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Today, I have reviewed an AI tool for you, this AI tool focuses on creating content, keyword research and so on. So if you work with SEO in general, this tool could be for you. Lately, we have seen a lot of different AI tools pop up or surface due to GPT-3. This has been released to a lot of different people. So let’s see whether this tool is just another one in the pile or if they have something extra to bring to the table.

When I signed up for this tool, I basically got all the tools that they had thrown right at me in their dashboard or basically right after I onboarded, which is great. I later found out that they have a lot more tools, but I thought I got all of the tools, thrown right at me, and it was great. The tool that I’m going to share with you today is Neuraltext. Let’s try to dive in and see how the output of all of these tools are.

Within the features, they have three big modules. They have their keyword section, their content section and their smart copy section. If we start by taking a look at the keyboard section, they have two main features within that module. They have keyword ideas and keyword cluster. I tested out Keyword ideas, as you can see, and I typed in WordPress link building as my keyword. The result I got back was three different keywords and one of the keywords were even the one I entered.

So the result was not as I expected, but hopefully it will get better by time. If I try other tools like Frase or Nichesss, I get a long list of different keywords, so there is room for improvement. Their other tool is Keyword cluster. When I tested this out, I must say it was a bit buggy. I couldn’t upload my file and it was tough to find out whether I should upload an Excel file, CSV file and how the format within that file should be.

I think they need to work on their help texts and everything beyond that. I later found out that when you upload the file, basically, it just clusters all of your keywords and I didn’t find the big value within that. So in their content module, what you basically do is that you start with a keyword and then you start creating your content when you put in your keyword. Then you get stuff like search volume on the keyword, top 10 search results.

What questions are asked around this keyword and then you get back links. What’s so cool about this backlinks is that you can basically get a list of potential backlinks that you can go out and get. Normally, backlinks is the most tough part about getting within content. And the thing about finding the different websites of getting these back links, the fact that Neuraltext basically just grabs them and makes your list is basically just like a to-do list. You can basically just go through the list and then find a backlink for everything that you want.

The flow within content I did find a little bit confusing, of course, that I create my document. I put in the keyword. But then what? I’m presented with an editor, very small editor, and within this editor, I have very limited features and the entire editor is just so outdated, I feel. But then later I found out that they have a more native editor where it’s big and you can work within that editor. And you have all of the mentioned things like top 10 search results.

You have competitors, competitors outlining, backlinks and so much more. And when you have all of these things next to the editor, it makes it so much easier to create good content. The last module they have is their smart copy, if you know the tool Nichesss. It’s basically the same. You get a ton of different tools where you can generate content. I will say that there’s a lot of tools that doesn’t make a lot of sense. You can, for instance, create a love letter.

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I don’t know how relevant that is for an SEO writer, but it’s there if you want it. Furthermore, they have a lot of other different tools, they have of course so you can make SEO descriptions and SEO titles and all of those tools you need. You can also generate content to some extent. With GPT-3, you can’t create long form content. So it’s limited what you can do, but the possibilities are there. You just need to explore them.

So the thing about Neuraltext is that I have seen it with all the other tools also. This AI field is new for public. So basically what they do is that the generate tools for almost everything. And when you do that, then you basically in the end doesn’t fit any need. So when you go in now in this smart copy module, you can see that they have almost 40 different tools. So I hope that we will in the future see them focus a little bit more.

So the pricing structure that Neuraltext have is very generous, they have a free plan where you get 5 content briefs, 50 smart copies and you can run keywords 5 times. This means that all of their smart copy tools, you can use 50 times completely free. They do also have two better plans or two upgradable plans where you get multiple languages and you can work within multiple languages. Right now they don’t support so many languages, but they will probably add more in the future.

Neuraltext competitors are, as I see it, Marketmuse and Clearscope. MarketMuse on the content side and Clearscope on the AI side. MarketMuse also use the advantage of AI, but not in the same context. They use the advantage of AI within content, research and keywords and just in general creating relevant content, good meta descriptions, good meta titles and so on. Clearscope is the competitor on the tools, which is called the Smart Copies within Neuraltext.

Nichesss is also a competitor to Neuraltext, but Nichesss only focuses on these smart copy tools, which is also a big part of Neuraltext. The future of Neuraltext is a little bit foggy, if you ask me, they have I counted 17 new smart copy tools. What that means is that we’ll just see more of these tools and more diversified tools. I would love for them to put all those tools away and then focus on that, it’s a tool to create content, to focus on researching keywords, just in general creating relevant content.

The problem about them adding so many different tools is that you, as a person or as a user of this tool doesn’t really know what you need to use it for because it’s going in so many different directions. So instead of focussing on one thing and being extremely good at that, they’re focussing on 50 different things and that’s not going to benefit them in the end. So let’s hope that they are going to focus soon. So that’s my review of Neuraltext.

I hope that you liked it. If you have any questions about Neuraltext, please comment down below. I will answer all of your questions. And if you have other tools that you want me to review, also comment down below. Thank you so much for watching. Please remember to give this video a thumbs up. Let’s catch up on the next one.

Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann
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