Seodity Review: All-in-One SEO Tool (Pros, Cons, Pricing)

Have you tried to determine the best marketing strategy based on your competition’s achievements?

Maybe you have used different SEO tools to achieve this. I know how you feel, and I stumbled upon this data-driven platform and tested it out.

One thing you will see with my Seodity review is that it simplifies gathering backlinks and finding opportunities to pursue keywords with well-written content.

I’m committed to providing unbiased opinions to you when reviewing SEO tools. I always test the product first-hand to provide a real user experience backed up with data. Combining this with my many years of experience in the SEO industry allows me to provide a great, unbiased review.

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Key Takeaways

  • Seodity helps you quickly review your competitor’s websites to gather content creation ideas.
  • It can help you identify keywords that are crucial for your business.
  • The AI platform allows you to create content based on Google’s E-A-T guidelines.
  • Use it to monitor your performance to stay ahead of your competition.

Pros and Cons Using Seodity

Seodity has a lot to offer and is incredible to use, but as much as it provides advantages, it also has some shortcomings.

Pros of Seodity

  • Excellent User Interface
  • Great competitor research module 
  • Active Support
  • Unlimited Projects

Cons of Seodity

  • Limited Data
  • It takes a long time to crawl keywords


My Quick Take

Seodity has become an excellent SEO tool, especially for competitor research. They just need to incorporate more data into the platform.

Keyword Research
Speed of Platform
User Experience



The price is a bit off compared to what you get in functionality and data, but it’s a great SEO tool overall.

What is Seodity?

Seodity is your one-stop SEO platform packed with tools. It provides daily keyword updates, SEO audits, backlinking, rank tracking, competitor analysis, and more.

With it, you can explore your high-volume keywords‘ paid and organic traffic across several websites on one page.

You can do keyword tracking to utilize real-time data to help optimize your website. Another benefit is that you can analyze keywords to employ them in Google ads or use them to fine-tune your marketing.

Whether you are looking for a specific link, you can use the backlink checker to filter and sort backlinks according to status.

Seodity can help anyone identify potential site issues, such as content quality, linking errors, missing HTML tags, and slow load times.

Seodity Review Key Features

SEOdity is a great tool, but what can you do with it, and is it any good? The user interface is excellent, and there are loads of features. Let’s explore these features.

Keyword Generator

I found using the keyword generator straightforward and effective.

I enter my domain name, and it will find all the keywords you currently rank for on the SERPs.

You can also add a topic or seed keyword related to your content or website, and the tool provides you with a list of relevant keywords that you can target in your SEO strategy.

These keywords are based on actual search queries from users, ensuring that you are targeting terms that are actively being searched for.

What I appreciate about the keyword generator is its simplicity and accuracy.

The interface is clean and intuitive, making navigating and finding the information you need easy.

Plus, the tool provides valuable metrics like search and keyword volumes, keyword difficulty, and cost-per-click (CPC), helping you prioritize which keywords to focus on.

It is a great tool to have whether I’m brainstorming new content ideas, optimizing existing pages, or need keyword ideas or suggestions.

You can also check the SEO performance of those keywords.

Content Explorer

Content Explorer is another great tool I found on the platform, providing me with an on-site content analysis.

It explores popular web pages to provide you with content ideas. The fascinating thing is that it even provides a traffic analysis showing which pages receive the most traffic.

Furthermore, it allows you to delve into the competition’s content to gain valuable insights and ideas for your content creation. A useful feature is that you can sort and filter your results.

Whether I want to narrow down by publication date, social shares, or domain authority, I can refine my search and pinpoint what I want.

SEO Checker

Using the SEO checker can help boost your Google ranks and site traffic. It provides you with an SEO error analysis and SERP Ranking.

During my test, I found that Seodity analyzes 100 factors that can affect my website position. It detects any potential faults on your site.

What I like about this tool is that it provides instructions on addressing those problems, which is not the case with many other SEO tools.

It recommends guidelines for every issue it unearths. You also get advanced filtering to customize your search findings.

For example, you can search every alt tag with the keyword included.

Rank Tracker

Using the rank tracker, I took a few minutes to select the city or region where I conduct my business, mainly to see how it ranks.

I did receive specific information about my website’s keyword positions on desktop and mobile devices.

I could even check how my competitors are doing, and it tracks it automatically. So, you can see your SEO strengths and weaknesses in the competitor analysis provided.

You can also go back in time to see if your SEO improved or worsened and can travel as far back as you want.

It is an excellent tool to rack your keyword ranking against your competitors. Another great thing is you can download the rank tracker app to add to your Google.

So, you can quickly check your rank tracking on your phone for Android and iOS devices.

Thus, you can search for keywords using your keyword ideas and add them to your rank tracker to monitor their performance in real-time.

Backlink Checker

The backlink checker displays everything you find on simple charts, which makes it easier to comprehend.

I could quickly discover which backlinks I have on my site over the last six months. This made it easier to find the exact backlinks I was looking for, as I could sort and filter them by kind, status, added, and more.

You can also gain access to a specific anchor text other websites use to help direct their readers to a website.

The tool is helpful for you to see where visitors are coming from as the program can locate an exact URL driving visitors to your site.

You can also refer to a specific backlink to save them to your favorites list.

Lighthouse to Check Website Performance

The program is a Google automated tool that helps you improve the quality of your web pages. During my test, I found that it made improving my web pages simpler.

The program uses comprehensive metrics and provides diagnostic data to improve website performance.

I like that it helps me discover how to improve the accessibility and usability of my pages so that everyone can enjoy them.

So, it is an excellent tool for assessing the optimization of your website and recommending improvements.

Seodity Tasks For a Smooth SEO Workflow

Seodity tasks is a new feature that can help you collaborate, optimize, and organize all your SEO efforts.

The benefit is this tool helps you manage different SEO projects. You can include your team members in assigning tasks and tracking their progress on one platform.

It also allows you to communicate and track your progress. So, your team gets easy access to the relevant data to make data-driven decisions.

AI-Driven SEO Content Editor

Once you have used the bulk keywords checker to determine what works best on the organic search and to analyze your domain rank, you can use that information in your SEO strategies.

This is where Seodity’s AI-Powered Content Editor can help you create new blog posts based on your gathered information. The AI-powered content writer helps create outlines based on the URLs or keywords you provide.

The editor helps you achieve your content creation goals by writing a complete article. You can also use it to write product descriptions and add a FAQ section.

Furthermore, it has a huge benefit as it provides you with content optimization during the content process.

Another thing I like is that your content is fully customizable to help reflect your brand.

Boost Your e-Commerce With a Competitor Analysis

You know how important it is to research the market when you have an e-commerce site, as you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

This is where the competitor analysis provided by Seodity comes in handy. You can use the information to increase your paid and organic traffic.

The information provided helps you remain ahead of them as it has a daily product rank checker that shows the position of your products on Google.

It displays product ranks on desktop and mobile devices. Seodity will crawl your store and notify you of weekly technical issues.

So, you can spy on your competitor’s Google ads, landing pages, keywords, and more.

Seodity Chrome Extension

You can also use the Seodity all-in-one tool with you using the Chrome extension that is available. It is a great way to get actionable insights from your search results.

You can get a domain overview, backlink count, organic keyword statistics, and more from anywhere.

For Whom is Seodity?

Seodity can help small- to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, freelancers, and marketers optimize their online presence.

You can use it to improve your search engine rankings and SEO performance, attracting more organic traffic and increasing your online visibility.

It includes essential SEO features, guidance on optimizing your website correctly, and a comprehensive writing tool.

The all-in-one SEO tool can perform keyword research and exclusively provide optimization recommendations for site audits.

Seodity Alternatives

Seodity is an excellent tool that provides many things you can do in one place, from domain analysis to content creation using AI. But other alternatives offer you keyword research tools and more.

Seodity Pricing


With Seodity, you have three pricing options. The basic plan costs $49 and includes up to 50 AI-written pieces of content.

The Growth plan costs $129 monthly with 100 AI-generated content, while the Advanced plan costs $399 monthly, including 200 generated AI articles.

All the plans include unlimited projects, but the number of technical audits, daily tracked keywords, backlinks, organic and paid traffic, and more varies between them.

KeySearch remains an affordable option compared to the alternatives, providing you with similar features and more.

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Wrap-Up: Is Seodity The All-in-One SEO Tool For You?

Seodity can be for you if you need help with various SEO aspects for optimizing your website.

You get some useful features with a great UI experience and can use them for keyword research, rank tracking, content analysis, and more.

It has an excellent competitor research module, but the platform has limitations.

You get limited data and slow crawling times, but the active support and all the features included make up for it to help boost your website performance.


Do you get white-labeled reports with Seodity?

Yes, Seodity does present you with white-labeled reports to add your logo when sending them to clients.

Can you customize Seodity-generated content?

Yes, you can customize Seodity-generated content to match your brand’s voice and style.

How does Seodity’s backlink checker work?

Seodity’s backlink checker will comprehensively analyze your website backlink profile, including anchor texts and domain rank.

How often will you get track rankings from Seodity?

With the rank tracker, Seodity will send you daily reports to monitor your website’s ranking position and keyword changes over time.

SEODity Review This Is Data Driven SEO

Seodity: A data-driven SEO tool with a dedicated team of 6 experts. Discover its strengths and weaknesses in this comprehensive Seodity review.

Price: 49

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Web

Application Category: SEO

Editor's Rating:


  • Excellent User Interface
  • Great competitor research module 
  • Active Support
  • Unlimited Projects


  • Limited Data
  • It takes a long time to crawl keywords
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Seodity Review: All-in-One SEO Tool (Pros, Cons, Pricing)

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