SEOcrawl Review – Finally An SEO Feature To Help Me Grow

In this SEOcrawl review, I’ll show how I have used SEOcrawl for a few months to monitor my websites.

Today, I’ll share how this all-in-one tool lets you get a birdseye view to zoom in on a wealth of data.

The greatest strength of this analysis tool is it makes it simple to visualize the SEO results, problems, opportunities, and successes.

Yet that is not all that SEOcrawl offers, as there are many other great features you can also utilize. So, let’s dive in and get started.

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Key Takeaways

  • It helps you keep tabs on different aspects of how your site performs
  • It helps with search engine optimization
  • Provides data-driven insights on Google Search Console

Pros And Cons Using SEOcrawl

So, what makes SEOcrawl so unique? I’ve been using the software for a while now, and this is what I like and do not like about the software. 

Pros Using SEOcrawl

Cons Using SEOcrawl


My Quick Take

Solid SEO performance tool to monitor the technical foundation for your website and SEO efforts.

seocrawl website
Assistant for technical foundation

What Is SEOcrawl

seocrawl website

SEOcrawl is a powerful tool that provides data-driven insights on Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other digital marketing tools.

The marketing analytics tool offers a comprehensive SEO report to help you rank higher on Google and other search engines.

So, if you want to take your SEO management to a new level, the suite of SEO tools available will make it possible.

It saved me time and costs as it helped me achieve efficiency. Thus, this powerful data app analyzes historical data from Google Analytics and the Search Console over 16 months.

Furthermore, you can monitor your keyword performance, forecast traffic, and gather keyword trends and other vital data.

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SEOcrawl Review Features

SEOcrawl, I found, was packed with valuable features like a keyword research tool. The main one is that it gives detailed automation of keyword reports on how a website performs in the SERPs.

It also provides heat maps to show where your keywords appear most often. In addition to creating SEO reports, you can use it to analyze your website to optimize its performance using different social media platforms.

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the key features offered.

SEOcrawl Tools: To Make Optimizing a Breeze

SEOcrawl Tools - To Make Optimizing a Breeze

Compared to other marketing analytic tools, SEOcrawl has a powerful SEO dashboard to analyze your site’s performance.

It helped me track key performance metrics like keyword ranking and organic traffic forecasts over time.

In the dashboard, you can view your data in graphical form to quickly spot the trends and decide what to do next with your project.

But that is not all, as the SEO dashboard has other features that help you conduct competitive analysis and show you where you can improve.

A worthy mention is the traffic prediction tool, which is very useful. With the tool, you can see the current month’s search volume and how it will change by the end of the year.

The information helped me plan my keyword research and content marketing. You also get performance statistics showing your MoM and YoY growth.

Rank Tracking: To Track Keyword Performance

Rank Tracking - To Track Keyword Performance

Another highlight of using SEOcrawl is the rank tracker that helps you track the progress of your keywords in real-time.

The analytics data provides information on traffic volume, keyword ranking, search engine results page position, and average CPC.

Categorizing the keywords in clusters to analyze them using a heat map helps as you can see the growth trend of each term used.

You can also apply filters to display brand compared to non-brand traffic or anything you think is best.

With the rank tracker, you can use keywords and tags and automatically calculate your growth trends for your top keywords and URLs.

So, it makes tracking keyword performance easier to remain ahead of your competition.

SEO Reporting: A Must-Have Tool

SEO Reporting - A Must-Have Tool

The SEO report is essential to optimize your website’s visibility in search engines.

The tool tracks pages, search engine visibility, keywords, and broken links over time.

You get a detailed overview of your website’s performance, from the average position impressions to clicks per month.

I could analyze keyword variations to change them over time with the tool.

It helped me keep track of my successful keywords and pages with time, providing me with automated monthly reports.

So, get a lot of actionable SEO reports. 

Built-In Task Organizer: Help Track Your Online SEO Efforts

Built-In Task Organizer - Help Track Your Online SEO Efforts

Another helpful tool in SEOcrawl is the task manager, which provides a dynamic way to manage your SEO tasks.

The tool allows you to organize tasks into blocks stipulated as pending, in progress, or complete.

So, seeing the status of tasks makes it simpler to know the progress and what needs to be done.

The task manager is in Kanban format, and you have everything available at your fingertips to organize and track the online SEO efficiently and effectively.

SEO Monitor: Control Changes on The Go

SEO Monitor - Control Changes on The Go

A new add-on to the SEO software is the SEO Monitor tool to control changes you make on your website. It is a simple yet valuable tool to monitor your SEO projects.

The tool monitors the most critical URLs to alert you of changes to the preferences you defined. The tool helped me keep tabs on changes to ensure I took steps to optimize my website.

It allows you to modify the frequency of notifications of changes, and you can control the elements monitored.

Who Is SEOCrawl Made For?

What I like about the SEOcrawl app is that it is designed for different types of people.

If you’re an SEO professional or agency wanting to perform website audits to track your SEO performance, the software is for you.

As a business, you can monitor your rankings for organic search traffic as the rank tracker with traffic analytics makes it easy.

Bloggers and content creators can use it to get insight into how their content is performing. The SEO analytics in SEOCrawl can help optimize content.

Developers can use it if they need technical SEO audits. SEOCrawl identifies issues like incorrect redirects, canonical tags, and hreflang tags.

In summary, SEOCrawl is designed for anyone who wants robust, easy-to-use SEO tools for auditing, tracking, and optimizing websites.

It provides valuable SEO insights for marketers, agencies, and web admins.

Alternatives To SEOcrawl

SEOcrawl is a great tool, but you can find other alternatives with a similar design.

Here, I have two worthy contenders similar to SEOcrawl.


SheerSEO is similar to SEOcrawl and provides SEO services to small, midsize, and enterprise businesses.

The services include keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, site audits, content marketing, technical SEO, and more.

The app uses a data-driven approach to SEO with a focus on long-term results. It utilizes tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, SEMrush, etc.

sheerseo website


For a leading visibility management software, SEMrush comes highly recommended. The software includes over 55 products, add-ons, and tools.

Some tools include search, social media, content, market research, and data. It seamlessly integrates with task management platforms and Google.

semrush website

SEOcrawl Pricing

SEOcrawl Pricing

The pricing plan for SEOcrawl starts from 9€/month for small business needs to enterprise-level customized plans. SEOCrawl is designed to be scalable for any website and budget size. You get a 7-day free trial with the monthly plan and four months free with your yearly plan.

Wrap-Up: Is SEOcrawl Worth It?

I found the SEOcrawl an effective tool as it gave me more insight into the search engine rankings for my websites.

For businesses, it will help identify opportunities to optimize your website and take the needed steps to improve visibility online.

Any business can benefit from using SEOcrawl to track its progress and changes in the search engine ranking.

The SEOcrawl is for anybody as it is a user-friendly dashboard to collect essential data.

Try it if you have many projects or want simplicity to analyze speed.


My Last Thoughts

It makes your life easier with your website to ensure when you write content, and your technical foundation will empower your content.

seocrawl website
Monitor the important factors for your website
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SEOcrawl Review – Finally An SEO Feature To Help Me Grow

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