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Are you looking for a long form content editor with the help of AI can generate a blog post containing 2500 words within minutes, then today’s showcase is for you. Today’s product showcase is ClosersCopy, and it’s an entire AI tool based in a long form editor. You still have the tools as we know it, like YouTube descriptions, blog titles and so on. But everything is based in the editor. I’m doing a giveaway of a lifetime unlimited licence to ClosersCopy.

I will share the details later in this video. So without further ado, let’s dive into ClosersCopy and test out the different tools. In ClosersCopy, they have projects, as we have seen it, from Writesonic, I can have multiple projects and this is a great way in order to differentiate between my different documents. For instance, I have a project with my name here, which I can then go in and then I will have my documents listed here.

Here I have one document with best domain provider 2021. I can either archive it, delete it or edit on it again, I can also duplicate it. Down here I choose whether I want to see the archive documents or not. But now to the interesting thing let’s go in first in this document that I have already generated. So in here, this is the editor of ClosersCopy and I have generated all of this content within minutes when I started testing out ClosersCopy.

As you can see, there are a lot of headlines down here and then there is text. And out here we have our table of content where we can basically see all of our different sections and quickly go to the section we want to read more about, in the left menu over here, we have compose, frameworks, libraries, Insights, downloads, settings and 101. Now, let’s start with the most exciting thing, which is compose in here is where we start to generate content.

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So I have just started a new document called Best WordPress Caching Plugins. So we will do the same here as it is our search query. It took a couple of seconds, but now we have the different headlines that we can choose between. So as you can also see in the bottom here, the beta version, which we are now using, can write up to 5000 characters. And these articles are very different in the terms of what the content are going to contain.

For instance, here, why use a WordPress caching plugin and which is best, that one is actually very good for best WordPress caching plugins. The top one is also excellent. Optimising your website for speed. We compare the 6 best WordPress caching plugins. And furthermore down here, overall this is great titles. Let me try and expand the top one here. Now, when I expand an H1, then I get multiple H2 usually, now I only got one.

So here our H1, which is the title of the document, would be optimising your website for speed, and the second one would then be optimising your website for speed, we compare the six best. It’s not the best second headline. I would like to see a lot more different headlines down here, either lining out the six best WordPress caching plugins we need to write about or adding stuff like an introduction, conclusion, maybe an FAQ.

Now, the thing is here, if I just press compose, then it’s going to use all of these headlines to generate a document for me. So what we need to do first is to remove the headlines that we are not going to use. Now, the two headlines here are very similar, so I’m just going to remove the headline here. And then I think that we are maybe going to expand the different topics here. And then based on that, if the expanded topics looks fine, then we’re trying to compose the entire document.

Now, it has expanded a lot of these headlines. And as you can see, we actually got perfect results here where we got some different caching plugins that we can use and we can write about, so that’s perfect. Here again, we see that we get what’s most likely to be an H1 instead of an H2, whereas this one is a great H2. So I’ll just clean this up. So now we have a lot of different headlines.

I have removed some of them. And one thing I notice is that there were some redundant H2’s that have also removed. So it requires a little bit of work here in order to get the result that we want. So now let’s try and press compose down here and see how the result is going to look. Now, when you generate content within ClosersCopy, you need to be a little bit patient. It took around two to three minutes to generate this content.

And when we scroll down, you can see that all the sections now have text, content. But when we come down to the bottom, we can see a lot of headlines without text. And that’s due to that they have a maximum of 5000 characters generated. So I think that a great feature they could develop was to guide me a little bit more in terms of how many headlines should I use in order to get the best output. But of course, I can just choose these headlines and add to another document and then run it again.

But overall, the text is in some places good. Some place is not so good. This was supposed to be an introduction and it’s talking about something different, something very generic about the Internet and some stuff that I don’t really know anything about. It’s not relevant for my WordPress caching plugins, but then when we go further down, it gets more relevant where we talk about website speed, plugins, one click buttons, top right corner. So this is definitely relevant for WordPress.

And when we go further down, even we also have some information about WP Fastest caches. However, it is talking about WP Super cache. So it seems that the text generated here is not relevant for WP Fastest Cache, if it was WP super cache. This would be extremely relevant. Furthermore, down here, it clearly shows that the more specific we are in our headlines, the better the content output will become. Though there are minor things like it’s missing a spacing here and cPanel is spelled differently here where we have a capital P and a capital C down here.

But overall, I can definitely see that the more specific the headlines are, the better content we just get. WP Rocket is definitely a premium WordPress caching plugin and it does offer these features that are mentioned. So this is great. And again, down here we can see a word that doesn’t make any sense. So there are good things and bad things about this content generator. But I really believe that with the future that they are going to improve it even more that its going to be excellent.

And it’s very impressed to see that this is built on top of GPT-3. It is the first long form content editor I see that can really do great content with this technology. But now let’s try and move on a little bit and see the frameworks. This is basically another word for tools. As you can see over here, we have blogs opening, blogs title, headlines, product names and so on. So let’s try and generate a better introduction than what we have here.

So I’ll just click down a little bit and then say opening. Now we have to fill in the audience of this article and the blog topic. So the blog topic we already know. So I have now entered that the audience is new website owners and the blog topic I have just copy paste it. And as you can see here it is now writing out the content. For me, this is a very brief opening, but it is a great opening.

I would just wish that it was way, way longer. Maybe they need to introduce an introduction tool in order to get this to work. But the text is great, I just wish it was longer. Now instead, let’s try and make a YouTube description for this video that I’m filming right now. Every tool basically works the same way where it is that we give it some input and it then spells out the output for us here. So for this YouTube video right here, you can see that it’s now writing the description.

And I will say that so far it’s a decent length, is a good length for what I would write in a YouTube description. Overall this is actually a great YouTube description, whereas it first talks about ClosersCopy from a very high perspective and then goes down into why ClosersCopy has been created. And then what ClosersCopy is created for what target group. So this is definitely a great output. But now let’s try and move on to the libraries, because framework’s is the tools to generate content, and then they also have libraries where it is that they have templates, examples, words and thesaurus.

Now let’s try and generate an email, for instance, and let’s say we want a perfect email, whatever that means. Then here you can see that we get some subject lines, we get an opening, we get a hook and we get a call to action. And here we can basically just add to the document and then there will be added to the document. Very easy. Very good. And this is just templates. So this is just copy paste.

Whether these templates has been proven to work or not. I’m not I’m not aware of, but it is a little bit the same as examples down here where it is that we give a keyword, and then we get a result back based on someone else who has generated this content. Now, as you can see here, even though there are almost twenty thousand examples, there are no examples on this specific keywords. So let me try to make it a little bit more broad. I now searched for WordPress, which is a very broad term, but there is still nothing.

So I will go even broader. Now I entered food and I got 267 examples. Of course, these examples will be a lot more extensive the more people that uses this tool. But for instance, if I like this sentence right here, I could then just drag it into my content right here and then I would have it. And what’s cool is that you can see that the AI. has analysed these different sentences to tell you whether they’re enjoyable, trustful of what they are.

For instance, down here, this is very trustful, but it’s not as enjoyable. If we move on to words, then you can see that we get a lot of different words. For instance, one thing I’ve seen in some plugins that I use, they tell me to use power words in my headings. This is a great way to see different power words. Or if you want sensory words and if you like the words that you see, then you can just add them as simple as this, and they will be added to your document.

It’s very simple and its a small feature, but it is actually a powerful feature as these words will help you generate better titles and headings. The last tool is looking up synonyms and antonyms. So if I enter food here and I press search, it is not really showing me anything, but it would show me synonyms. I have tested with other words previously where it worked. But right now it’s not working. I don’t know why. Now, if we move on to the inside section, this is very interesting.

This is insides on your entire document. So here you can see the emotions of our documents. It is a little bit too sad maybe, it’s very trustful. It’s a little exciting and a little enjoyable and not so surprising. So I would like to maybe change this document to be a little bit more enjoyable and maybe a little bit less sad and trustful. It’s very important that it is full. So here you can see that we get an analysis on the sentences where it tells us that some sentences are too long.

Maybe we should remove some words. And then we also see here that this one is maybe too short. Maybe we should add a few words. And this is great because this will higher the readability. So it’s easier to read our document. This is the density analysis and it shows us how many times we use the words and how much that word fills for the entire document. We also have a spam analysis. This is great if you are building emails, because then you want to spam to be as low as possible.

So this is just a great way. Of course, you always want the spam to be low. So this is just a great tool to confirm that what you’re writing is correct. This one saying that its maybe spam, but it’s probably because of the small words I just added after each other. That doesn’t make any sense. The last analysis we can get is how the voice is. Normally, I want to write a blog, post in active voice.

But here it actually says that it’s 13 percent passive voice. So here the sentences are that I should change in order to get a more active voice in my writing. As you can also see down here, it says, We like to stay below 10 percent. What I really like is that it shows me what sentences I need to change in order to get a more active voice. Normally they just give me a percentage and then I have to guess what sentences I have to change.

Here it’s right on, but it would be nice that I could click on it and it just sent me directly to the sentence, so I could change it. Furthermore, in the menu over here, we can download it as either a PDF or a document in Word if I want to continue working with it, in the settings sections in here we choose whether we want it to be highlighted right here. If we want an outline out here when we’re not using a tool, if we want to go full screen, or if we want the dark mode, I know a lot of you uses the dark mode.

So that’s also possible here. The last menu point is a 101 where they share with you how you write the best content, whether it’s sales content. If you just want a quick start, you want to overcoming writer’s block, if it’s for a different model, sentences and so on. And these are very good, and they’re very short to read, and they really help you generate better content. So, yeah, that’s overall the different tools within ClosersCopy.

The compose functionality is definitely where the biggest value is laying within ClosersCopy. And I’m very excited to see that this tool is just so different from the other AI tools that we have previously reviewed. When we take a look at the pricing structure of ClosersCopy, they have three different plans. They differ on the amount of characters you generate. And in the top plan, you get teams functionality where you can invite your colleagues and your friends to also try and use ClosersCopy.

The pricing plan is very simple and you get all the tools in all the different pricing plans. The competitors to ClosersCopy is Writesonic and Conversion.ai as I see it. The reason why Conversion.ai is a competitor to ClosersCopy is because ClosersCopy has this long form editor content. This is not something we usually see on GPT-3 tools, but I really think that it works well and with the future ahead, they are going to improve it even more.

So it’s going to be very interesting to see. The reason why I think Writesonic is a competitor is because of the design. As you just saw, ClosersCopy design is very, very good and very modern. And it’s the same we see with Writesonic. Furthermore, the tools are very similar. Even though Writesonic has more extensive tools, and they have a higher amount of tools. ClosersCopy is just focussed on creating long form content and Writesonic is slowly tapping into that market.

The future ahead of ClosersCopy is very interesting. They are going to, of course, work on their long form content writer and make it even better and make it possible for us to edit our headlines and just generate better content. And that’s the main functionality of ClosersCopy. Furthermore, they’re adding the team’s functionality here in June. And I spoke to the founder of ClosersCopy, Nico, and he told me they are working on a secret, which will also be released here in June.

He couldn’t say anything else. But it’s going to be interesting what it is. Personally for me, I’m very much looking forward to a better long form editor content. It is the main functionality. So I’m very excited that it is a huge focus for them to optimise this functionality. Now, if you want to participate in this, giveaway, all you have to do is three easy steps. You have to like this video, subscribe to my channel and leave a comment down below explaining what you are going to use the tool for.

I will pick a winner 25 of June. So ClosersCopy is the first GPT-3 tool I have used who has nailed the long form content editor. The output was great, as you just saw, and with their refinements and the future ahead of ClosersCopy, it’s just going to be very interesting to see. So yeah, that’s my review of ClosersCopy. Now, if you have any questions about ClosersCopy other products you would like me to review, please leave a comment down below.

Thank you so much for watching. Let’s catch up on the next.

Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann
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