Surfer SEO vs Frase vs KoalaWriter: Which AI Copywriting Tool Is Best?

I’ve seen this question over and over again: Which AI Copywriting tool is the best? There isn’t a right or wrong answer to that question.

But what if I told you that you’ve been approaching AI Copywriting wrong the entire time?

One of the biggest misconceptions about AI Copywriting tools is the search for the best AI Copywriting tool to generate high-quality content.

And in theory, it sounds right, but it’s not the best approach if you want the best results.

Table of Contents

Key takeaways

  • I’ll compare the 3 best overall AI Copywriting tools, in my opinion, which are KoalaWriter, Frase and Surfer SEO.
  • KoalaWriter and Surfer SEO runs on GPT-4, whereas Frase runs on GPT-3.5, so I expect to notice a difference.
  • Frase is perfect for customised AI, KoalaWriter is excellent for informational- and product roundup articles, and Surfer SEO is great for informational articles.

The AI Content Test Case

I’ll run 1 test per product, an informational article. I’ll compare the results, and then we’ll dive into what use cases each tool works best for.

Frase has been working on their AI for around a year. KoalaWriter a couple of months, and the same for Surfer SEO.

I will test each AI with the query: How to manage multiple projects as a freelancer.

Before we start testing, here is how I would create the outline for this target keyword to cover it from all angles.

My outline

To begin with, my own outline, when I look at the SERP, I see the articles winning in the SERP are articles giving tips on managing multiple projects.

So I would go with the following outline with a casual tone of voice:

  • Introduction
  • 3-5 Key Takeaways
  • 7-12 tips (Include my own experience)
  • Wrap up

When I’m testing the AI Copywriting tools, I’m not changing anything in the outline they suggest, and I’m just letting the tools perform how they want to without me interfering in the content creation process.

The Outline AI Test

So the first step in each individual tool is the outline. This is the step right after we have entered our keyword and pressed Generate the article.

Surfer SEO Outline Builder

surfer seo outline

When it comes to purely building an outline, Surfer SEO is one of my favourite tools because you get to choose what websites you want your content and outline to be inspired by. Indeed a powerful tool.

Each individual website gets a content score from Surfer SEO based on whether it’s high-quality content or low-quality content.

Based on this content score Surfer SEO preselects the relevant websites to help you write an outline and content for search engines.

The Surfer SEO outline generated is somewhat similar, but Surfer SEO has chosen the “How-to” route, despite the SERP showing great results with articles giving tips.

It’s an exciting approach, but I assume the AI has its reasons for it. We’ll see that in the content creation process.

Watch my review here if you want to learn more about Surfer SEO AI.

KoalaWriter Outline Builder

koalawriter outline

Next up is KoalaWriter, and even though KoalaWriter is one of the newer tools, they have developed tons of advanced features in no time.

With KoalaWriter, when you generate your outline, you have a bunch of options to choose between:

  • GPT version (GPT-4/GPT-3.5)
  • Article type
  • SEO optimisation level
  • Tone of voice
  • Language
  • Country
  • Point of view(My favourite)
  • Use real-time SERP data
  • Use the outline editor(Always enable this)
  • Include an FAQ section
  • Prompts
  • Include key takeaways.

The more specific you are in choosing your options and entering them correctly, the better of an article you’ll get. GPT-4 costs 4-5x more than GPT-3.5, so just be aware. I will, however, always recommend you use GPT-4.

But KoalaWriter has a more extensive outline covering the subject from more angles.

Surfer SEO was very focused on the execution and planning aspects of the article. In contrast, KoalaWriter goes a step deeper and wants to write about the financial aspect, planning, and execution.

So far, this outline has the best potential, but remember, when you use one of these tools, edit the outline to ensure you include all sections for your blog post.

I took the time to review Koala Writer individually. Watch it here.

Frase Outline Builder

Frase outline

Lastly, we have Frase. While Frase was much faster, we don’t have the selection process of websites we had with Surfer SEO, and here it already shows the difference between GPT4 and GPT-3.5.

With Frase, you enter your keyword, enable the search phrase analysis, and then you can either use the AI to build the outline or do it yourself. I’ll recommend you use the outline and then remove/add the missing or unnecessary sections.

But with the outline generated, Frase wants to start by writing about general freelancing, which is irrelevant to the article. When you do this search, you already know what freelancing is. Then it mentions tools, how to set up a project and time tracking.

It’s not entirely off, but it’s undoubtedly the worst outline of the 3 so far, but let’s see how it turns out when we generate the articles.

Do you want a more in-depth review of Frase? Then watch it here about their NLP editor.

Conclusion On AI-Generated Outlines

So already here, it’s clear to see the difference between tools and why no AI Copywriting tool suits everyone for AI-Generated content. You need to find the one that suits your need to create high-quality content.

For Surfer SEO, my favourite feature was the website selection, where I could choose what articles from the websites I wanted the outline to be inspired by.

For KoalaWriter, I really liked how it thoroughly covered the topic from all angles and let me choose my tone of voice.

Frase was super easy to use, but the outline was lacking, and if I had to go with Frase for this article, I would add and remove some sections.

So go with Surfer SEO if you want minimal control, go with KoalaWriter for full topic coverage and go with Frase if you want complete control of your outline.

AI-Generated Content Test

Now it’s time for the content creation process, where I want to generate some high-quality content based on the outlines we built in the previous step.

With Surfer SEO and KoalaWriter, it’s super simple, I press the create button and then get my article after some time. It takes, on average, 4 min per 1000 words with GPT-4.

Now with Frase, it’s a bit different. Here I can add prompts to each individual heading in the outline of what I want to be included in that section. It gives you more control, but it also gives you the option to confuse the AI, so use it carefully.

Of all the articles generated, Frase was by far the fastest to generate the article, but they also run on GPT 3.5, which is much faster than GPT-4 to generate content.

Next up, Surfer SEO finished, and then KoalaWriter last.

I analysed the search phrase, and Surfer SEO and Frase found that I had to write around 2000 words on average.

  • Surfer SEO ended up with an article in 1895 words.
  • KoalaWriter wrote 2721 words
  • Frase wrote 3000 words.

But now, let’s dive into each individual article and see how the quality of the content creation process turned out.

Surfer SEO AI-Generated Article

Surfer SEO article

Starting with Surfer SEO, the introduction is too long, but the content in the introduction is excellent.

I also like the key takeaways, and then Surfer SEO dives into the main content.

It gives concrete tips and tools but doesn’t add any outbound links.

Overall the content is decent, but I feel it’s missing dept, lists and tables to make it easier to read. I want more tips, concrete guidelines, and examples of managing multiple projects and overcoming specific issues.

Lastly, Surfer SEO chose to add an FAQ. Here, 2 of the questions are already answered in the article, so it’s up to debate how valuable it is to answer them again.

Surfer SEO FAQ

KoalaWriter AI-Generated Article

KoalaWriter article

Next up, we have the KoalaWriter article. To begin with, KoalaWriter makes it easy to read by highlighting essential words, lists, short paragraphs, and even tables when it’s relevant.

But again, we see the same issue as with Surfer SEO. The introduction is too long. I would make it brief and then add some key takeaways. I didn’t enable this when I generated the outline so that it could’ve been done.

Once we dive further into the article, it’s the best article so far; I can say that already now. It’s easy to read, the critical words are highlighted, making it easy to skim, and then the content goes more in-depth compared to Surfer SEO.

The lists are some of my favourite content pieces in this blog post. The lists work like guidelines for performing the individual steps.

We even have outbound links saving us a lot of time, not having to add that once we publish the article in WordPress or what CMS you use for your website.

Frase AI-Generated Article

Frase article

Lastly, we have the Frase article. You can read the Frase article at Frase.

This article is the longest of the 3 articles, and it’s generated with GPT 3.5, whereas the others were generated with GPT 4.

But let’s dive into the article, starting with the introduction, which is not there. And already here, it starts to fall apart a bit.

An article without an introduction makes it nearly impossible to hook the reader. It’s not part of any advanced features to add an introduction, and we could have done it if we manually added it in the outline.

But as mentioned in the test description. I didn’t touch anything; I just let the AI do what they thought was best for the article and search engine rankings.

Not only are we missing an introduction, but there are also no key takeaways. It just goes right into the article, where it tries to use the relevant keywords.

The Frase article is the definition of long-form content with 3000 words. The content suggests concrete tips, but my main concern is that it’s writing a mix of the second and third person. I really want it to write in the second person so I feel the article I’m reading is written for me.

Next up, it feels like the article is very long, again, a long-form content piece. It goes in dept, but because nothing is broken up with images, lists, tables or highlighted words, it becomes very heavy to read. (See what I did there with the highlighted words?)

Conclusion On AI-Generated Articles

With all the articles generated, which one did best?

For my content strategy and use, KoalaWriter is the best, but with Surfer SEO close behind and Frase a bit behind.

It’s clear to see the difference between GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 in these articles.

However, again it depends on so many factors.

Wrap-up: Which AI Copywriting Tool Is Best For What?

Now before we dive into the results, I want to give you some tips on how you can utilise AI-Powered Tools better as your writing tools.

AI Copywriting Tips

  1. Never generate and publish an article without reading it through. Edit the article and add your own experience to the article. You might see brief success if you generate and publish without alterations, but Google will penalise you for it after some time.
  2. To get to the top-ranking pages, add your original images, preferably videos, to your article. This creates authenticity, and as long as you use your own images, you know they’re unique.
  3. Ensure your outline covers the topic from all angles. Once you get the first draft of your outline, then perform the search on Google yourself. Look at the top 3 results on the search page. And then see what their outline looks like. Ensure you cover all headings. It doesn’t require advanced features or AI-Powered tools, just some manual work.
  4. Always run your content through an NLP editor. If you’re using KoalaWriter or another AI Copywriting tool without an NLP editor built-in, then copy and paste your content into an NLP editor such as Surfer SEO or Frase and ensure you’re using all the related keywords and NLP words Google finds relevant.

Content Score Comparison

So I took all the content pieced and ran through Surfer SEO’s content optimisation tool and Frase’s content optimisation tool to see what content scored the highest in the different NLP editors.

Here is a table view of how the different content pieces performed without my interference.

 Frase Content Optimisation ToolSurfer SEO Content Optimisation Tool
Surfer SEO29%75%

Each content optimisation tool has different parameters they check on, that’s why you see the content vary this much, but it’s a suitable comparison parameter for your SEO-optimized content.

Best AI Copywriting Tool For Informational Articles

As the introduction mentions, each AI Copywriting tool is built with a specific use case in mind. And then others are built to be generic AI tools, and you might want to avoid those if you want the best results for your SEO-optimized content.

For informational articles, KoalaWriter and Surfer SEO gave the best results. I use KoalaWriter daily, as it delivers the best results for me. But in my testing period, I also tested other articles, where Surfer SEO sometimes generated a better article.

So it depends on your writing style as a content creator. You might have a different content strategy than me with your content writing tools. I compared this to help you find the most suitable content writing tools.

KoalaWriter website

Best AI Copywriting Tool For Roundup Articles

KoalaWriter website

Next up, a product roundup. This is a little bonus as I didn’t mention this in the article, but I did test it, and here KoalaWriter is the best AI Copywriting tool.

With KoalaWriter, you get a specific template where you paste in your Amazon search URL and your Amazon affiliate ID.

KoalaWriter then automatically visits the search URL, looks for relevant products for your search phrase and possibly a list of keywords, and then writes the article with your affiliate id included in the links. It’s like magic, and it saves you a ton of time.

Best AI Copywriting Tool For Customised AI

As the last option, we have customised AI. This is for you who have content writers or are human writer who wants to customise your AI content generation entirely.

For this, Frase is the best option. With Frase, you can build specific AI templates for your content writers to ensure your content is written in the format you like and need. It’s a valuable tool, and building the AI template has a user-friendly interface.

Suppose you have any doubts about building your AI templates. In that case, you can always start with some community templates to get an idea of how they work and get inspiration to build your own SEO tools to create the best search engine optimization articles.

frase website
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Surfer SEO vs Frase vs KoalaWriter: Which AI Copywriting Tool Is Best?

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