, the number of backlinks, and other relevant information.

You can easily see if your backlinks are growing and if you want to score as high of a domain strength as possible.

Your domain strength is mainly based on quality backlinks, just like your rankings in the SERP.

I like that you can see the traffic from sources other than Google, such as social media and other search engines.

For example, I found none of my pages were indexed in Bing. This was not the case, but it could be, and it made me check.

Reports: Great for clients


I don’t think this module is essential unless you have clients to report to.

That said, it’s an easy way to create a report for a client, or maybe even your developer, to get them to fix all the issues on your website.

It’s super thorough. It takes all the data you’ve managed to get from the modules and packs it together in one report.

They’re quite long because they cover everything, but it’s a way to share all the issues with your developer or client and show them how it’s going.

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SEO Powersuite Review: Rank Tracker

The SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker is a great all-in-one software for tracking keywords. It comes with a customizable rank-tracking dashboard and SEO report.

I found it to be powerful tracking software for any SEO task. You can use it to monitor your current rankings and identify keyword difficulties.

You can track featured snippets and get fully automated reporting.

Project Dashboard: To Get An Overview

What I like about the dashboard is that it comes with excellent tools to get an overview of your search rankings and how it performs.

So, how does it work? It tracks key metrics like keyword rankings, backlinks, and traffic; everything is available in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

You can track unlimited keywords across multiple search engines, including Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

You can also monitor your competitors’ rankings and compare their performance against them. You get detailed reports and analytics to identify trends.

It is a huge benefit for anyone wanting to optimize their SEO campaign.

You get customizable alerts with notifications to inform you of changes in your website rankings.

Domain Analysis: An Overview Of Your Domain

Do you want to monitor and analyze your website’s performance or domain on the search engine result pages?

Then, the SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker can help you achieve this.

You get an audit tool to track the ranking of your domain as a whole and the pages of your website for specific keywords and phrases.

So, how do you benefit from using it? I found that you can use the information to identify improvement areas and track the effectiveness of your changes.

Keyword Research: Find Low-Competition Keywords

How many times have you had to use a different tool in your digital marketing tool to find low-competition keywords?

Now, you can find low-competition keywords using one version of SEO available in the Powersuite tool.

The keyword research tool does all the work for you, using search volume, keyword difficulty, and competition level to analyze your target keywords comprehensively.

With the keyword lists, you can rank higher in search results and attract more traffic to your website. So, it provides you with keyword suggestions to use.

SERP Analysis: Find Opportunities In The SERP

Another all-in-one tool in this SEO Powersuite review is the SERP analysis. You know how frustrating it can be to move between different SEO tools.

Now, you can analyze your website rankings in one place and monitor their changes over time.

The tool helps me identify keywords that are performing well and which ones I need to improve for search engine optimization.

I love seeing my competitors’ rankings, which gives me more insight into their keywords and strategies.

You can use the information to identify a keyword gap and target a relevant keyword for which they are ranking.

This will allow you to tailor your content to get more organic traffic.

Competitor Research: Analyze Your Competitors

As mentioned, SEO Powersuite offers you a great SEO solution, and part of the SEO toolkit is competitor research.

By analyzing your competitors, you can discover the most profitable keywords they use to analyze their:

  • website traffic
  • provide a backlink analysis
  • track their search engine rankings

With the competitor analysis reports, you can monitor your competitors’ online activities to stay updated on their market strategies.

SEO Powersuite Review: SEO SPYGlass

Spying on your competitors has never been easier than now using the SEO SpyGlass. The best part is it is loaded with some helpful features. When you land on this page, you need to add your competitor’s domain, and it does the rest:

Check Competitors Backlinks

The first thing I like about this tool is that it provides me with information on my competitor’s backlink profile.

You will get enough links to work with, and you can connect them to your Google Search Console to access links from joint databases.

Furthermore, you can download the link profile and receive it in a CSV file to use with your other SEO tools.

Compare the Backlink Profiles

Another thing you will benefit from is comparing the backlink profiles of different websites with the domain comparison tool.

Still, if you do not know your competitors, look at the domains showing up with your target keyword on Google.

It is part of the premium features offered and compares the backlinks on different sites.

I recommend you pay attention to the following:

  • Total linking domains and backlinks (check the Majestic total backlinks to compare to the linking domains)
  • IP addresses like Ahrefs link to the IP ratio
  • The top traffic source location
  • Also, look at the anchor text diversity available

With the tool, you can see how your competitors create their links. Furthermore, you can use the Link Intersection tool to show you which websites link to the competitors and not you.

Anchor Text Breakdowns

As you know, the anchor text you use must be relevant to your page as it sets the expectation for what users will find on the page.

For example, if they see a text saying “free SEO tools,” they want to find it on the page. These software tools are excellent for checking anchor texts on the backlink profile.

You get an accurate audit with a complete breakdown of your website’s anchor texts.

The great thing is that you can use the information to find unusual anchor texts and contact the web admin about them. 

Monitor Your Backlink Growth

I love SEO Power Suite because it lets you see your backlink growth over a month or up to three years. On the Backlink Profile, you can filter the graph to display at the top of your page.

On the other hand, you can use SEO SpyGlaas to connect with your Google Analytics and see which backlinks are sending the most traffic to your site. You will receive a breakdown of each site, showing you the bounce rate.

Get One-Click Penalty Risk Analysis

Not all backlinks are the same; some can cost you traffic and increase the penalty chance. I like that I can find out which links are at risk of preventing progress with one click. If you have links that are a risk, the next feature is what you need.

Disavow File Generator

If you have risky links, you can disavow them by scrolling down to find the high-risk link. It will be highlighted, and you can click the X to disavow it.

Yet, you must export the file to your Google Search Console to import it. Still, you need not upload them unless Google gives you manual action for links. 

SEO Power Suite LinkAssistant Review

The SEO Powersuite link assistant can work hand-in-hand with the SEO SpyGlass tool as it provides you with link-building opportunities.

The tool helps you manage and optimize your link profiles and has comprehensive features to acquire high-quality backlinks. Let’s look at the features offered a bit closer:

Use it To Find Backlink Opportunities

The Link Assistant is great for finding prospects as it searches the web to find relevant backlink opportunities.

It can save you hours researching them and money to pay for a research assistant.

You can select prospect search methods using guest posting, reviews, commenting, and more. You can also ask it to find opportunities for a specific keyword.

It will present you with loads of opportunities to use.

Bulk Email Outreach

Furthermore, it automatically looks up your contact information. Once you have enough email addresses, you can contact them in bulk from inside the tool.

Once you select the emails, click the email button, and they will be available in one place. From here, you can create an email to send to everyone. Still, the template provided is not the best, and I recommend you make it sound more authentic.

Once done, you can send them off, as the comprehensive suite takes care of the rest.

Monitor Links

If you have been guest posting, it helps to monitor your links to ensure they remain active with the anchor details as intended.

You do this on the prospect’s backlinks and add your links from the SEO SpyGlass into the tool. You can use the tool periodically to ensure your links are where they must be.

If they are not, you can easily email the website that drops its link in the on-click to see what is up.

Who Is SEO Powersuite Made For?

SEO Powersuite is for power users or websites with many pages and posts.

As you can see, the SEO software is made with spreadsheets in mind. The minimal design makes managing hundreds and even thousands of pages easy.

While it’s not the most beautiful design, it’s easy to see that SEO Powersuite focuses on the user experience.

Hence, it helps with advanced web ranking and lets you focus on SEO opportunities.

Alternatives to SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite gives you so much value for free, and I don’t see any other SEO tool that comes close to this, but when it comes to the site audit and when you separate the tools, there are some alternatives.

SEO Powersuite Pricing


As mentioned, you can use SEO Powersuite for all four products for free.

If you want more volume and the ability to save your projects, you must upgrade to the professional or enterprise plans.

The free plan comes with full functionality, though with some minor limitations. It’s super generous, and you can get a lot of functionality with it.

Wrap-Up: Is SEO Powersuite Worth It?

Yes, SEO Powersuite is worth it because you get so much functionality for free, and even when upgrading, it’s only $25 per month when you divide it out.

With rank tracking, website audit, and many backlinking opportunities, you have a suite of all the SEO tools you need to thrive.

The keyword research module lacked some keyword ideas, and here, I prefer tools like LowFruits, but the overall package from SEO Powersuite is super helpful.

So, if you’re looking for a complete package of free SEO tools, look no further; this is for you.


Is SEO PowerSuite free?

Yes, all four products are free, but you must upgrade to a professional or enterprise plan to add volume and save your projects.

Is SEO PowerSuite any good?

Yes, SEO Powersuite is a powerful tool for search engine optimization. It has four modules: find an effective keyword, track keywords, see keyword rankings, and more. You can use it for search visibility, link-building campaigns, broken links, and more.

Who owns SEO PowerSuite?

The company that owns SEO PowerSuite is Link-Assistant.Com. It has been in business since 2004 and caters to SEO and digital marketing platforms. The SEO PowerSuite is its flagship product.

SEO PowerSuite
seo powersuite review

In my SEO Powersuite Review I go through all 4 tools, share my opinion and show you how you can utilize them all entirely free.

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Web

Application Category: SEO

Editor's Rating:


  • 4 SEO tools that work seamlessly together.
  • All the tools are thoroughly worked through and packed with features.
  • You get all functionality for free, except saving your projects.


  • It all runs locally on your computer.
  • Sometimes, when you perform heavy tasks, the applications stall.
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Phillip Stemann
I'm Phillip, and I've been in the SEO game since 2020, where I took it under the skin. I've grown multiple websites to thousands of clicks, and I'm sharing all my SEO knowledge through my content and YouTube channel. I started as a curious mind at 13 years old, programming and programming for many years before I discovered SEO. I then started with the technical part of SEO as it came naturally to me with my technical background, and then I took on all parts of SEO. I love helping other people grow their websites, and I help my clients do the same.

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SEO Powersuite Review 2024 (All 4 Free SEO Tools Tested)


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