Bramework review – Convert a search phrase into an article with AI

AI was really a buzzword in 2021, and it continues to be because AI has become smarter and smarter. For content people, that means better developed pieces of content. This right here’s Bramework where you can take a search phrase and turn it into an entire article. Let me show you how.

Now we’re inside the platform Bramework where we have a dashboard with my recent activity, and normally I start from the top and work my way down, but it’s a bit opposite in Bramework. I actually want to start showing you the performance because this is just a quick view where you can see the keywords you’re ranking on. And I will just discuss this a little bit because here it’s showing you 20 ranked keywords that you’re ranking on and this is the best keywords that you’re ranking on. However, how useful is this really? Because we can go into Google Search Console and get the exact same data, or we can use a different type of programme and get even more data.

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  5. Pros & Cons using Bramework
  6. Last thoughts on Bramework

Features of Bramework

So I think either they should pause this module until they can elaborate on it more or then just take it away because I want them to focus on the AI writing assistant. That’s where they’re excellent and where they can bring the most value. But now let’s try and take a search phrase and then turn that search phrase into an entire article. And this starts right here with keyword research. Here we can research different keywords.

And the first thing I want to say is that their database that they’re pulling data from is not that big. So I hope that by us using the programme and by other users using it and that they will add more data into the platform, because then the keyword Analyser will be even more valuable for us. But let’s start out here by entering something like “What is the best WordPress plugin for SEO?” This is something I can imagine a lot of people are searching. So if I search for this search phrase, you can see it has been analysing, and now it’s saying that the volume is zero, competition is zero and so on.

This is just to show you that as long as you use short keywords, then this is fine. But who is really focused on the short keywords? We want to find those keywords or those search phrases where the value really lays within, and we can easily swoop in and get the first position. So if I, for instance, instead searched for WordPress SEO plugin, then we would get a different result. Let’s try and see here.

So here you can see that the volume is 1.3K. We have some competition which is low and the difficulty is medium. So, even though the competition is low, the difficulty is high. So this means that there’s not so many companies ranking on this specific search phrase. But if you want to rank on it, it’s really difficult to swoop in and get a top ten position, which is what we want.

So the competition is just to show that the competition within is not so high in this case. You can discuss whether it’s high or not because with a higher difficulty, I would say that the competition is high as well, but they say it’s low, and the volume is just the average number of searches there’s been on this search phrase. And then you can see down here the trends which we also know from Google Trends, where you can see how many people have been searching at this average. And without numbers, this becomes a little useless. If they could just add the numbers, we could really see how the trend has been going.

Then you have some keyword ideas, top questions people ask. And now you have the top ten ranking post, which is, in this case, almost impossible to beat. But now when we have this one, then you can see that we can either save the keyword or we can write a new post. So let’s go to the AI writing assistant and write a new post based on this keyword. So our primary keyword is WordPress SEO plugin.

You can see that down here. It’s suggesting keywords and this is your secondary keywords. So I will add Rank Math Pro. I will add Yoast SEO, I will add WP plugins and let’s also add Yoast SEO Premium. It is not showing any other plugins right here.

So let’s use these and then create you can also add your own keywords manually if you want to. Now this is the post builder where everything happens. This is where you build out your article. So, over here we have an assistant which we can open and close based on what we want to use. Here we have some more different AI functions we can use, which I will show you in just a moment.

But let’s start out by generating a title based on the keyword. So right now you can see that it’s generating titles based on Yoast SEO. That is not so relevant because our primary keyword is WordPress SEO plugin. So let’s take this one right here, and then we’ll change it up. I will write what is the best SEO WordPress plugin right here.

So now we have our title. The next step is that we need to generate an outline. So let’s try and generate an outline and see how it goes. So you can see that it keeps on going on the Yoast SEO plugin. And even though my primary keyword right here is WordPress SEO, it just keeps on going with the other one.

So this is a bit of an issue. But for now I will just use this one, and then we’ll just build the article based on Yoast SEO. So here you can see that we have our introduction, we have some different sections and a conclusion, and you can discuss whether it’s good or not to have a conclusion before you have actually written the article because you can take this article in a completely different direction, so the conclusion will not match what you have written. So this is again something I will discuss later in the video, but I really wish they would focus more and build a better conclusion module. But for now we have our introduction, we have our sections and our conclusion.

What we can do now is that we can mark this section right here, and then we can ask the AI assistant to write a paragraph based on this section. So you can see here, the first step is that you need to install the Yoast SEO. So here it’s talking about it’s a great plugin, it’s easy to install, and the plugin will help you optimise. It will also help you create a site map for your website. So this is relevant information.

But I will say that this match is more in the introduction than it is in this step. Maybe we should try and use the steps function up here because it is something like download the plugin, upload the plugin, activate it, etc. So let’s try and make a listicle instead just to see before we use the steps. So you can see here, this is a one to five step where it’s telling me to log in, go to the plugins, add the Yoast SEO, click Install, Activate and the new menu item. This is perfect.

This is exactly what I need for this section. Maybe we should add the introduction here that I just added to the introduction. Move it down in the section. So we have a short introduction, and then we have the steps. This is just perfect.

I will also, just to make it easier, make some headings, so we can see the different sections a little easier. Now the next one is Setting up General Settings and this is within Yoast SEO. So let’s try and write a paragraph based on this to see what it says. So, as this section does not mention anything about Yoast SEO, the text here is very generic. Actually it’s useless because it’s talking about courses and students etc.

So I’ll delete that, and then I’ll change the title to be something more with Yoast SEO. So we’ll change it to Setting up General Settings in Yoast SEO. So now it has the Yoast SEO keyword. So let’s try and write a paragraph about that and see what we get. So first we have again a generic introduction to this section here where it’s talking about that we can change our meta description, our titles, some media settings.

We can apparently also crawl our website via search engines, and we can set up a site map. So that’s perfect. Now again let’s try and see if we can create a step-by-step guide for this step here. So let’s see. Right now it’s saying Log into your WordPress site, Hover over the SEO menu and click on General Settings.

Fill in the fields as needed. Click on Save Changes. This is not wrong, but I would love to give some advice on what to change in the general settings. What does Yoast SEO recommend that you set in these settings? But let’s just keep it as it is.

Now we have two sections, and it only took a couple of minutes, so you can see that we have sections three, four and five down here that we could also fill out. But now I’ve shown you the drill, so you know how it is. Now the conclusion. I just want to show you briefly. The conclusion, as you saw in the beginning, has already been written. And what I really want to be able to do is to mark all the text that we have written here and then summarise it.

The problem is that all of this text is just too much. Instead, what I need to do is that I need to take this amount of text, and then I can summarise it. Then this text will be summarised. Right now it’s more or less the same. But imagine if you could take your entire article, use the summarise function and then get your conclusion.

That would really be outstanding. But this is how you build out your article section by section with an introduction. And you can even add more introduction if you want to. Over here in the SEO, you can see that Bramework is helping us to write this article with the best possible option to rank number one on Google. So you can see it’s asking for the keyword in the title in the introduction.

In headings, the keyword density should be high, the title length should be between 55 and 70. The image Alt tag should be there as well. And here you can see we can add the featured image. These are just very standard tips.

I hope that they will elaborate this in the future and make these tips a little more helpful because right now I don’t know how high they want my keyword density to be. I can just see that it’s not good enough at the moment. And what keywords are they actually focused on? Because, as you saw, my primary keyword is WordPress SEO plugin. But apparently, the entire article was based on Yoast SEO, so there are some small mismatches here.

Now over on the left menu, you have your AI assistant here. Then you can preview this article to see how it looks. This is just very simple and this is also great if you want to share it with a client, for instance. Right here, you can share a specific link, send it to a client or a friend or a colleague who needs to read it through. It is very easy to use.

We can also save it, and then we have the Plagiarism checker, this one basically just checks if this content is unique. Right now they are powered by Copy Scape, so they have an integration that uses Copy Scape to check your content. And I will recommend you checking all of your content because sometimes the AI content generation is just not unique, and you can see that it only takes a couple of seconds, so it’s really worth it. You can also download it in HTML, PDF, Word and text format. And then we can go to tutorials, we can delete it, and we can exit it.

But what we can also do is to publish it. Right now they only have an integration into WordPress. So right now I can publish this article on WordPress, but I think they have some issues because when I choose the different categories, the author and whether it should be a draft or published, and I press publish, then you can see I got an error. This is not a correct error. I can publish posts.

So I think they’re having some issues at the moment. But that is how easy it is to take a search phrase and turn it into an entire article. It’s just so important that in your section headlines that you are very specific about what this headline is about. And that’s not only good for generating content, it’s even better for Google, because when Google crawls your content, they are also indexing specific sections. So if you’re good at explaining what your section is about in just the headline, you’ve come a long way already.

That is the functionality within the platform, the titles and the outlines you can also use if you just want to create a title or an outline. Otherwise, I will recommend you going through the process I’ve just shown you.

Bramework Pricing

Developing AI tools is not cheap, though I will say Bramework comes in at a cheap price compared to the alternatives. With Bramework, you get four plans and all of them differ on the amount of AI words you can generate and the number of users. They don’t have any free plans. They do, however, have a free trial that you can use, and this is mainly for testing because you don’t get so many words you can play around with. So as soon as you see whether Bramework is for you or not, then I will definitely recommend you signing up because the flow, as you’ve just seen in the features, is just so easy to go through, starting with a search phrase, ending up with an entire article.

Alternatives to Bramework

Now to the alternatives of Bramework. First off, we have has really developed their own AI, taking a completely different approach compared to what we see in the AI industry. So they’re trying to develop something unique. So all of their users are able to generate content which is unique and based on their AI.

The other alternative is, and they have taken an even third approach to acquiring small companies. So they have been able to acquire AI companies to gather as much knowledge within their own company as possible and this allows them to just deliver outstanding features to all of their users, so their users can deliver outstanding content to their readers. So all of these combined Bramework is not at the same level yet. But the way Bramework is going at the moment, they are definitely closing in, and I’m so excited to see how it will look in a few months.

Future of Bramework

Bramework at the moment is a mature product, but they are still working on some exciting features. First off, they are adding more keyword suggestions in the post builder, so you know what to focus on. When you have your main search phrase and still want to rank for those secondary keywords, then they are working on adding meta description generation. So, when you have built up your entire article, then you can also sum it up in a meta description. And I really hope that they will take this meta description and combine it with a conclusion module, because right now their summarise module cannot have that much content in it.

I really wish that they would focus on a summarised function that could take in the entire article and then build a conclusion based on the content we have written in the article. That would really be something unique. Then they are working on adding a WordPress plugin and this is for the integration, so you can, at the moment, push all of your articles from Bramework to WordPress. I know that I’ve just shown that you can’t do that right now, but you have to give up a username and a password in order to do that, and it’s just not so secure that they have your credentials for your WordPress. So, with the plugin it will definitely solve the security issue right there.

Last but not least, they’re working on training the AI for more niches and commands. So this means that not only do they use GPT-3, they are even building their own layer on top for them to be able to train it for specific niches and commands. I really like it when companies do these unique things that just separate them from their competitors out there.

Pros & Cons using Bramework

I really like working with Bramework, especially the design, the flow of creating content and the precision in the way they generate content. I do, however, hope that they will work on the summarise function, so it can take more content and then the limited keyword Explorer right now, I really hope they will put more data into it.

Last thoughts on Bramework

AI is developing day by day with all the users using GPT-3 to generate content. It just becomes smarter and smarter and with companies like Bramework adding their own AI layer on top just makes it even more interesting and that’s why I want to give Bramework four stars. Thank you so much for reading. Let’s catch up on the next one.

Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann
I have been in the software industry for 10+ years, and I’ve gathered a ton of experience I’m sharing with you. I test out tools each week and share my findings with you, for you to easily choose the right software for your needs. I have so far reviews many types of software and even built software myself, it’s a huge passion for me.