Wope Review: This Is How Rank-Tracking Should Be

Wope is an incredible rank-tracking tool, and in this Wope review, I’ll take you through how you can monitor your rankings on Google while comparing yourself to your competition.

It’s a hassle figuring out where you’re ranking and if your content is performing while comparing yourself to your competition.

Wope solves all of this.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • Rank tracking is superb and easy to use with the modern design.
  • Enter your competitors and compare yourself to them on the keywords you’re tracking.
  • See trends for keywords to ensure your content is up-to-date for when a keyword is peaking.

Pros And Cons Using Wope

Wope is my favorite rank-tracking tool as I write this review. I’m not going to hide it. However, it does lack some features and some minor issues.

Pros Using Wope

Cons Using Wope


My Quick Take

Wope is one of the best rank-tracking tools I’ve tried, and I’ve tried on the plus side of 50. It’s just incredible!

wope website
Data powerhouse for rank-tracking

What Is Wope?

Wope is a rank-tracking tool you can use to track your keywords and how you’re ranking on Google.

You can compare yourself to your competition on Google on the keywords you’re tracking to see who has the content performing the best.

Obviously, it’s not only the content that plays a factor, but it’s the most important part, whereas you focus on secondary ranking factors after.

Wope allows you to see trends on keywords and much more. It’s a super solid rank-tracking tool.

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Wope Review Features

What’s exciting about this review is the actual features and how they work.

There is an overview and primarily 2 main modules, each with 3 sub-modules. I’ll dive into each of them and give my opinion on the submodules.

Overview: How Is It Going With Your Rankings?

wope overview

The overview is a great place to start, where you’ll get a quick overview of how it’s going with your website.

You can change the graph at the top to show traffic, ad value, or one of the many other options.

I really like the traffic option. It does not depend on your Google Search Console data or Google Analytics, and it’s based on what Wope estimates your traffic should be based on the keywords you’re ranking for.

Then, based on your rankings, Wope uses a formula to calculate how many clicks you get, and then they get a traffic number.

This means the traffic number is for organic traffic only. It’s not precise, but it gives a good indication.

Scroll further down to see what tags perform well.

Keywords are a bit further down where you can see today’s winners and losers.

At the bottom, you can see an overview of your competitors, and I really like this overview because it does what it’s supposed to do: Give me a quick overview, and then I can dive into each element from there.

Performance: Your Rank Tracker Isolated

wope performance

This is where you easily get an overview of your rankings and get some data on each keyword. See this as your personalized rank tracker only for your keyword tracking.

You get the following data:

  • Search volume
  • Ranking
  • Change
  • Visibility ranking
  • Pixel ranking
  • Visibility ranking
  • Traffic
  • Ads value
  • Opportunity
  • Traffic share
  • CPC
  • SERP Features

The cool part? You can even show 19 metrics more, and it’s really a powerhouse of a ranking tool. It surprises me every day, and I love finding new features.

As you can see in the image, they also offer pixel tracking, which is how many pixels there are from the top of the screen and down to your search result on Google.


Take this as a pixel rank estimation, as Google constantly changes its design. It’s not an exact tracking, but the pixel rank estimation gives you an idea of how far down the page you’re located.

You can also click on a keyword to get even more data, which is so cool.

wope single keyword

Not only can you see how you’re ranking over time, but you can also compare the SERP, see SERP features, and so much more.

Back to what I said earlier, it’s a data powerhouse.

You can also see when the keyword is predicted to trend, generate a brief for the keyword, and so much more.

You can probably feel how much in love I am with this tool. I rarely see SEO tools with this amount of data except for Ahrefs and Semrush.

There are 2 other modules as well: Daily Progress and Volume Trends.

These are great for measuring your performance on a keyword daily.

The same goes for the volume trends module, where you can see how many searches are done on your keywords over time.

Yes, even more data. You have to love data, right?

Market: Compare Yourself To Your Competitors

wope market

The market module lets you compare your efforts directly against your competitors.

It’s such an incredible module, and I really like to start my day by looking in here and scanning through to see if I have jumped any rankings or if my competitors have.

If I see one of my competitors suddenly jumping a lot of rankings, I like to analyze what they’ve changed for inspiration.

You can also use the daily comparison module to see how your rankings change daily compared to your competitors.

One thing I’m missing here is the ability to click on the competitor’s ranking and see the blog post. It’s not possible right now.

In the position distribution module, you can see the general rankings for the different competitors, including yourself, from 1-10.

Who Is Wope Made For?

Wope is made for content creators and website owners looking to monitor their efforts in organic search.

Write a piece of content, add the query you’re targeting, and let Wope start to gather data in the SERP for your website.

It’s so good to showcase what keywords you’re performing well on and what keywords you might need to work on.


I like to tag my money keywords, which are my most important ones. Then, you can easily filter the entire view to show only the important keywords.

Of course, you can make multiple groups using the tags, but it’s a nice little addon.

Alternatives To Wope

I can’t come up with a rank-tracking tool that comes close to the level of Wope, but I have note 2, which I believe has some of the same features.


Like Wope, Serpwatch is a pure rank-tracking tool, now expanding and adding keyword research.

They work a lot similarly, and Serpwatch also has a lot of data, but they don’t have a comparison module where you can compare yourself against your competitors.

serpwatch website


Keysearch is my go-to SEO tool at the moment. It can do the same as Semrush and Ahrefs but at a much lower price.

They also have a rank-tracking module. However, it’s much more simple than Wope, and it works in a traditional sense. You do get a lot more features surrounding SEO, though.

KeySearch website

Wope Pricing

Wope Pricing

Wope has 3 plans; in many cases, tier 1 is enough unless you run multiple domains or a huge website.

  • Tier 1: 200 keywords
  • Tier 2: 450 keywords
  • Tier 3: 1000 keywords
  • Tier 4: 2500 keywords

You also get more features in tiers 3 and 4, such as a content brief generator and BigQuery and Data Studio integration.

I’m using tier 3, and it’s perfectly fine for me at the moment and in the near future.

Wrap-Up: Is Wope Worth It?

Yes, Wope is worth it because you get such a solid rank-tracking system where you can compare yourself to your competition.

I’ve tried probably 50 different rank-tracking tools, and Wope is in the top 3. It’s so good, both the design and the fact that I can compare myself to my competition on the keywords I target.

It’s such an underrated feature, and I just can’t get enough of it. I love to see how my competitors move up and down in the SERP compared to me.


My Last Thoughts

If you like to work with data and you’re running a content website, then Wope is for you.

wope website
Next generation of rank-tracking tools
Wope Review

Wope is a rank-tracking module, and it's incredible. In this Wope review, I'll take you through my thoughts and how I use Wope to track my rankings.

Price: 39

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Web

Application Category: SEO

Editor's Rating:


  • The design is superb, modern, and easy to navigate.
  • You can monitor your rankings on both mobile and desktop.
  • You can compare yourself to your competitors on the keywords you target.


  • Wope is not showing domain authority in the comparison view with your competitors.
  • You don't get an overview of multiple keywords ranking over time; you can only see it on individual keywords.
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Wope Review: This Is How Rank-Tracking Should Be

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