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Do you find yourself out of ideas writing messages? Whether it’s a LinkedIn message, an email, or setting up an ad? You’re not the only one. I often myself run out of ideas, or I just write in the same tone over and over over again. Today’s product showcases Writecream, an AI copywriting tool, helping you to be more creative about your writing. So whether you need to set up a social media post, an ad or write a personalised LinkedIn message, then Writecream is there for you. So without further Ado, let’s dive into Writecream and generate some text.

We are now inside Writecream, and as you can see, it’s a really modern design. It’s easy to use, and they have made a lot of white space around. I really do enjoy this design, but the product is very simple. We can generate text in different languages, and that’s about it.

  1. Features of Writecream
  2. Writecream pricing
  3. Alternatives to Writecream
  4. Future of Writecream
  5. Pros & Cons using Writecream
  6. My experience using Writecream

Features of Writecream

So in the menu out here we have our dashboard where we can generate content. Then we have our recent activity up here where we can see what we have already generated. Often in these AI copywriting tools, they don’t save the generated text because it just takes so much space on the server, but Writecream save the text. Basically all the text you generate you can always find in the recent activity.

That’s really a great add-on. But the other menu points here are just the different tools. You can see that they also have some categories here, and that is the same categories we see out here. You can see they’re just changing, but let’s just start off by generating a blog introduction. This is something I have done in a lot of other tools, so I do really know how these introductions are generated.

So here you can see that I have added a brand. I have added a blog topic, and then I’ll press generate. So you can see it happened rather fast. I have my title, which is Kolekti.io, and then my topic is Kolekti.io is an affiliate dashboard helping you to manage all of your affiliate deals in one place. And the different results down here varies a lot.

So first off, I want to say that it’s great to see so many different types of introductions. Often they’re in the same tone or at least in the same category, but these four are very different. Now the first one here, the first sentence is a bit off, but the second sentence is really great. And when I look down to the different copies here, they are actually great. This one, great copy as well.

And also this one, the last one here becomes a little bit off, where it’s talking about affiliate deals. I did mention affiliate deals up here, but it’s just it’s categorised in the wrong way down here. But overall, this is a great result. I would be able to use at least this one right away as a blog introduction. But now for fun, let’s try and generate again to see whether we got new results or we get the same.

And here you can see the content generated. Again, Writecream is really fast at generating content. I must say that, but these different blog introductions are completely different from what we just generated. So that is a big plus for Writecream. Because often we see more or less the same blog introductions generated or in the same tone at least.

But here we do get different types of text generated every time, and they’re really relevant. I really like how they use the product name or the brand in the phrases that they use of the text generated. That is again, a huge plus. So overall this tool works really well. Now let’s try and go back and maybe use a social media tool.

Let’s try and generate an Instagram post. Again, we have the same here we have the product name, and then we have the product description. So this would in theory be a post for this specific product. Let’s try and press generate so we can see what they give us. So here you can see that we actually do get great results.

The first one here is very broad, but the second one and the third one here are great. This one is not so relevant. Here again, we have a great slogan that we could use. This one is a bit over the top maybe, this one is just very broad, and then this one is not really what I’m looking for here.

So we do get a bit mixed results here. Of course I can use this one. I can use maybe the first four or five at least. And then it becomes a little bit over the top or it just goes a little bit off the side here. But overall, again, great results.

I like that they are short and to the point, because for social media posts, we do not have that much space to work with, because otherwise it will come under the View more button. And then often it will not be seen by the viewers. So this is just really great results. If we want to add more text, we can always do that ourselves. Or we can use the blog introduction to add even more text.

So again, a great result. Now let’s try an email tool. So now we have tried the SEO, the social media, and before we go to Copywriting and the Long Form editor, I just want to try the email tool. So what I want is I want to write a LinkedIn message. And here we have two options.

We can either upload a list where it will then generate a text message for each of those in the list, or we can just enter a URL. For now. I’ve just entered a URL, and now it will take a bit longer, because now it has to see what my profile is about and then it will then add the text you can see here. So this is what it has drawn from my LinkedIn profile, and this is correct mentioned on my LinkedIn profile and it is personalised, but it’s very broad.

Here I can’t really control what I would like this message to be about.

This seems to be a tool for hiring people. If I would like to just connect or just network a bit with the person, this tool would not be a big help for me, but if it’s for finding new people for your team, it’s a great tool. I would, however, like to be able to control the message a bit to tell the tool what the message should be about. Now let’s go back to the dashboard here and go to copywriting. So within copywriting, we have these different tools you see here.

And what I would like to try is the brand description. So again, we have the brand name, the product description, and I will press generate here, again it comes very fast with the results. So let’s try and see the different results. So here there are two great results and two bad results. The first result is basically just what I typed in and what you will notice for all of these different results is that the first sentence is basically what I wrote.

Now that’s fine, but these two text here where we see the second one and the third one here, they’re actually very good, great results. The last one here is a bit off where it’s telling that the tool is free. It is definitely not free, but these texts are great. They’re telling about the platform, how you can track your performance in real time, manage your campaigns and easily optimise your affiliate marketing.

And down here again here it’s talking about we can track our earnings easily payments and we can view our referral stats. So again, a great result. Overall, these short form copies are really generating great results. Now let’s try and change the language.

I will change it to my native language, Danish, so I can confirm whether the results are there or not. So again, we’ll go back to create a copy. I will go to the SEO and I will take the blog intro. So here I have to change this to Danish, which I have done now, and then I’ll press generate. So let’s see how this will go.

Now, these results are not great. It’s very easy for me to see that they have been translated word by word, and often it doesn’t really make sense. So right now I can only test Danish because that’s the only language that I know of except for English. And I must say that I’m a bit disappointed to see this, in some of the other AI copywriting tools that I have tested. I have received much greater results.

So they really need to work on this translation service because it’s not great, but now let’s go to the exciting part. Let’s try their Long Form editor where we can generate long form content. Right now it’s in beta, and I will just delete what it says here. So the way it works is that we have our big text area where we build our blog post, and then on the left side is where we generate the content. So first off, I’m missing a way of setting a title which this blog post will be about.

But I assume that we have to set that in here as well. So we will write an article about the product name Kolekti and we have the product description. So here we’ll get some ideas of what we can write about and the tone I will just select casual as it’s already on, and then I’ll press write for me. Again we get results extremely fast.

That is a huge bonus by using Writecream. So now you can see that it’s writing in Danish and that’s fine. But I would like to test it in English because now I know that the results are not great in Danish. So I’ll just go to the dashboard to the languages and change back to English. And what I want you to notice is that they have a tonne of languages here.

They do have more than 75. However, if the results in all the languages are as they are in Danish, then I do not recommend using this for those languages. However, if they do get a change or we just receive better results, then do definitely use Writecream because they generate great content in English. But now I have changed back to English and we will go down and we will test out the Long Form editor again. So I’ll just start out by deleting what we had in Danish and then write for me in English.

So there are some really interesting ideas here. The first one is completely off. I will delete that, but this one is very interesting how they can increase affiliate sales by using Kolekti and this one again interesting. All of the last ones here are actually very interesting. But let’s just go with the first one here.

I like this one. So now we have our title, as you can see here. So I will then go up and then change to blog intro. Again, I keep the same product name and the blog topic. However, I do think I will change the topic to whatever we chose just before, and then I will press write for me again.

So now you can see that we’ve got four different blog introductions and the way this is working UX wise at the moment is not optimal. It does take too much time generating these blog introductions because I have to sit and manually remove add text and so on. I wish they would have a better flow where we basically would maybe get an overview of the options where we could choose the option we would like, and then that would be inserted into the editor or like Frase.io does it where we basically build an outline, and then for each heading, then we generate text automatically. But for now, this is also working okay.

So as a blog introduction, I do like the first one. It is a bit broad, but often that’s what blog introductions are about. As long as it narrows in at the end of the introduction. Now the second and the third one I feel are very short to use as a blog introduction, and the fourth one is actually okay.

But let’s just go with the first one here. I feel that’s fine. Now this is one way of going around building your blog article. Another way you can do is that you can start with a blog outline. So again, we have our blog topic, our brand name.

I will choose again the tone casual, and then I will say write for me. So now we will get an outline. As you can see here, we have four different outlines, and then based on each of these headings, then we can generate text, again this is not optimal, and it’s not the fastest way of generating an article, but it does work. So let’s just try and go with the first outline here, which is very generic, but it does have the third and the fourth one, which is narrowing in a bit.

So what I do recommend you now is generating text for each of these headings.

And there are two ways you can do this. You can either use the blog intro or you can use the blog heading expand. So if we use the blog heading expand, and we take our heading here what is Kolekti.io, make sure that the cursor is where the text should be generated. And then we say, Write for me. Then let’s see what results we get.

So they’re added down here, and this is different heading expansions for the heading that we have. These results are a bit of a mix. The first one is actually great. The second one is very, very broad. This one is completely off talking about videos, images, text and links.

And the last one is again okay, but I will use the first one. I think that’s fine. And this is basically what you do for each of your subheadings, now except for the last one, our conclusion. So for the conclusion, there is actually a specific tool that you can use here.

So we have our product name again and our blog topic. I’m not 100% sure why we don’t have the heading for the conclusion, but let’s just go with the flow here and see what results we get. So here it should actually be able to conclude everything. What I would like to see here is that it actually took the entire article as an input, and then it concluded on that. So basically summarised the entire article.

But for now it just takes the blog topic. So the blog conclusion is very generic based on the blog topic. It is overall thanking and hoping that they learn something from the article, telling the reader that they can ask questions if they have any, and then they hope that via the article they have learned something about the blog topic. And you can see we also have some underscores that we can fill out with the information that we would like. So that’s okay result.

I will just use the first one here just to round off this article that we are making. So now we have a heading, we have an introduction, then we have our outline here with text for the first heading, and then we have our conclusion. So now the blog post is actually done. Of course, I could also add text for the other subheadings, but it is just to give you an idea of how you make an entire blog post using Writecream. Now another cool add on could be if they had an integration to WordPress or an easier way for me to get this over in WordPress.

Right now I have to copy and paste it. And if I have been in Writecream sitting and formatting the different text, it’s not always when you copy and paste it into WordPress, that the formatting keeps the way it is. So an integration would really help and lighten the burden of getting from Writecream into WordPress or whatever CMS system you’re using. But overall, that is Writecream.

Writecream pricing

When we take a look at the pricing structure of Writecream, it consists of three plans. The first plan is completely free, where you get 25 credits a month to try out the tools and these credits are used so every time you use one tool, then you use one credit. Now the two paid plans only differ on the amount of credits you have. So really pick the plan that is equivalent to the amount of tools you want to use.

Alternatives to Writecream

Now, the alternatives to Writecream, as I see it, is Closerscopy and Jarvis. Jarvis is outstanding and the best AI copywriting tool in the industry for both short copy and long form content. Now ClosersCopy has an outstanding long form content, and it is definitely better than Writecream at the moment.

ClosersCopy - An AI Copywriting Long-form Editor


If you’re looking for a long-form editor, then ClosersCopy might be your perfect match.

However, Writecream has some really interesting features, and if they can just make a better UX around their long form, I really see an interesting tool, but for now both ClosersCopy and Jarvis are just ahead of Writecream on the features, though, I will say that Writecream generates fantastic results for the short copy and the way that they show the output in the formatted way makes it so easy to easily copy and paste the text into the other programmes that we’re using.

Future of Writecream

Taking a look at the future of Writecream, they’re working on a lot of different elements. However, I have picked out some elements I find very interesting. The first one is a plagiarism checker. This makes it possible for us to check the content generated from the AI to make sure that it’s not duplicate content and it’s already out there on the web. Then they are working on a fact checker.

This will make it possible for us to make sure that all facts generated by the AI are checked and corrected. I do not know how they want to do it. I can imagine that they will maybe scrape Google for some results to check whether the year, the different facts that they’re using and so on are correct. Then they’re working on a content brief. This is really interesting.

The way they are going to do this is that they will scrape Google for specific keywords. Then they will make an outline and create a brief. And if they can combine this with their Long Form editor, we will get a really powerful tool to generate articles, really full length articles. Then they’re working on a voiceover tool. This will make it possible to convert text into audio, so all of your viewers will be able to listen to your articles via an embedded player.

This is really powerful. You will also be able to generate audio for a podcast and so much more. The possibilities are really endless with a tool like this. Last but not least they are adding a Chrome extension. This really makes it more convenient to use Writecream.

Because right now we have to switch between multiple programmes, so we start in Writecream, we generate the text, and then we go to our other programme to copy and paste the text. And many times we have to copy and paste multiple times. With a Chrome extension it will make it so much easier to generate text wherever we are on the web. So if you are on LinkedIn and you want to generate a message, you can do that with the Chrome extension.

So that is really an interesting add-on.

Pros & Cons using Writecream

Moving on to the pros and cons of using Writecream. Starting with the pros, they have a modern and easy to use design. The generated text is outputted, formatted, and you get multiple options and all of your generated text is saved, whereas for the cons, the long form editor is not so user-friendly. Sometimes the text I inputted was outputted as a result, and I’m missing integrations or at least an API, so we can automate some of these manual tasks.

My experience using Writecream

Writecream is really an outstanding product. They have great copies and they generate great results and I really do like that the output is formatted in a way, so it’s easy to copy and paste into the different software. Overall, I will give Writecream four stars.

I really like their different tools. However, their Longform editor really needs a UX touch up and the missing integrations makes it a bit of a manual process at the moment. But, yeah, that is my review of Writecream. I hope that you liked the video, and if you did, please give it a thumbs up.

If you have any questions to Writecream or other products you would like me to review, please leave a comment down below. Thank you so much for watching. Let’s catch up on the next one.

Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann
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