Sniply review – Convert Leads On Any Website

Sniply review - Convert Leads On Any Website

Using a so-called link shortener not only helps you shorten your links but also helps you track who clicks on your links. And this is Sniply, who has taken links to shorten to a new level with remarketing, conversion pixels and much more. And we’ll go over their four core features. So let’s dive in.

Here we are in the platform Sniply, and I will take you through the four core features: setting up a brand, setting up a CTA, A/B testing links, and then we’ll take a look at conversions remarketing in the end. But let’s start with brand profiles. You can use a brand profile to set your domain, name, and logo. So, for instance, here I have created my brand. But let’s create a new brand here to see how it is set up.

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    We have to enter a name and the URL that we want to send people to later on in the CTA, which you will see in a moment. I will always recommend setting up a logo, which I will also do here. With that said, we have now set up our brand super fast and very easy to do. So now we’re ready to go and create our first call to action, and I can’t wait to show you. Right here, we have different options when we create a call to action.

    First off, I will choose the brand we just set up. And now, I can choose whether it should be a button, a text link, or even a formula that people can fill out. And I will show you why this is extremely interesting. For now, let’s create a button. And a message here could be: Visit my website for more tips and tricks on this subject.

    So I have entered the message, the button text and the URL. And you can see at the bottom what it looks like. And this works more or less like a small pop-up that you can add to the website. And I will show you some very interesting features using this. I would like to have some more custom options, but you can see in the next step here we can customise it where we can set the theme, we can set colours, and we can even set the position as well.

    So here you can see that I’ve chosen full width, so it just shows in the bottom. I would still like to be able to tweak it a bit to maybe make the logo a little bit smaller, so it has some white space around it. Maybe change the button to look slightly different, not to have rounded corners and so forth. But this is something that we can work with. So now I have spent less than a minute setting up my CTA.

    I will now finish it. So this CTA is pointing to my website, and you might wonder, why does that make sense? Of course, you can be on a sub-page linking to your home page or a converting page. But let me show you something very interesting just in a moment. The third core module links.

    So we have our CTA now, and I will create a Sniply. And creating a Sniply doesn’t necessarily have to be your website. So hold on here. You can create CTAs on other people’s websites and then send them out to whoever you want to send them out to, so people will see the website you’re using but with your CTA. So let me take, for instance, my website here, which is not, but

    And then, I will enter my CTA for So here you can now see that I’m on my website, but the CTA is from a different website, and I can now snip this specific website. And now, I will have a URL in just a moment where I can go and see my website, but with a different CTA. So let’s try and visit this link. So I’m now on my website, but with the CTA at the bottom.

    And there are some issues because it’s not loading the images right now. I’m using lazy load for my images, so that’s maybe why it’s not loading, and that would be something they had to fix. But here I’m on my website. I can browse, click on the links, and use the website as if it were just my website. But if we go up in the URL here, you can see that the website is Sniply. I’m not on my website.

    So through Sniply, they load in the website you want to add a CTA to and then show it like you’re on that website. And that’s why if we could tweak the design more here to look like it’s part of the website, that would make it a lot easier. This feature blew me away. I think it’s such an interesting take on building CTAs, and we can even take it a step further. So we are back on the Sniply platform, and I can create A/B variations here.

    But before we do that, I just want to mention that if you want to follow behind the scenes of how I create these videos and my daily life, then go to Instagram and follow me there because I will share everything that I do in a single day. But now, let’s try and create an AB variation for this specific CTA. So here, instead of a button, let’s create a text link. We will also tweak it a little bit here. So here I have tweaked the message.

    I’ve written a different link text, but the URL is the same. Again, we can tweak it a little bit. For now, I will try the candy one here. So we’ll still have the logo. It looks a little bit more smooth. We’ll keep the rest as is and then create the CTA. So now we have with the same URL, a way to A/B test this.

    And the way we define which version is working best is by setting up conversions. So let’s go ahead and set up some conversions now. So here we are back on the platform, and you can see we have conversion pixels up here. This is very simple to set up. It is just an image you add to your website.

    So here we will say going to a website just as an example will generate the conversion pixel. And as you can see over here, we have a very simple HTML tag which is just an image. But what is so important here is that you only add this image to the page where you feel it has now converted. So, for instance, if you’re adding CTAs to where they need to sign up, you cannot add this image tag until they have signed up. If you just add it to your website, then the measurement of the conversions will just be wrong.

    So just do remember that we can also set up some advanced conversion settings if you don’t want to give this specific conversion to Sniply, if it has been more than, let’s say, five days, for instance. So now it is tracking conversions when I add this image to my website. And what we can then do with the conversions is set up remarketing. So if I go back to the brand here, you probably saw before we retargeted pixel here. And what’s so interesting is that it’s very simple.

    So if you’re running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads or whatever ads you are running, and there is a possibility that you can run Retargeting Ads, then you just add your script here. So all the data that Sniply has will be fed into Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or whatever it is you’re using. It’s so simple to set up. You just copy-paste and paste, and then you’re up and running. And then you can run ads for those who didn’t sign up.

    So all those people who clicked on your CTA but didn’t sign up. So very targeted ads that you know they are interested in, but for some reason, they just didn’t sign up, or they didn’t go to your website and read longer than a minute, just as an example. And that is how easy it is to set up. So now we’re through the four core modules, and Sniply is an exciting tool because it’s not only a link shortener. As you can see, we can set up conversion pixels and retarget everyone who clicks and maybe doesn’t even sign up.

    But is Sniply worth it? And that is what’s now bringing me to my conclusion. Sniply is a step ahead of the competition with their conversion pixels, remarketing and the way you just saw of creating links. Of course, you can achieve the same using an alternative like Bitly, but it requires a lot more manual set-up. Sniply gives you an out-of-the-box working marketing tool that, combined with the conversion pixel, ensures you only target the right people.

    And the right people are the people who clicked maybe on your link but didn’t sign up or didn’t do an action you wanted them to be. And using Sniply, you can get started for free. But if you’re a small company, I wouldn’t necessarily jump ahead and start using Sniply. However, if you’re a more prominent company or have a dedicated marketing resource, I see great value in using Sniply. And based on my own experience using Sniply, I want to give them four and a half stars.

    I think the concept is brilliant. It and it’s so easy to set up. That’s my review. Thank you so much for watching. Let’s catch up on the next one.

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