Striking Distance Keywords: How To Improve Your Content

What are striking distance keywords? Well, they are basically low-hanging fruit in the SEO world, just beyond the first page of Google search results. 

Picture this: your page ranks at position 11 or higher, and with a tiny nudge, it could be rubbing elbows with the top 10. That is what we are targeting here—keywords that are so close yet just need more oomph to hit it big.

And here is the kicker—targeting these almost-there terms is often easier and faster than going after new keywords. Scooping up these rankings should be like picking ripe apples from a tree. 

But you do not need to climb to the top; you just stretch your arms and pluck them. 

Understanding Striking Distance Keywords

So, let’s examine striking distance keywords, which have already appeared on the coveted second page of Google search results. 

But how do you spot them? You’ll need a trusty telescope, like Google Search Console, to scout the horizon. 

Think of it as your SEO periscope, showing you which keywords are already scoring decently and could hit the big leagues with some savvy tweaking. In other words, Google Search Console helps you pinpoint the striking distance keywords worth pursuing.

How to Identify Striking Distance Keywords With GSC

Let’s dive headfirst into Google Search Console, your secret weapon for finding striking-distance keywords. We discuss keywords in positions 11-30, teetering on the edge of glory. 

These are the keywords that rank just outside the top spots and are itching to climb up the search engine optimization ladder. Lucky for you, GSC is the treasure map that marks where X marks the spot.

Use Google Search Console as a high-powered microscope that zooms in on your keyword positions. It’s like having Ahrefs and SEMrush in your tool belt, giving you the scoop on where your keywords are chilling in the rankings. 

With this intel, you can strategize, fine-tune your on-page content, and give those keywords a leg-up to higher terrain.

striking distance keywords

Crafting a Strategy for Striking Distance Keywords

You have got to be a bit of a strategist when you are working with striking distance keywords. It’s like a chess game—knowing when to move your pawn and when to get your queen into play. 

When your existing content ranks decently, consider brushing up on your on-page SEO, tightening up those meta descriptions, and checking off your SEO checklist. 

Look for content gaps and opportunities for internal links pointing toward pages that rank, setting the stage for those striking distance keywords to leap up the rankings!

Identifying High-Potential Pages

Pinpointing high-potential pages is like finding a rough diamond—they just need a little polishing. The page’s content might already be excellent, but with a little magic dust, it could genuinely dazzle. 

That’s what you are after pages with structure and quality content that could shine in those rankings with a bit of attention.

Enhancing Existing Content for Relevance

Pumping up your existing content’s relevance is like adding spice to chili—it brings the flavor. 

You are already serving up helpful material to the reader, right? Now, you want to sprinkle in semantically related language like catnip to Google, making that existing content stand out even more in the search engine crowd.

1. Incorporate the Striking Distance Keyword

You have got your striking distance keyword in your crosshairs. Now, weave it into your content like a silk thread in a tapestry, but keep it smooth and natural. 

This is not about shoehorning words in; it’s about making them dance effortlessly through your text to help shimmy up the Google search results ladder.

2. Update and Enrich Content Context

Rankings love fresh and enriched content like bees love honey. So shake off the dust from your pages and pump new life into them. Inject current data, recent examples, or just plain polish the text. 

Consider it a content glow-up aimed squarely at boosting those sweet rankings.

3. Refine Metadata for Improved Visibility

Better tighten that metadata—the red carpet leads to your content. You want to make those meta titles and descriptions accurate and irresistible.

Like a neon sign on a dark street, they must capture attention and guide searchers to your content’s doorstep.

4. Expand or Condense Blog Lengths Appropriately

When targeting striking distance keywords, sometimes your blog posts may need a wardrobe change, so to speak. Some might need to bulk up with more meaty content, while others could do with trimming down to be lean and mean. 

The goal is to hit that sweet spot where Google and readers nod in approval.

5. Rejuvenate Older, Successful Posts

Do not let your golden oldies gather dust—breathe new life into them! Update stats, add fresh insights, and maybe a sprinkle of those striking distance keywords. It is like giving your old hit record a remix that constantly climbs the charts.

striking distance keywords

Tactical Content Repurposing for Striking Distance Keywords

Sharpen your pencils because you have options when it comes to existing content. Sure, targeting striking distance keywords often means a tune-up, not a total engine rebuild. 

You are tweaking, tightening, and fine-tuning the machine so it purrs its way up the rankings.

The Art of Content Repurposing

Think of content repurposing like jazz—it’s all about the art of improvisation. You take that original content and optimize it, twist it, flip, maybe a pirouette, and suddenly, it’s tapping into a whole new audience. 

And in content marketing, that is a standing ovation waiting to happen.

1. Seek Internal Linking Enhancements

Internal linking is like the secret passageways in a castle, guiding folks through your domain. 

Look for nooks and crannies where a well-placed link can make all the difference, turning a casual stroll through your site into a full-on treasure hunt with striking distance keywords as your X that marks the spot.

2. Explore New Link Building Avenues

Looking for new link-building avenues is like scouting uncharted territory for that perfect bridge spot. 

You are looking for opportunities to connect with other sites, creating pathways for Google to crawl and those striking distance keywords to shine bright as anchor text. It’s all about extending your kingdom’s reach in the world of the web.

The Benefits of Targeting Striking Distance Keywords

Think of those striking distance keywords as low-hanging fruit. Have you ever reached up to pluck a ripe apple just above your head? That’s the deal here.

You are grabbing easy wins by honing in on these nearly-ranking gems. 

It’s savvy, see? These keywords are already near the top spots in search results, which means that with a bit of polishing, you can boost traffic without breaking a sweat. Fewer resources, less time, more results—sounds like a sweet deal.

Utilizing SEO Tools for Striking Distance Keywords

You will need the right gear to nail down those striking-distance champs. SEO tools are your treasure maps; they help you zero in on the X that marks the spot. 

With tools like SEO Scout’s Keyword Filter, you can sift through the sand to find those golden keywords lurking just below the surface. 

They show you exactly which pages have the potential to jump up to those coveted spots with some good old TLC—tender-loving content upgrades, that is.

Securing Higher Rankings With Striking Distance Keywords

Imagine you are a detective on the hunt, piecing together clues to crack the case. Your mission: to push those striking distance keywords from positions 11 and 20—lurking on pages 2 and 3—right up into the spotlight. 

Start with keyword research tools to get your bearings. These nifty gadgets lay out the keyword difficulty like a blueprint, letting you know which terms are within reach—and which are like climbing Mount Everest in flip-flops.

Next up, you have got to be Sherlock about it and build backlinks that are as strong as steel. Sprinkle in some internal linking magic to create a web that spiders cannot resist. 

Optimize title tags with a dash of creativity to outshine those competing titles.

Remember, the secret sauce to ranking for the striking distance keyword involves thoughtful optimizations that are not just smart; they must also be helpful to the reader.

Tweak here, adjust there; soon enough, you will hold the magnifying glass over the prime spots in search rankings.


Optimizing for striking distance keywords is not just picking low-hanging fruit; it’s about intelligent moves that edge you closer to the top.

Imagine the sweet spot – keywords you rank within the first ten positions on engine results pages, just shy of the promised land. Those are your strike zone phrase opportunities, my friend, ripe for the plucking.

You give them a little nudge—maybe tweak your on-page optimization, sprinkle in some LSI keywords, or finesse those featured snippets—and just like that, you are watching your click-through rates and organic revenue increase. 

And the best part? This is not rocket science; it’s a clever content-writing play that hustles you up the SEO ladder.

You could be looking back at this strategy by next month, having secured many keyword wins for 2024.

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I'm Phillip, and I've been in the SEO game since 2020, where I took it under the skin. I've grown multiple websites to thousands of clicks, and I'm sharing all my SEO knowledge through my content and YouTube channel. I started as a curious mind at 13 years old, programming and programming for many years before I discovered SEO. I then started with the technical part of SEO as it came naturally to me with my technical background, and then I took on all parts of SEO. I love helping other people grow their websites, and I help my clients do the same.

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Striking Distance Keywords: How To Improve Your Content



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