SEO For Chiropractors: How To Get Leads Organically

Do you want to grow your chiropractic practice by generating online leads and attracting new clients? Being seen is difficult with so much competition, which is why SEO can be a very useful tool for chiropractors.

Let’s look at what SEO is, how it can help you reach more potential clients, and cover some of the basics that you will need to build an SEO strategy for your practice.

What is SEO

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is a practice that involves optimizing your website and content so that search engine algorithms understand what it is about.

This means that the algorithm will know when to recommend it to people searching for certain phrases or keywords and increase the chances of your site being clicked on in organic search results.

Why is SEO Important for Chiropractors?

The majority of people use the internet to find healthcare providers, such as chiropractors. They will use keywords like ‘chiropractic adjustment’ or ‘chiropractic treatment.’

This means that if you want to maximize your client base, you need to build a strong online presence. This is the best way to maximize your leads.

SEO can help people find you by improving your visibility on search engines such as Google. If done correctly, it will help you compete with other local chiropractors, especially for potential patients who are visiting a chiropractor for the first time.

Benefits of SEO for Chiropractors

There are many different benefits of optimizing your online presence through SEO. Some of these benefits include:

  • More customers in your clinic
  • Increased online visibility
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Cost-effective, real-time marketing
  • Long-term results

Increased Online Visibility

By making use of SEO techniques such as local optimization and keyword research, you will appear higher in search than you would have otherwise.

Just think about when you are searching for something. Do you ever scroll much further than the first ten posts that are shown to you? Probably not.

Ranking online makes it a lot easier for potential patients to find you.

You might be the best chiropractor around, but if you are on the second or third page of Google Search, for example, people will never come across your website.

Enhanced Credibility

Ranking higher in search does not necessarily mean that you are good at what you do, but it is often the way that it is perceived by potential patients.

The impression that comes across is that your chiropractic location is reputable and trustworthy. You seem to be well-established as opposed to some small office that is just starting.

Cost-Effective Real-Time Marketing

You could advertise your chiropractic services more traditionally, but that can be very costly.

If you have refined your SEO, you won’t only show up in online searches but can make use of paid online advertising. You can make use of services like Google AdWords, which you pay per click. 

Making use of Google AdWords and optimizing your Google Ads also means you won’t risk paying for uninterested people to see your services. 

Because of this, investing in search engine optimization and SEO-optimized ads provides a very cost-effective alternative to something like the Yellow Pages.

You can also make changes instantly, making small improvements and experimenting with your online marketing campaign.

Long-term Benefits

Although search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, if you implement SEO strategies properly, and focus on continuous optimization as part of your online marketing campaign, you should benefit for a very long time.

You need to constantly update your website to optimize for new changes. In doing so, you are likely to maintain and maybe even improve your ranking over time, leading to more organic traffic and even more leads!

Chiropractic SEO Strategy

Chiropractic SEO strategies do not differ from that of any other business’s SEO strategy. There are multiple ways that you could go about trying to better market your chiropractic services. 

You can contact an SEO company, as there is nothing specialized about chiropractic SEO services compared to other businesses. However, you can also develop a marketing strategy on your own.

Local SEO Optimization

With local optimization, you will focus on attracting potential patients from your surrounding area or location.

This means that you will need to use a lot of location-based keywords, create and maintain a Google My Business, or Google Business profile, focus on Google reviews from satisfied patients, and more.

If you decide to use social media too, ensure consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information. This increases your trustworthiness and credibility.

What is a Google Business Profile?


A Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is an incredibly powerful tool for local visibility.

After claiming and optimizing your profile, your practice will appear on Google Maps, and your location will appear in local search results, along with any relevant information and Google reviews.

If your practice is in multiple locations, check out this article

On-Page SEO Techniques

On-page SEO is a rather broad term that refers to optimizing your content. It can also refer to the structure of your website. The result is that your search engine rankings improve.

There are some very easy SEO techniques you can use. This includes optimizing titles and meta descriptions, making use of the right keywords in your content and URLs, and optimizing the alt tags of your images.

There are a lot of SEO tools that can help you optimize this, and a lot of it is fairly easy to use and intuitive.

Off-Page SEO Practices

Off-page SEO focuses on improving the authority of your website. This means that search engines view it as more credible by evaluating some external factors.

Some things to consider are earning strong backlinks from reputable websites or being featured in community events. Sometimes, even engaging with patients on social media can help.

You can earn backlinks by creating content for other websites, such as chiropractic journals, and linking back to your site. 

Another strategy is to collaborate with organizations such as charities at events that will be documented on social media or in the news and ask them to mention your practice. 

In my experience, aside from backlinks, the best way to improve your authority is through testimonials and positive reviews.

Make sure that you ask your clients to review your website on Google when you see them.

For more information on on-page, off-page, and local SEO, check out this article.  

Content Strategy for Chiropractors

You need to be creating high-quality and informative content that is relevant to your client’s queries. Here are some things you can consider to build a content strategy.

Identifying Target Keywords

For an effective SEO campaign, you need to research target keywords that your potential chiropractic patients are likely to search for online. Chiropractic keywords like ‘neck pain’ are good, but long-tail keywords like ‘pain in left side of neck’ are even better.

The more specific or niche your keywords are, the more likely you will attract the right traffic.

Keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner are a fundamental aspect of SEO and can help you find relevant keywords with a high search volume, and plan for future content.

My preferred tool is Ahrefs. Their free keyword research tools allow you to find keywords with low competition and relatively high search volume. 

Start by typing in basic terms you think people might search. You will be able to see the keyword difficulty and the estimated number of monthly searches. 

Scroll down to find ideas that you can test out. 

For example, I looked at ‘pain relief’. The keyword difficulty was well above 60 and 70, but scrolling down, I saw ‘joint pain relief’ had a good search volume. 

When I looked it up, I realized that it was very difficult to rank for, but ‘sleeping position sacroiliac joint pain relief’ had a difficulty score of 2!

Developing Educational Content

Once you’ve got a couple of keywords, it is time to start creating your content.

If you want your SEO campaign to be successful and your chiropractic practice to be advertised more, educational content is probably the easiest.

In creating relevant posts on different topics to address common questions you found in your keyword research, you will rank higher for more articles and draw more traffic.

A lot of this traffic may not be local, but people are willing to travel some distance if they trust a medical professional. You can also benefit from additional income streams, such as ad revenue.

Build Credibility with Patient Testimonials and Case Studies

One of the most important ranking factors is trustworthiness.

Some of the things you need to do are feature testimonials, case studies, Google reviews, and anything else that you can to build trust and credibility in your chiropractic care.

You can do this at the bottom of your website or have entire pages dedicated to testimonials. It is up to you to decide what fits you best!

Leveraging Social Media

By branching into social media marketing, you get the opportunity to connect with patients. You can share information and build authority very effectively with this personal touch.

Establishing a Social Media Presence

First, you need to choose social media platforms where you will likely find your target audience.

Then, you need to create a professional profile for your chiropractic office, including your logo, any information they may need to contact you, and a description of what you do.

It is important to get specific and use effective keywords to explain your core services.

Sharing Educational Content and Patient Stories

Use your newly made social media profiles to share educational content. This can be anything from educational videos to blog articles, depending on what you decide is right for you.

When starting with content creation, focus on high-quality content. Try to experiment with information about chiropractic injuries or care, as well as common musculoskeletal conditions that your potential patients might have.

It would be best if you encouraged engagement. This often leads to ranking better on social media platforms.

So make sure that you ask people to comment or ask questions. Also, ensure that you reply to them and start discussions. 

Monitoring and Measuring SEO Performance

There are several metrics that you can track to determine if your SEO efforts are successful. This will allow you to make data-driven adjustments to try and improve your visibility even more. 

Tracking Website Analytics


The first thing you need to do is track your website analytics. There are multiple tools that you can use. The most popular is Google Analytics or Google Search Console.

Google Analytics allows you to track your website traffic, SEO ranking, user experience, engagement, and more. 

This information can give you a lot of insight into how to improve your website. 

Reviewing Local Search Rankings

Another thing you can do is monitor your chiropractic practice’s performance in local search rankings. This will allow you to determine if you are ranking higher than your competitors. 


SEO is very important for Chiropractors. By creating valuable content, leveraging social media, and monitoring your metrics, you can effectively market your services online and generate leads efficiently. 

It also increases your overall credibility and perceived trustworthiness, increasing your conversion rates.

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What are the essential SEO strategies for chiropractors like you to improve online visibility?

Essential SEO strategies for you as a chiropractor include optimizing your website content with targeted keywords or implementing local SEO techniques, maintaining a Google Business (formerly Google My Business) profile, and earning positive Google reviews.

You can further improve visibility over your competitors by leveraging social media platforms and creating content, like educational blogs or videos, tailored to your target audience’s search intent.

How can you leverage social media to share educational content and patient stories?

Social media offers you, as a chiropractor, a platform to connect with patients and share informative content and patient success stories. You can reach a broader audience and build credibility.

Engaging with followers, sharing educational blog posts, and posting videos demonstrating chiropractic techniques can further engage your audiences and drive traffic to your website.

What role do inbound links play in improving your chiropractic website’s search engine visibility?

Inbound links, also known as backlinks, are essential ranking factors that can enhance your chiropractic website’s search engine visibility.

By link building or earning inbound links from reputable sources, you can improve your website’s credibility and authority, leading to higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

This will allow you to attract more customers.

Are there any specialized SEO services or agencies catering specifically to chiropractic practices?

Yes, there are chiropractor SEO experts and agencies that cater specifically to chiropractic practices.

These agencies have expertise in understanding the unique needs and challenges of chiropractors in the digital landscape and can help you develop a plan.

However, these chiropractor SEO experts are not necessary. You can develop a digital marketing campaign to grow your chiropractic business very well without them. There are plenty of resources like SEO Guides for Beginners

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SEO For Chiropractors: How To Get Leads Organically

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