Tyle – Build converting marketing videos in minutes

Tyle - Build converting marketing videos in minutes

So last week, I was doing some video marketing and I was thinking to myself, isn’t there more time efficient way of doing these videos? Because it takes so much of my time. And luckily, I found Tyle, Tyle is today’s showcase. And using Tyle, you can build marketing, converting videos in minutes. So without further ado, let’s dive into Tyle, and let me show you how easy it is to build a video. We have now jumped straight into Tyle into the platform, and it is very simple, using Tyle, we don’t have a lot of menu points.

We do have our cards out here, our home, and we can search within our cards, of course. Out here we have our templates, so if you want to build a template for a specific social media, it can be Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or in Google Ads, Twitter and so on, then it is possible in here to change the size. So let’s say that we want to build a storytelling image square for Facebook. Then we basically just click on it here and press start now.

So whatever we’re building in here will then export into whatever theme we have chosen in there before. Furthermore, over here, we can change the theme of the video if we do want it to choose a mood theme and message theme or a media theme. This is again back to the sizes. So the mood could be that we wanted it to be a little bit more of this vibe right here. Then we can change the video to, of course, use that mood and then you can see that it has now changed the video.

The last element is, of course, the message on how we want this video to become. So let’s just choose introducing a class, change it. And we now have here the video. And you can see we have a lot of slides in here and each slide is a part of the video. So let’s say we have a video of, in this case, nine slides. It could be nine times five seconds that your video would be. And of course, for each slide, you can change a lot of elements.

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    By clicking up here we can see the different layers in this slide. You can see the background here. If I click on it, then I can choose whether I want to change the colour, if I want to change the layout, if I want to add a border, a graduation, and then again always select layers, and then let’s say I want to change the video or the image. Right now it looks like it’s just an image, but I would like to change it.

    Then I can click here on stock videos and then let’s say I like this video right here. Then I just click on it and then it will change within my card right here. And you can see it has now changed and it is running actively in the background. I think that looks very good. Moving on to the next one, let’s say that now we want to change the logo a little bit. We don’t like the logo. Then we can choose to click on my logos here.

    And we don’t have any logos right now because I haven’t uploaded any. But then we can upload a logo or we can change the different elements in here. But let’s say now I want to change the content here. I want it to say something different and I want a different font. So luckily here I’m using Jost as my font, but if I’m using a font, there’s a little bit difficult to find. It’s a bit bummer that I can’t search for the font.

    I have to manually look for it in order to find it. Now I’ll just click on Jost because that’s the font that I personally use. And then again, the colour is actually fine. The scale is I actually wanted a little bit bigger, I like that, and the alignment is fine. I don’t want a border, so that’s just great. The last element is, of course, our title here. This we can change the actual content before it was just the style, here we can change the content.

    Let’s say this one is for our YouTube video and then press done. And then we have YouTube video and we can always go up here and preview. You can see our video right now is 33 seconds. We can then press preview and then it will play our video for us. So you saw that the background, the video in the background, it took a little bit time for it to come. That is not how it will be in the actual video.

    It does come right away. But in here you can see we have our preview and we can change some different elements in here. We can zoom a little bit in if we want, we can change image, zoom out. We can choose the speed of the video. If we want it to be a little bit faster, we can set up the pace here and we can choose some different elements here as well. And when we like it, we just press done.

    And this is how it works for all of these different slides. You can see we have the different layers here and this is what makes Tyle so easy to use and why it can run so well in different types of browsers, because it is not running the entire video all the time and you’re not dragging and dropping elements all the way around. You are just clicking on layers and changing the elements in each of these layers. It is very easy to use and it’s easy for the browser to run.

    Even though it is saving all the time, we can still just save up here. And the last element is the export element up here. When it is we’re done, then we just press our export button right here and then it’s processing the video. We then have some different options here. We can either choose to share it over here public to the Web, or we can just copy the URL here and send it to wherever we want to send it.

    Then it’s hosted on Tyle or we can choose to download it in different formats here we can download as a PDF, merge it to be horizontal merge it to be vertical. We can download as a zip file where we get all of the images or we can video render it right now. I will choose to render the video right now and then press confirm. And as you can see here, what will happen is that when I press confirm, it will come down here as the video is done, rendering. The last elements I want to show you is now we are back in the video editing part.

    If we do not like this design, it’s not like we can just drag and drop it. And this is a bit bummer as well. I know this is something that’s actually making Tyle easy to run in the browser, but I would like some drag and drop options because right now the only option we can do is that we can see other designs. So by clicking the see other designs, you can see that the text and the overall feel of this specific slide is changing.

    But again, I cannot choose exactly how I want it to be. I can only hope that there is a design that I like in here. They do have a lot of designs, so often you find that design you like, and in the end, of course, you need to find a design you like in order to export the video and use it for your marketing or whatever it is you need to use it for. But this is something that I’m definitely hoping they will improve in the future.

    We have the size of the slide and this, of course, all of the slides because it is one video. Then we have the layout right here where it is that we choose the layout type. And again, this is the same up here where it’s basically just choosing a random layout. Here we can control it a little bit more, but still we can’t drag and drop it as I would like to. The last thing we can change down here is the colour set.

    Right now it’s chosen a blue and white and a green blue ish. Of course, we can change that here, if we want it to be a little bit more royal, if we want a sky blue with some red and we can change the individual colours as well. But overall, that is the functionality within Tyle. It is very simple and there’s not a lot to show. This is how Tyle work and it does work great and you can create a lot of videos, easy, fast and they just convert.

    It is so great and you can easily tweak the different types of videos after your need. Taking a look at the pricing structure of Tyle, it is very fair when you compare it to the competitors, for instance, Invideo. Using Tyle, you can get started completely free and you can use their entire interface and all of the features. The only thing you are limited on is the amount of slides that you can do within Tyle. And as you just saw, a video can contain as many slides as you would like to, whereas one slide can contain up to five seconds of video.

    I feel the user interface within Tyle is very unique and often when I compare it to the competitors, they have some issues in the browser because they load so much data in the browser, which means that the browser often becomes unresponsive, whereas within Tyle they have made it very simple and it’s so easy to use. And using Tyle the pricing structure cannot be more simple. As you can see right here, they either have a free plan or a paid plan where you can choose whether you want to pay the plan monthly or yearly.

    Of course, if you do yearly, you do save some money. When we do look at their competitors, it is Wave.video and Invideo, as I see it, they are the closest competitors. However, as I just mentioned within Invideo and Wave.video, even though they do have so much more functionality and we can do so much more, that also means that is way tougher for the browser to run these programmes and these softwares. So Tyle is definitely winning on the speed and the way to build the video.

    However, where Tyle is falling behind is on the overall functionality. Within Tyle you can only build videos and that’s about it. For instance, within Invideo, we can convert an article into a video by just entering in the URL and the Invideo will then create an entire video based on the article. This is a very cool feature and it is something I hope to see in the future of Tyle.

    And also taking a look at Wave.video we can just do so much more. We can add soundtrack’s, we can upload our own functionality and we can just do overall so much more with the subtitles and so forth. When we do look into the future of Tyle, they have some exciting elements. They are for instance, working on a magic layout, which means that you can give an input where you describe your video and then Tyle would then build out the video based on your input. This is very cool and it’s not something I’ve seen before.

    The closest thing I’ve seen is Invideo where it is that they turn an article into a video, but still that is not exactly the same. So I’m very curious to see how they will build this out. Furthermore, they are working on functionality such as that, you can upload GIFs and you can download your video as a GIF. They adding voiceover, team account, brand presets and they’re working on a mobile app so you can build videos from your mobile. This is very, very exciting.

    The last element they’re working on is text to video, which means that it will convert text into a video. It does sound a lot like magic layout, but you will have way more possibilities to change everything around both the layout, the elements and so much more. Now, who is Tyle for? Because it has limited functionality, but also a lot of benefits. When I look at it, I would say the Tyle is best for SMB marketeers that needs rapid videos for multiple campaigns and doesn’t necessarily have a big marketing budget.

    With Tyle, you can easily cook up a couple of videos and A/B test them to see what works the best without spending hours building out different types of videos, only to see that the videos you build out is not working. It is not an enterprise product and that’s not the goal for Tyle. Therefore, it is meant for smaller companies. Moving on to the pros and cons within Tyle, starting with the pros, it is so easy to create new videos.

    The UX is easy to use. They have a free plan and a huge library of assets you can use for your videos. Moving on to the cons, you can’t add voice over and you can’t control the position of the elements. And the overall functionality within Tyle is very limited right now. Using Tyle, I’ve been able to create videos at a fast pace. I really enjoy using Tyle and it’s so easy to get started and overall use their software.

    I do hope they keep improving Tyle and with the future ahead, I am very excited. So yeah, that is my review of Tyle. I hope that you liked the video and if you did, please give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions to Tyle or other products you would like me to review, please leave a comment down below. Thank you so much for watching. Let’s catch up on the next one.

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