Katteb Review – This AI Tool Fact-checks All Your Content

Katteb is not just another AI Copywriting tool. First off, then they have collected 3 AI modules in 1.

An article writer, an AI chat and an AI image generator.

On top of this, they’ve added an internal link-building module that works very well and makes it easier for you to interlink.

So let’s get into it and test all the AI modules.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • Build internal links in your content to relevant content pieces.
  • Generate an article based on a search query using GPT-4.
  • Generate an image with AI by simply describing in detail what you want.

Pros And Cons Using Katteb

So after using Katteb for some time, my favourite module is their internal link building. But it doesn’t work without their AI content generator.

These 2 modules combined make a very strong content creation module, but here are my overall pros and cons after using Katteb.

Pros of Katteb

Cons of Katteb

katteb website
Fact check your AI-generated content


My Quick Take

Katteb surfaced based on their fact-checker, but they can do much more with AI content.

Not only can you generate it, but you can use their internal link building module as well.


What Is Katteb?

katteb website

Katteb is a platform made to help you create high-quality content using Katteb AI.

But it’s so much more than that, as you can also generate images, write with the chat and use their internal link-building module.

Katteb AI went from being a simple platform for content writers to now being for a larger target group who needs product descriptions, featured snippets, and so much more.

You can use the fact-checker as well, which was what made Katteb popular back then and continues to push them forward.

They’re running on both the GPT-3 algorithm, but recently they’ve added the GPT-4 integration as well, and it’s great to see the results.

Overall based on my testing, I’m a big fan of the small AI tools that creates accurate content.


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Katteb Review Features

But now, for the exciting part, I tested all of their AI modules, and I’ll share my thoughts for each individual module, from the writing tools to the designer module.

So let’s get into it by starting with generating an article.

Katteb Writer: AI-Generated Articles

Katteb Writer - AI-Generated Articles

When you write your article, you start with 5 elements:

  • Title of your article
  • Language of the content
  • Your target audience(Country)
  • Number of words
  • Source (Google, AI, YouTube, Amazon, Snippets, URL)

The number of words I wish they would calculate based on the SERP, as it is now. I run an analysis on my search query to see how many words I should write, and then I generate an article.

But I really like that I can choose my source, and this source it’ll use to fact-check the content Katteb AI generates.

I think it’s incredible, and it works a lot like LongShot AI, which checks all the facts in your content to ensure they’re factually correct.

Next up, you get your outline.

katteb ai outline

A couple of things here. For each headline, you can choose the following:

  • Heading
  • Add heading 4
  • Choose a reliable source for fact-checking (Google, AI and more)
  • Point of view
  • Tone of voice (Friendly, optimistic, professional and more)

This allows for specific optimisation for each section in your content, which I really like.

I always change the point of view to the second person and keep the tone friendly, and then I can generate my article.

Lastly, you can get Katteb AI to suggest images for each content section.

katteb ai editor

And with the content generated, you can then continue to improve your content. You can use the tools on the left, some of which include:

  • Featured snippets
  • Blog intro
  • Paraphrasing
  • Product Description

And many more.

But the high-quality content generated is of decent quality. But some paragraphs are too long.

That said, it generates formatted lists and bullet points which improves readability.

But the most exciting part is the InLinks module. It works where you simply select the word or sentence you want to link from, and then on the right, you click on your domain and click search.

Katteb AI will then analyse your high-quality articles to find similar wordings in your content to suggest links.

This is brilliant, it’s not perfect, but it’s a great start.

I wish it would automatically analyse my content and suggest links I could add with a one-click.

Another awesome feature would be if it could suggest links from my other pieces of high-quality content to the article I’m writing in Katteb.

There is room for improvement, but it’s a great start. And the content generated is of decent quality.

Katteb Chat: Generate Any Content Type

Katteb Chat - Generate Any Content Type

This is just like ChatGPT, where you can chat with Katteb Chat. Write your commands and get some content back.

This is great for ideation if you need some ideas for content for blogs or social media content.

Overall you can continue your conversation with the Katteb AI to get ideas or answers if needed.

It’s perfect for content creators, and I’ve primarily used it to get ideas for headlines to blog posts to ensure a high click-through rate.

You can edit the content as well, and you get an entire editor where you can work with the content generated by Katteb AI.

Katteb Design: Generate AI Images

Katteb Design - Generate AI Images

I tested the Katteb Design module multiple times, and it requires some work with the commands.

The idea is great, and it works for photo-realistic images but not so much for web illustrations.

I tried with the following command: Make a web illustration for a marketing newsletter with two people, one on each side, writing the newsletter.

And the results were a bit disappointing. To be honest, I was hoping for a decent result, but I got everything from a website with tons of misspelt words to illustrations that looked nothing like a realistic image.

So, to sum up, if you want to use it for photo-realistic images, it’s perfect, but for web illustrations, it needs some work.

Katteb AI Review Of The Article Rewriter

Katteb AI Review Of The Article Rewriter

I also tried the Katteb Article rewrite, and I have no complaints. It works perfectly, and you can use it in 2 ways:

  1. Import your content via the “Text from web” function, where you enter your URL, and Katteb AI pulls in the content.
  2. You can copy and paste your content which was what I did.

While it doesn’t format the content, it does rewrite it, works perfectly fine, and is fairly fast as well.

Snippets: Speed up your content writing

Snippets - Speed up your content writing

Snippets are an awesome addon, whether you’re writing social media content or using the Katteb AI Writer to write an article.

It’s basically a way for you to write pre-written content and insert it into your content while writing.

It can be anything from a newsletter description to a company description of your company.

It’ll save you enormous time that you don’t have to write it every single time in the Katteb AI Writer or use any advanced features to generate it.

Alternatives to Katteb

There are multiple tools doing what Katteb is doing, but there are not many AI Copywriting tools fact-checking the content it’s writing.

Here are 2 alternatives as I see them.

LongShot AI

LongShot has many of the same modules as Katteb with the fact-checking and content creation modules.

They also have smaller AI tools for specific purposes, such as social media content creation.

The main difference is the internal link-building module, which is unavailable with LongShot AI.

longshot ai review website
bulk mode koala writer


While KoalaWriter doesn’t have fact-checking or small SEO tools made for specific purposes, they have a better content creation module.

KoalaWriter writes much better content for specific search queries, and it’s clear it’s SEO-optimised based on AI.

KoalaWriter also has KoalaChat, which is equivalent to KattebChat.

Who Is Katteb Made For?

The Katteb AI Writer was made for content creators or anyone writing content for blogs or even articles.

Katteb AI Writer uses its own proprietary AI algorithm, and that’s also what helps with fact-checking your article.

So not only do you save time generating the content, but you also save time on fact-checking the AI-generated content.

Pro-tip: I will still recommend you read the entire article and make some changes before publishing it. You want to add your own experience to the article.

If you’re a social media manager, you can use the Katteb AI Writer as well or even the Katteb Designer to come up with relevant images.

You can also use Katteb Chat for ideation to your social media content, and there are many ways to use Katteb.

Wrap-Up: Is Katteb Worth It?

Yes, Katteb is worth it by far, especially when you can get started for as low as $15 per month.

The internal link-building module combined with the Katteb AI writer is a game-changer. And then you top it up with the fact checker, and then you have the golden combination.

The content generated still has some way to go, but they’re definitely on the way.

katteb website
Write AI-optimised content


My Last Thoughts

If you’re looking for an AI content generator which also fact-checks everything it writes, then Katteb is for you.

Optimise your content further with the InLinks module, and you will have an awesome, well-written article.

Katteb Review This AI Tool Fact checks All Your Content

AI Copywriting has one major issue; it simply rights wrong content from a factual standpoint. Katteb might have a solution for this. Watch the review.

Editor's Rating:


  • The InLinks module makes it easy to add internal links to your content.
  • The article generator writes articles with formatted lists and short paragraphs.
  • Katteb has many smaller tools trained for a purpose, such as writing a featured snippet.


  • There is no content optimisation module once you've generated your article.
  • The internal link module is not fully automatic, and you still have to highlight the words you want to link to another article.
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Katteb Review – This AI Tool Fact-checks All Your Content

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