RankIQ Review: This Keyword Library Is Interesting

Keyword research has always been the most challenging part of content creation.

Especially at the beginning of a brand-new site, you want to pursue the low-competition keywords that still have some search volume.

For this, you can either use a keyword research tool like Ahrefs or you can try out RankIQ, which I did.

Let’s get into my opinion on RankIQ after using it for a month.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • RankIQ’s keyword library is an entirely new way of doing keyword research.
  • The content optimizer is very limited in functionality, but it works.
  • The price is well worth the keyword library alone.

Pros And Cons Using RankIQ

RankIQ is an interesting way of easily getting a list of keywords with low competition, which you can start writing content for immediately.

Pros of RankIQ

Cons of RankIQ

rankiq website
The most valuable keyword library

My Quick Take

The keyword library was what caught my eye with RankIQ, and there are so many low-competition keywords.

They do also have a basic content optimizer editor you can use to write SEO-optimised content.


What Is RankIQ?

RankIQ was a great new experience for me with keyword research.

So the thing about RankIQ is that it’s divided into 4 categories:

  • Content optimizer: Optimise your high-quality content for a target keyword.
  • Keyword library: A library of manually found keywords from Brandon Gaille and his team.
  • My Keywords: A list of traffic keywords you’ve chosen to save from the keyword library.
  • Ranking Audit: Attach your Google Search Console account and get a report.

RankIQ: Best Use Cases

There are primarily 2 use cases with RankIQ, and you can use it for keyword research and for writing content.

If you’re a beginner in SEO, you should pursue all the low-competition keywords. For those you find in the keyword library, sort by “Time to rank”, and then start writing high-quality content for each individual target keyword where it states “Ultrafast”/”Very fast” in the column “Time to rank”.

Now using it for experienced bloggers, then you have a list of keywords where if you have great domain authority, you can pursue any of them. I would sort by highest visits/yr, then take the opportunities where the “Time to rank” column is fast or average.

Undoubtedly, I had a great experience using RankIQ for my keyword research, and it was so easy to write content for these. However, I didn’t use the content optimizer for this. I used Frase, as it’s more elaborate in the content creation phase.

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Keyword Library Of Low-Competition Keywords

RankIQ Keyword Library

I want to start with my experience with the keyword library. This is where I started my journey with RankIQ and where you should start.

I like the different approach of entering your niche and seeing all keywords in that niche rather than the opposite of entering a seed keyword and then getting related keywords, keyword ideas, and so on that we usually get from a keyword research tool.

As I’m writing this review, they have 1122 niches covered with keywords you can start ranking for today. And I tested with 2 niches:

  • WordPress
  • Freelancing

They had both niches, and there were hundreds of keywords in each niche, which is gold for us content creators.

For each keyword in the list, you get:

  • Keyword Phrase
  • Competition (0-100)
  • Visits per year
  • Time to Rank (Ultrafast, Very fast, fast, average)
  • Run a report: Write a blog post with the content optimizer

I really liked how easy it was to choose my niche, sort by the column “Time to rank”, and then I had a list of keywords I could start creating blog posts for to rank in the search engines.

Another thing I like is the filter options. You can either state that a specific word needs to be present, you can filter on competition(Domain Authority), time to rank and much more. Usually, I use the filters, but when I want to combine time to rank and visits per year, the filters are perfect for this use case.

I’m not a big fan of the design, but it’s clear it’s not a focus for them. Brandon Gaille and the team behind are focused on delivering quality keywords and guidance.

Whatever module you’re in, there is a video explaining it, or you can easily find a guide on it, but it’s very straightforward to use.

And remember, these keywords are not found with artificial intelligence or generated via a machine. Brandon Gaille and his team conduct the keyword research, and you get all the keywords you can start ranking for.

You can see an overview of the niches here:

All niches covered by RankIQ
Adult Obstacle Course (102)
Adult Party Ideas (250)
Air Conditioner DIY (14)
Air Purifiers (288)
Airmiles Loyalty (210)
Ancient Egypt (194)
Anime (353)
Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen (160)
Aquarium Care and Fish (1616)
Arts/Crafts: Search All Arts/Crafts (16174)
Arts/Crafts: 3D Printing (163)
Arts/Crafts: Balloons (736)
Arts/Crafts: Best Paint for (102)
Arts/Crafts: Concrete (371)
Arts/Crafts: Cricut (151)
Arts/Crafts: Crochet (2265)
Arts/Crafts: Diamond Painting (56)
Arts/Crafts: Drawing (2271)
Arts/Crafts: Dyeing (410)
Arts/Crafts: Embroidery (95)
Arts/Crafts: Enamel Pins (131)
Arts/Crafts: Etsy (201)
Arts/Crafts: Felting (97)
Arts/Crafts: Floral Arrangements (180)
Arts/Crafts: For Kids (407)
Arts/Crafts: Glowforge (196)
Arts/Crafts: Handmade Cards (216)
Arts/Crafts: How to (508)
Arts/Crafts: Jewelry (615)
Arts/Crafts: Journaling (211)
Arts/Crafts: Knitting (194)
Arts/Crafts: Machining (209)
Arts/Crafts: Macrame (54)
Arts/Crafts: Mix (597)
Arts/Crafts: Paint (731)
Arts/Crafts: Paper Crafts (97)
Arts/Crafts: Pastels (118)
Arts/Crafts: Pens Pencils Markers (161)
Arts/Crafts: Pottery and Ceramics (373)
Arts/Crafts: Procreate (222)
Arts/Crafts: Quilts (609)
Arts/Crafts: Resin (453)
Arts/Crafts: Selling Your Products (89)
Arts/Crafts: Sewing (1628)
Arts/Crafts: Shopify (208)
Arts/Crafts: Silhouette (91)
Arts/Crafts: Soap Making (422)
Arts/Crafts: Sublimation (186)
Arts/Crafts: Woodwork (350)
Astrophotography / Telescopes (286)
Authoring Books (457)
Automobile (785)
Beauty: Search All Beauty (19085)
Beauty: Acne (1954)
Beauty: Anti-Aging (850)
Beauty: Armpits / Deodorant (257)
Beauty: Beards / Mustache (676)
Beauty: Blow Dryers / Curling Irons (359)
Beauty: Blush and Bronzer (134)
Beauty: Brands (440)
Beauty: Cleansers and Exfoliants (638)
Beauty: Concealer (219)
Beauty: Eyebrows (571)
Beauty: Lips (997)
Beauty: Makeup (1352)
Beauty: Moisturizers / Lotions (1203)
Beauty: Nails (3930)
Beauty: Perfume / Cologne (999)
Beauty: Shaving / Waxing (846)
Beauty: Skincare (1533)
Beauty: Soap / Body Wash (654)
Beauty: Sunscreen and Tanning (848)
Beauty: Teeth (625)
Beekeeping (753)
Board Games: Search All Board Games (935)
Board Games: All (691)
Board Games: Chess (244)
Bodyguard (138)
Books: Search All Books (5164)
Books: Best Books (1372)
Books: Book Summaries (569)
Books: Books in Order (1704)
Books: Kids and Teens (1118)
Books: The Rest (401)
Building Inspection (127)
Business: Search All Business (23775)
Business: Advertising (1028)
Business: Affiliate and Influencer Marketing (200)
Business: Amazon FBA (96)
Business: Automation (153)
Business: Blogging (381)
Business: Brand Strategy (438)
Business: Conversion Rate Optimization (339)
Business: Copywriting (173)
Business: Creative Writing (206)
Business: Customers (85)
Business: Ebay (464)
Business: Email Marketing (201)
Business: Email Templates (421)
Business: Entrepreneur (431)
Business: Excel (1824)
Business: Freelance Writing (128)
Business: Google Business Profile (84)
Business: HR / Workplace (538)
Business: Home Office (515)
Business: Innovation (104)
Business: Marketing Tools (570)
Business: Meetings (559)
Business: Negotiate (290)
Business: OSHA (403)
Business: Office Chairs (184)
Business: Packaging (51)
Business: Paypal (620)
Business: Podcasting (308)
Business: Product Management (775)
Business: Productivity (140)
Business: Project Management (509)
Business: Public Relations (143)
Business: Public Speaking (553)
Business: Risk Management (185)
Business: SBA (110)
Business: SEO (231)
Business: Social media (6256)
Business: Software (1514)
Business: TikTok Food (78)
Business: Trademark (130)
Business: Vending Machines (175)
Business: Video Editing (705)
Business: WordPress (861)
Business: Workplace (616)
Cabin Living (236)
Career: Search All Career (6065)
Career: Acting (285)
Career: CPA (210)
Career: CPA Exam (83)
Career: Changing Jobs (75)
Career: Culinary Arts (77)
Career: DJ (124)
Career: Filmmaking (149)
Career: GMAT (105)
Career: How to Become (1064)
Career: Instacart / Uber Eats (215)
Career: Jobs (347)
Career: Massage Therapist (101)
Career: Medical School (310)
Career: Mentoring (42)
Career: Notary (354)
Career: Nursing / Nurses (579)
Career: Real Estate (532)
Career: Real Estate Agent Training (553)
Career: Remote Working (249)
Career: SAT and ACT (429)
Career: Work at Home (182)
Cars: Search All Cars (1163)
Cars: Autodetailing (299)
Cars: Electric Cars (458)
Cars: Leasing and Buying (137)
Cars: Paint (269)
Casino Games (717)
Casting (207)
Charities (472)
Child Abuse (501)
Christian: Search All Christian (2633)
Christian: Bible (642)
Christian: Church Management (540)
Christian: Commentaries (138)
Christian: Marriage (317)
Christian: Men and Fatherhood (290)
Christian: Mental Health (73)
Christian: Sunday School (185)
Christian: The Rest (296)
Christian: Verses (152)
Cigar (144)
Collectibles: Search All Collectibles (2674)
Collectibles: Coin Collecting (1161)
Collectibles: Most Expensive Cards (437)
Collectibles: Star Wars (1076)
College: Search All College (3432)
College: Admissions (849)
College: General (2583)
Computers: Search All Computers (14352)
Computers: Cybersecurity (1144)
Computers: Data Science (124)
Computers: Digital Art / Painting (550)
Computers: Electronic Circuits (244)
Computers: Fonts (2011)
Computers: Hard Drives (236)
Computers: Kafka Programming (75)
Computers: Laptops (1798)
Computers: Linux (885)
Computers: Programming (3316)
Computers: Semiconductors (550)
Computers: Tableau Programming (276)
Computers: The Rest (442)
Computers: Windows (2701)
Construction (1380)
Cosplay (237)
Crimes (1330)
DIY: Search All DIY (7528)
DIY: Bathroom (313)
DIY: Floors / Walls / Ceilings (806)
DIY: Furniture (2034)
DIY: Garage / Storage (546)
DIY: Home : Inside (1470)
DIY: Home : Outside (1738)
DIY: Lighting (233)
DIY: The Rest (388)
Decor/Interior Design: Search All Decor/Interior Design (5275)
Decor/Interior Design: Bedroom (802)
Decor/Interior Design: Floors, Ceilings, Walls (707)
Decor/Interior Design: French (125)
Decor/Interior Design: Game Room (246)
Decor/Interior Design: How to (1211)
Decor/Interior Design: Lighting (174)
Decor/Interior Design: Living Room (365)
Decor/Interior Design: The Rest (1645)
Dental (613)
Dinner Parties (105)
Disney: Search All Disney (2338)
Disney: Characters / Movies (246)
Disney: RunDisney (120)
Disney: Themeparks (1972)
Diversity and Inclusion (158)
Diversity: Famous People (841)
Dogs/Cats: Search All Dogs/Cats (5628)
Dogs/Cats: Beds (481)
Dogs/Cats: Best for (725)
Dogs/Cats: Can they eat (242)
Dogs/Cats: Comparison (119)
Dogs/Cats: Doodles (363)
Dogs/Cats: Food (147)
Dogs/Cats: French Bulldog (275)
Dogs/Cats: Maine Coon (78)
Dogs/Cats: Mix (451)
Dogs/Cats: Puppies (2169)
Dogs/Cats: Questions (401)
Dogs/Cats: Siamese Cats (127)
Dogs/Cats: Staffordshire Terrier (50)
Dogs: Search All Dogs (26849)
Dogs: All Questions (4894)
Dogs: Allergies (360)
Dogs: Best _ for Dogs (2152)
Dogs: Breeds and Mixes (4818)
Dogs: DIY (403)
Dogs: Dog Friendly Places (958)
Dogs: English Bulldog (134)
Dogs: Food (3066)
Dogs: Health (8177)
Dogs: Names (717)
Dogs: The Rest (1139)
Dogs: Vizsla (31)
Domestic Abuse (138)
Dumpster Rental (153)
Electric Rides (108)
Embedded Systems (300)
Endangered Species (529)
Essential Oils: Non Medical (240)
Everyday Carry (213)
Expenses (204)
Facts About (342)
Farming: Search All Farming (1898)
Farming: Animals (1355)
Farming: Dairy Cows (109)
Farming: Homesteading / Composting (305)
Farming: Sheep (129)
Fashion: Search All Fashion (44705)
Fashion: African (88)
Fashion: Athletic and Streetwear (745)
Fashion: Brands (4550)
Fashion: Capsule Wardrobe (32)
Fashion: DIY Makeup and Skincare (666)
Fashion: Dresses and Skirts (848)
Fashion: Dupes (211)
Fashion: Earrings (648)
Fashion: Eyelashes (620)
Fashion: Hair (12982)
Fashion: Headwear and Scarves (654)
Fashion: High Fashion Outfits (288)
Fashion: How to Wear (446)
Fashion: Jeans / Pants (2029)
Fashion: Jewelry (1055)
Fashion: Maternity (249)
Fashion: Men (517)
Fashion: Outfits (6776)
Fashion: Permanent Makeup (272)
Fashion: Plus Sized (102)
Fashion: Purses (358)
Fashion: Shoes (3347)
Fashion: Shorts (315)
Fashion: Spandex (143)
Fashion: Sunglasses (679)
Fashion: Sustainable (235)
Fashion: Swimsuits (242)
Fashion: Tops (1986)
Fashion: Underwear (899)
Fashion: Wallets (113)
Fashion: Watches (735)
Fashion: What to Wear (1875)
Fitness: Search All Fitness (15677)
Fitness: Abs (484)
Fitness: Arms (569)
Fitness: Back (433)
Fitness: Barbell (259)
Fitness: Bodybuilding / Powerlifting (652)
Fitness: Cardio (1427)
Fitness: Chest (491)
Fitness: Crossfit (556)
Fitness: Dumbbells (474)
Fitness: Flexibility / Stretching (266)
Fitness: Gym (1157)
Fitness: HIIT (218)
Fitness: Home Workouts (463)
Fitness: Legs (1017)
Fitness: Other Exercises (3211)
Fitness: Other Workouts (1423)
Fitness: Running (546)
Fitness: Running Injuries (224)
Fitness: Shoulders (375)
Fitness: Strength / Conditioning (475)
Fitness: Tech (322)
Fitness: Ultrarunning (410)
Fitness: Women (52)
Fitness: Yoga (173)
Food: Search All Food (121369)
Food: 2/3/4/5 Ingredient Recipes (517)
Food: Air fryer (2352)
Food: Allergy Friendly (330)
Food: Appetizers (1452)
Food: Baked Desserts (1403)
Food: Bars (269)
Food: Bbq (2457)
Food: Beef (2608)
Food: Beer (1263)
Food: Blenders (247)
Food: Brazilian (102)
Food: Bread (1354)
Food: Breakfast (1851)
Food: Cake Making/Decorating (2284)
Food: Can You Put X In The (598)
Food: Canning (585)
Food: Caribbean (642)
Food: Casseroles (948)
Food: Charcuterie (235)
Food: Chicken (2727)
Food: Chinese (822)
Food: Chocolate (1081)
Food: Christmas (480)
Food: Clean Eating (750)
Food: Cocktails and Spirits (2671)
Food: Coffee (4687)
Food: Colombian (94)
Food: Cookie Decorating (237)
Food: Cookies (1009)
Food: Cooking for One (115)
Food: Copycat (1999)
Food: Costa Rican (492)
Food: Cupcakes (429)
Food: Curry (482)
Food: Dinner (925)
Food: Dominican (405)
Food: Eastern European (317)
Food: Everything Kitchen (3117)
Food: Fermented Recipes (526)
Food: Finger Foods (160)
Food: For Kids and Babies (417)
Food: Freeze Dry / Dehydrating (207)
Food: Freezer Meals (141)
Food: French (686)
Food: Frothing (134)
Food: Fruits (3481)
Food: German (395)
Food: Gluten Free (2353)
Food: Greek (261)
Food: Healthy (514)
Food: Holidays (1251)
Food: How to Clean (621)
Food: Icing (842)
Food: Iconic US Recipes (715)
Food: Indian (765)
Food: Instant Pot (1239)
Food: Ireland (259)
Food: Is It Safe to Eat (491)
Food: Italian (1743)
Food: Japanese (985)
Food: Juicing (421)
Food: Keto (972)
Food: Kitchen Appliances (1516)
Food: Korean (455)
Food: Leftovers (1928)
Food: Low Carb (1183)
Food: Low Sugar (324)
Food: Lunch Ideas (468)
Food: Macro Diet (154)
Food: Meal Ideas (668)
Food: Meal Planning (1065)
Food: Meal Prep (162)
Food: Meat Injection (39)
Food: Mexican (1294)
Food: Middle Eastern (736)
Food: Mocktails (161)
Food: Moroccan (110)
Food: Nigerian (90)
Food: No Cook No Bake (271)
Food: One Pot One Pan (303)
Food: Pakistani (530)
Food: Paleo (341)
Food: Pancakes (575)
Food: Pasta (753)
Food: Peruvian (137)
Food: Pies (803)
Food: Plant Based (132)
Food: Popcorn (203)
Food: Pork (1606)
Food: Pressure Cooker (425)
Food: Protein (955)
Food: Puerto Rican (92)
Food: Recipes for Two (122)
Food: Roasted / Baked (1269)
Food: RoundUp Recipes (3906)
Food: Sandwiches (797)
Food: Sauces and Condiments (1829)
Food: Saute (474)
Food: School Lunch (115)
Food: Seafood (2379)
Food: Seasoning (621)
Food: Side Dishes (1113)
Food: Smoker (630)
Food: Snack Ideas (557)
Food: Soups and Stews (1603)
Food: Sourdough (265)
Food: Sous Vide (390)
Food: Southern (274)
Food: Spirits - Bourbon (627)
Food: Spirits - Cognac and Brandy (226)
Food: Spirits - Gin (277)
Food: Spirits - Liqueur (241)
Food: Spirits - Rum (531)
Food: Spirits - Scotch (211)
Food: Spirits - Tequila (602)
Food: Spirits - Vodka (1086)
Food: Spirits - Whiskey (968)
Food: Storage (3031)
Food: Substitute for (1880)
Food: Tea (2394)
Food: Thai (301)
Food: Thanksgiving (275)
Food: Toddlers (99)
Food: Tofu (341)
Food: Turkey (469)
Food: UK (279)
Food: Utensils (705)
Food: Vegan (2201)
Food: Vegan Desserts (225)
Food: Vegetables (3509)
Food: Venezuelan (114)
Food: Weight Watchers (537)
Food: Whole Grains / Whole Wheat (905)
Food: Whole30 (323)
Food: Wine (1130)
Food: Wine Pairings (144)
Forklift (55)
Forts (48)
Freight (140)
Funerals (390)
Funny (431)
Game Development (225)
Games: Search All Games (403)
Games: Puzzles (288)
Games: Slot Machines (115)
Gaming: Search All Gaming (15715)
Gaming: Best ___ (514)
Gaming: Call of Duty (242)
Gaming: Diablo (568)
Gaming: Elden Ring (674)
Gaming: Esports (2769)
Gaming: Final Fantasy (409)
Gaming: League of Legends (411)
Gaming: Minecraft (1833)
Gaming: Nintendo Switch (295)
Gaming: Other Games (1134)
Gaming: Overwatch (323)
Gaming: Playstation (756)
Gaming: Pokemon (1665)
Gaming: Q and As (585)
Gaming: Reviews and Comparisons (332)
Gaming: Rocket League (185)
Gaming: The Rest (447)
Gaming: Twitch (801)
Gaming: Valheim (239)
Gaming: Valorant (262)
Gaming: Xbox (1271)
Gardening: Search All Gardening (21870)
Gardening: Bonsai (94)
Gardening: Compost (270)
Gardening: Fertilizer (565)
Gardening: Flowers (1640)
Gardening: Germination (659)
Gardening: How to Grow (1958)
Gardening: Hydroponics (576)
Gardening: Indoor (167)
Gardening: Lawn Care (2047)
Gardening: Mulch (341)
Gardening: Perennials / Annuals (553)
Gardening: Plant Care (5335)
Gardening: Plants (4414)
Gardening: Removing Bugs and Pests (533)
Gardening: Soil (1018)
Gardening: Succulents (837)
Gardening: The Rest (725)
Gardening: Trellising (138)
Gifts: Search All Gifts (4414)
Gifts: Birthday (286)
Gifts: Christmas (312)
Gifts: For Significant Other (558)
Gifts: The Rest (2873)
Gifts: Wedding Related (270)
Gifts: Work Related (115)
Global Warming / Pollution (100)
Hair: Search All Hair (3534)
Hair: 4c (365)
Hair: Curly (887)
Hair: Hair Care (550)
Hair: Natural (732)
Hair: Over 50 (303)
Hair: Porosity (59)
Hair: Wavy Hair (186)
Hair: Wigs (452)
Health: Search All Health (24745)
Health: Acid Reflux (644)
Health: Addiction (1149)
Health: Alcoholism / AA (280)
Health: Allergies (796)
Health: Alt Medicine (236)
Health: Autism / ADHD / Dyslexia (1729)
Health: Benefits of (299)
Health: Blindness (77)
Health: CPT Codes (1615)
Health: Cancer (915)
Health: Caregiving (100)
Health: Childhood Symptoms (592)
Health: Chinese Medicine (2088)
Health: Cold Therapy (72)
Health: Diabetes (260)
Health: Disorders (712)
Health: ED (467)
Health: Eating Disorders (174)
Health: Ehlers Danlos (18)
Health: Elderly (132)
Health: Essential Oils (617)
Health: Fibromyalgia (158)
Health: Heart Disease (128)
Health: Herbalism (1219)
Health: Hip (878)
Health: Home Remedies (1346)
Health: Hospice (103)
Health: Hypnosis (74)
Health: Knee Injuries (850)
Health: Light Therapy (267)
Health: Long Term Care (127)
Health: Marijuana (2483)
Health: Medicaid (728)
Health: Medical Billing (127)
Health: Memory (155)
Health: Menopause (456)
Health: Menstrual Cups (68)
Health: Migraines (423)
Health: Physical Therapy (420)
Health: Sexual Health for Men (353)
Health: Sleep (434)
Health: Special Needs (105)
Health: Stress (596)
Health: Tick Diseases (275)
Holidays: Search All Holidays (7066)
Holidays: Christmas Crafts and Cards (183)
Holidays: Christmas Decor (472)
Holidays: Christmas Gifts (415)
Holidays: Christmas Party / Dinner (274)
Holidays: Christmas Printables (394)
Holidays: Easter (681)
Holidays: Halloween (1757)
Holidays: Mothers and Fathers Day (595)
Holidays: Thanksgiving (798)
Holidays: The Rest (731)
Holidays: Valentines Day (766)
Home: Search All Home (17938)
Home: Backyards (1376)
Home: Bedding (969)
Home: Best Paint for (327)
Home: Building Furniture (1639)
Home: Fences (388)
Home: Fix Concrete (100)
Home: Furniture Makeovers (281)
Home: Generators (170)
Home: Hot Tubs / Jacuzzis (497)
Home: IKEA Hacks (169)
Home: Ladders (199)
Home: Landscaping (222)
Home: Luxury Kitchen and Bath (376)
Home: Makeovers (426)
Home: Painting Furniture (442)
Home: Patio (450)
Home: Pest Control (662)
Home: Plumbing (826)
Home: Remodeling (1048)
Home: Remote Controls (881)
Home: Roofing (711)
Home: Security Cameras (558)
Home: Sheds (669)
Home: Smart Home (1067)
Home: Solar Panels (112)
Home: Streaming Media (977)
Home: Swimming Pools (2309)
Home: Wine Storage (87)
Homelessness (157)
Homeschool: Search All Homeschool (1223)
Homeschool: 1st & Up (285)
Homeschool: Kinder (85)
Homeschool: Mix (370)
Homeschool: Preschool (156)
Homeschool: Worksheets (327)
Horror Genre (513)
Horses (268)
Hunting: Search All Hunting (1920)
Hunting: Bow Hunting (376)
Hunting: Guns (611)
Hunting: US Animals (933)
Immigration / Citizenship (163)
Ingredients (1274)
Instructional Design (51)
Insurance (310)
Irish Symbols and Meanings (131)
Kava (32)
Landlords (1051)
Language Learning (285)
Language: Chinese (234)
Law Enforcement / First Responders (359)
Law Firms (216)
Legal Templates (662)
Living in Hawaii (491)
Luxury Lifestyle (1972)
MLM / Network Marketing (947)
Mental Health: Search All Mental Health (2578)
Mental Health: Anxiety (1039)
Mental Health: Bipolar (127)
Mental Health: Children and Teens (388)
Mental Health: Depression (358)
Mental Health: General (158)
Mental Health: Grief (128)
Mental Health: OCD (181)
Mental Health: PTSD (199)
Messianic Judaism (295)
Military Bases and Schools (189)
Military Discounts (808)
Military: Search All Military (1959)
Military: Air Force (357)
Military: Army (748)
Military: Benefits (388)
Military: Marines (159)
Military: Navy (307)
Mindset: Search All Mindset (13487)
Mindset: Affirmations (294)
Mindset: Chakra (279)
Mindset: Confidence (165)
Mindset: Feng Shui (180)
Mindset: Goals (487)
Mindset: Gratefulness (149)
Mindset: How to Deal With (1284)
Mindset: Introverts (147)
Mindset: Intuition (35)
Mindset: Law of Attraction (132)
Mindset: Leadership (1056)
Mindset: Life Coaching (123)
Mindset: Manifestation (280)
Mindset: Meditation (352)
Mindset: Mindfulness (101)
Mindset: Minimalism (1443)
Mindset: Motivational (2797)
Mindset: Organization Ideas (1655)
Mindset: Productivity Apps (256)
Mindset: Quotes (1107)
Mindset: Self-Discipline (634)
Mindset: Self-Love / Self-Care (257)
Mindset: Women (274)
Mom: Search All Mom (22900)
Mom: Baby Led Weaning (104)
Mom: Baby Names (1083)
Mom: Baby Nursery (308)
Mom: Best __ Moms (144)
Mom: Cakes (131)
Mom: Carpet Cleaning (294)
Mom: Christmas for Kids (391)
Mom: Coloring Pages (1268)
Mom: Crafts for Kids (517)
Mom: Cub Scouts (408)
Mom: DIY for Kids (292)
Mom: Easter for Kids (192)
Mom: Family Activities (1234)
Mom: Fertility (146)
Mom: Gifts for Kids (455)
Mom: Hairstyles for Kids (252)
Mom: Halloween for Kids (211)
Mom: Holidays (150)
Mom: How to (3631)
Mom: Kids Activities (2023)
Mom: Kids Behavior (258)
Mom: Kids Jokes and Puns (945)
Mom: Lint and Pilling (89)
Mom: Mix (245)
Mom: Movies for Kids (237)
Mom: Parties (625)
Mom: Photoshoots (279)
Mom: Picky Eaters (97)
Mom: Poems for Kids (401)
Mom: Postpartum (274)
Mom: Pregnancy (2111)
Mom: Pregnancy Loss (319)
Mom: Printables (483)
Mom: Questions for Kids (187)
Mom: Quotes for Kids (322)
Mom: Shoes for Kids (56)
Mom: Songs for Kids (356)
Mom: Stay at Home (38)
Mom: Thanksgiving for Kids (96)
Mom: Toys for Kids (447)
Mom: Vacuums (621)
Mom: Valentines Day for Kids (99)
Mom: Working Moms (53)
Mom: babies (1028)
Montessori (137)
Motion Capture (114)
Motorcycles (1287)
Movies: Search All Movies (3608)
Movies: Best of Lists (3420)
Movies: Romance (188)
Moving (992)
Music (462)
Music Production (930)
Music: Search All Music (3815)
Music: Drums (382)
Music: Electronic Pianos (99)
Music: Guitar (1864)
Music: Piano (851)
Music: Ukulele (619)
Musicians (1291)
Net Worth (2292)
New Age and Astrology (3334)
Non Profits (416)
Non Toxic / Eco Friendly (2239)
Nut Allergies (274)
Nutrition: Search All Nutrition (22083)
Nutrition: Benefits (1023)
Nutrition: Best Herbs for (170)
Nutrition: Biblical (1157)
Nutrition: Carbs in _ (959)
Nutrition: Cleanse (328)
Nutrition: Comparisons (5532)
Nutrition: Dietician / Nutritionist (70)
Nutrition: Diets (3219)
Nutrition: Elderly (147)
Nutrition: Fasting (323)
Nutrition: Food Lists (1123)
Nutrition: Is X Healthy (1664)
Nutrition: Mediterranean Diet (141)
Nutrition: Microgreens (67)
Nutrition: Plant Based Lifestyle (734)
Nutrition: Protein in (327)
Nutrition: Supplements (2325)
Nutrition: Weight Loss (2774)
Outdoors: Search All Outdoors (21063)
Outdoors: Backpacking (810)
Outdoors: Bicycle Trails (450)
Outdoors: Bikes - Best (576)
Outdoors: Biking (2913)
Outdoors: Binoculars / Scopes (345)
Outdoors: Camping (5199)
Outdoors: Camping Food (96)
Outdoors: Electric Bikes (482)
Outdoors: Fishing (412)
Outdoors: Folding Bikes (49)
Outdoors: Foraging (182)
Outdoors: Hiking (1858)
Outdoors: Kayaking (97)
Outdoors: Kids (435)
Outdoors: Living on a Boat (43)
Outdoors: Mix (347)
Outdoors: Mountain Biking (225)
Outdoors: Paddleboarding (68)
Outdoors: Rv (3843)
Outdoors: Skiing / Snowboarding (1085)
Outdoors: Surfing (571)
Outdoors: Swimming Lakes and Seas (429)
Outdoors: Van Life (548)
Over 30 Lifestyle (90)
Over 40 Lifestyle (116)
Over 50 Lifestyle (629)
Over 60 Lifestyle (252)
Parenting: Search All Parenting (10599)
Parenting: 4 to 12 Yrs (796)
Parenting: Adoption (534)
Parenting: Babies (1846)
Parenting: Baby Sleep (813)
Parenting: Breastfeeding (502)
Parenting: Bullying (193)
Parenting: Calendars and Trackers (351)
Parenting: Discipline (60)
Parenting: Families (1067)
Parenting: Foster Parenting (309)
Parenting: Labor / Delivery (177)
Parenting: Single Moms (75)
Parenting: Statistics (115)
Parenting: Styles (73)
Parenting: Teenagers (953)
Parenting: Toddlers (1791)
Parenting: Twins (194)
Parenting: Xtra (750)
Patriotism (1094)
Patriotism: Made in USA (988)
Period Dramas (167)
Personal Finance: Search All Personal Finance (21811)
Personal Finance: Annuities (255)
Personal Finance: Bookkeeping (823)
Personal Finance: Budgeting (2096)
Personal Finance: Commercial Real Estate (126)
Personal Finance: Credit Cards (506)
Personal Finance: Credit Repair (562)
Personal Finance: Cryptocurrency (825)
Personal Finance: Debt (653)
Personal Finance: ETFs (152)
Personal Finance: Equity Compensation (170)
Personal Finance: Estate Planning (457)
Personal Finance: Financial Advisors (147)
Personal Finance: Financial Crimes / Scams (594)
Personal Finance: Forex (421)
Personal Finance: Freelancing (222)
Personal Finance: Frugal Living (287)
Personal Finance: How tos (305)
Personal Finance: Life Insurance (265)
Personal Finance: Living (1978)
Personal Finance: Loans (631)
Personal Finance: Mix (329)
Personal Finance: Options Trading (369)
Personal Finance: Paying for College (616)
Personal Finance: Real Estate Investing (736)
Personal Finance: Retirement (700)
Personal Finance: Side Hustles (1943)
Personal Finance: Social Security (526)
Personal Finance: Stocks (1767)
Personal Finance: Taxes (2065)
Personal Finance: Thrifting (254)
Personal Finance: Tiny Home (287)
Personal Finance: Vs (744)
Personal Safety / Home Security (360)
Pets: Search All Pets (5437)
Pets: Amphibians (606)
Pets: Budgie (144)
Pets: Dog Training (367)
Pets: Golden Retriever (342)
Pets: Goldendoodle (202)
Pets: Guinea Pigs (672)
Pets: Rabbit (916)
Pets: Reptiles (1337)
Pets: Snakes (851)
Photography: Search All Photography (4093)
Photography: Adobe Lightroom (181)
Photography: Adobe Photoshop (974)
Photography: Cameras (975)
Photography: General (646)
Photography: Nature (361)
Photography: Newborn to Toddler (104)
Photography: Photoshoots (852)
Play Therapy (22)
Poems (2287)
Prayers (3632)
Printables: Search All Printables (18552)
Printables: Adult Coloring Pages (107)
Printables: Calendars and Planners (326)
Printables: Cards and Signs (1092)
Printables: Charts (602)
Printables: Coloring Pages (3218)
Printables: Fitness and Nutrition (287)
Printables: Games and Activities (811)
Printables: Holidays (1134)
Printables: Patterns and Stencils (592)
Printables: The Rest (4608)
Printables: Worksheets (5775)
Privacy (104)
Psychological Astrology (658)
Psychology: Personality Types (1440)
Quality Management (120)
Quotes (1290)
Quotes: Search All Quotes (674)
Quotes: Movies (588)
Quotes: Star Wars (86)
Relationships: Search All Relationships (4494)
Relationships: Dating (1119)
Relationships: Divorce (878)
Relationships: Falling in Love (548)
Relationships: Honeymoon (578)
Relationships: Marriage (871)
Relationships: The Rest (500)
Rental Software (70)
Reselling Items (201)
Rhinestones (85)
SVGs (102)
Secular Religion (127)
Selling (173)
Senior Citizens (716)
Shipping (1081)
Singing (209)
Social Work (86)
Sociology (274)
Songs (799)
Space (239)
Sports: Search All Sports (7588)
Sports: Baseball Prospects (56)
Sports: Basketball (133)
Sports: Boating (1548)
Sports: Cricket (83)
Sports: Cycling (544)
Sports: Disc Golf (112)
Sports: Fantasy Football (591)
Sports: Football (157)
Sports: Football History (400)
Sports: Golf (598)
Sports: Ice Hockey (632)
Sports: Ice Skating (228)
Sports: MLB Ballparks (211)
Sports: Martial Arts (880)
Sports: Other (482)
Sports: Pickleball (125)
Sports: Roller Skating (151)
Sports: Self Defense (393)
Sports: Tennis (264)
Superheroes (982)
Survival (429)
Survival: Search All Survival (558)
Survival: Bushcraft (173)
Survival: Off Grid (86)
Survival: The Rest (299)
Symbolism (1412)
Tattoos (1960)
Teaching: Search All Teaching (13551)
Teaching: Calculus (199)
Teaching: Classroom Management (612)
Teaching: Engagement Games (494)
Teaching: English Language Learning (188)
Teaching: English and Reading (1074)
Teaching: Facts for Kids (670)
Teaching: Fine Motor Development (116)
Teaching: French (290)
Teaching: History (463)
Teaching: Italian (320)
Teaching: Learning Strategies (191)
Teaching: Math (1717)
Teaching: Science (1637)
Teaching: Spanish (1396)
Teaching: Special Education (183)
Teaching: Speech Therapy (311)
Teaching: Things for Teachers (1082)
Teaching: Words (2608)
Tech: Search All Tech (677)
Tech: AWS (493)
Tech: Integrations (184)
Tires and Rims (1413)
Translation (296)
Travel: Search All Travel (66745)
Travel: Airbnb (716)
Travel: Airplanes (1335)
Travel: Alabama (366)
Travel: Alaska (250)
Travel: Argentina (58)
Travel: Arizona (859)
Travel: Arkansas (300)
Travel: Australia (189)
Travel: Austria (33)
Travel: Bali (60)
Travel: Barbados (34)
Travel: Bay Area (736)
Travel: Boondocking (78)
Travel: Cabo San Lucas (82)
Travel: California (1232)
Travel: Canada (2250)
Travel: Caribbean (859)
Travel: Colorado (1194)
Travel: Connecticut (387)
Travel: Couples (977)
Travel: Croatia (131)
Travel: Day Trips and Road Trips (577)
Travel: Delaware (77)
Travel: Denmark (31)
Travel: Destinations (6657)
Travel: Ecuador (132)
Travel: Expat Life / Living Abroad (867)
Travel: Family (1379)
Travel: Finland (18)
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Travel: France (220)
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Travel: Gluten Free (323)
Travel: Greece (169)
Travel: Guatemala (57)
Travel: Haunted Houses (620)
Travel: Hawaii (711)
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Travel: Norway (37)
Travel: Ohio (845)
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Web Design: Search All Web Design (2216)
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Web Design: GIMP (136)
Web Design: Graphic Design (313)
Web Design: Illustrator (387)
Web Design: Indesign (132)
Web Design: Other Tools (244)
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Web Design: Squarespace (174)
Web Design: Wix (161)
Web Hosting: Search All Web Hosting (1634)
Web Hosting: GoDaddy (124)
Web Hosting: MySQL (147)
Web Hosting: SQL (622)
Web Hosting: The Rest (469)
Web Hosting: Ubuntu (272)
Wedding: Search All Wedding (1388)
Wedding: Bridesmaid and Bachelorette (312)
Wedding: General (654)
Wedding: Rings (422)
Weddings: Search All Weddings (931)
Weddings: Destination Weddings (660)
Weddings: Elope (271)
Window Film (121)
Yachts (276)

From the keyword library, I usually went one of 2 routes:

  1. saved keywords to my personal keyword library
  2. Created a report to start writing an article.

Let’s start by exploring option 1.

My Keywords In RankIQ

rankiq my keywords

Now this is a copy of the keyword library but filtered only to contain your own keywords. These are the keywords you added from the keyword library.

I used this, and overall it’s great, but it can be improved as I feel it’s missing features to help achieve topical authority.

For content creators, building topical authority and using SEO tools to our advantage is more important than ever. With this module, I would love to see an option where I could build content silos.

Where each silo represents a larger topic, and each keyword in the topic is an angle on that topic. Once I know I’ve covered all angles, I know I’ve achieved topical authority in that content category.

That said, based on what you can do now, the tool is similar to the keyword library, where you can see the:

  • Keyword phrase
  • Competition
  • Visits per year
  • Time to rank
  • Category
  • Run an SEO report

It gives you an overview, and I felt the same. However, as soon as you add just 50 keywords, then you easily lose the overview. I wish there were a way to filter them by a category I set or the website of mine the keyword belongs to.

Because I’m writing content for multiple websites, which means I’m doing keyword research for multiple websites.

I can add one domain, but that’s not for filtering. That’s simply for getting the domain authority of that domain, so I can see, based on my keyword list, which keywords I should target first.

RankIQ Reports - Content Optimizer

rankiq seo report

The content optimizer at RankIQ is divided into 2 sections.

The SEO Report, where you have data about your target keyword, and the content optimizer, where you’re writing your article.

Starting with the SEO report, here you get an overview of how you need to write your article, from a content grade, to what terms to include in your posts. These terms are like a keyword list.

To write a successful article, you need to use as many relevant keywords as possible, but it needs to make sense.

Overall I like the content analysis; it gives me what I need with the word count and how the competition is based on domain authority.

Here is an extensive list of what you get with each SEO report:

  • Content Grade
  • Word Count
  • Competition
  • Time to rank
  • Topics Google Likes in Posts
  • Title Analysis
  • Title Grader
  • Top Ranking Titles with Competition Analysis
  • Highest Graded Content in SERPs

Further down in the content analysis, you can test your title and see top-ranking competitors on the keyword and who has the highest content grade on the target keyword.

It’s simple, but it works for me.

The second part is writing your actual content.

rankiq content optimizer

This is where you write your comprehensive content, and to write comprehensive content with RankIQ, you don’t need to be an SEO expert. You need to use common sense.

Have an eye on your content grade and the word count.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of this editor. You have limited research on the right side, where you can only see the relevant terms you need to use, and if I want to see all my research, I need to switch between the 2 tabs constantly.

I like much more how Surfer SEO and Frase do it, where you have all your research in the right bar, including competitors, content gap and much more.

Pro-tip: If you’re using Koala Writer for your content, then you can take all the related keywords, choose manual optimisation and generate an article using all the related keywords. Watch my Koala Writer review.

Another thing I noticed, when you’ve written just a couple of lines, it starts to become messy because there is not enough spacing in the editor.

If you can live with these things, then you can still create great content like an SEO expert and achieve the content grade you need for this target keyword in your blog niche.

RankIQ Rankings Audit

rankiq ranking audit

The ranking audit module is where you connect your Google Search Console, and then RankIQ pulls in data.

It’s a simplified version of Google Search Console, where you can easily find underperforming posts, see clicks, impressions and more.

I didn’t find much value in this module. First of all, you have to connect your account every time you want to use it, which becomes frustrating, and the data it’s showing is basically the same as in Google Search Console.

Undoubtedly, the data RankIQ are showing is useful for any SEO strategy, but you can easily find it in Google Search Console as well.

With the Ranking Audit, you get:

  • Keywords Driving the Most Traffic
  • Organic Traffic Summary
  • Pages Experiencing Traffic Growth
  • Pages Experiencing Traffic Contraction

How Much Does RankIQ Cost?

rankiq pricing

RankIQ costs from $29 to $199, with 8 monthly reports on the lite plan and 80 reports on the agency plan.

I used the $49 plan while testing, and I’m thinking about downgrading it to $29, as I’m only using the keyword library.

You should choose the plan that defines your usage. Start with the cheap plan and scale up from there.

RankIQ Alternatives

Within SEO content optimisation tools, there are a ton, but I really like primarily Frase and Marketmuse.

Surfer SEO is another great alternative, but what you need to look for within these tools is what fits your workflow the best and has the most comprehensive content analysis.


Frase is the content research tool I use the most, primarily for their research depth and their editor.

Frase does not have a great keyword research module, so RankIQ is a better tool in this case. The combination, however, of these 2 tools is what I would call perfection.

frase website
marketmuse website


Marketmuse is another great content research module. I really like their modern design, and they also have a keyword research module.

However, when it comes to finding low-competition keywords, RankIQ is just much better with its extensive keyword library.

Wrap-Up: Is RankIQ Worth It?

RankIQ is definitely worth it. You can use it with their lowest plan on $29, where you get full access to the keyword library and you can run 8 reports per month.

For me, this is more than worth it. I won’t continue to use the content analyzer or the ranking audit, but the keyword library is super useful for me, even though it’s not using artificial intelligence or automated processes.

The fact the keyword library is curated manually makes it so much more worth it because I know an SEO expert has crafted it for my niche. Just perfect for my SEO strategy.

I’m using Frase’s content analyzer, and you can watch my review of Frase here.


How does RankIQ work?

RankIQ works in the way that you simply start by finding your niche in the keyword library, and then you sort the keywords by "Time to rank", start with the easiest keywords, run a report on the keywords, and start writing your blog posts in the content optimizer.

The content optimizer will automatically help you optimise your blog posts for the search engines, and you just need to focus on creating the content for humans, not robots.

What is the difference between Keysearch and RankIQ?

The difference between Keysearch and RankIQ is that instead of automatically crawling keywords and adding them automatically to a database. RankIQ crafts its keywords based on niches and ensures they're all easy to rank for, regardless of your domain rating.

Who Is The Owner Of RankIQ?

The owner of RankIQ is Brandon Gaille, and he is an experienced SEO with the podcast Millionaire Podcast. He created RankIQ to help beginners and experienced SEOs to find more accessible keywords to rank for.

He has since built a team who are now behind RankIQ and helps Brandon Gaille drive it forward.

rankiq website
My all-time favourite keyword research tool

My Last Thoughts

I can’t emphasize enough if you’re writing content or looking to start a new website where SEO will be a driving factor. Then RankIQ is for you.

Their keyword library has more than 1200 niches covered, and they continue to add more.

RankIQ Review This Keyword Library Is Interesting

In this RankIQ review I dive into their keyword library filled with low-competition keywords for more than 1200 niches, and their content optimizer.

Editor's Rating:


  • The keyword library is the best way to start if you're a new website.
  • The keyword library has all niches you can dream of.
  • They add your niche, and you just have to ask.


  • The content optimizer is too basic.
  • I can't build silos in the "My keywords" module.
  • The ranking audit doesn't bring value that Google Search Console doesn't already do.
Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann
I have been in the software industry for 10+ years, and I’ve gathered a ton of experience I’m sharing with you. I test out tools each week and share my findings with you, for you to easily choose the right software for your needs. I have so far reviews many types of software and even built software myself, it’s a huge passion for me.