GetGenie Review – AI Copywriting In WordPress

Most AI writing tools require you to move content from where it is generated to where it will finally be used, but this GetGenie AI review will open your eyes to how it can be much easier to do this.

Not all AI writing tools can be integrated into your content management system to generate and publish on the go, which is what GetGenie AI is here to do.

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Key Takeaways

  • With features like AI-driven content creation, competitor analysis, and versatile templates, GetGenie AI caters to diverse users, from individual bloggers to agencies.
  • GetGenie AI’s versatility is highlighted by its compatibility with popular WordPress plugins, support for 33+ languages, and an ever-expanding list of AI templates.
  • The user-centric approach is evident in the progression from the free starter plan to the Agency Plan, ensuring you can scale your AI content creation and SEO efforts according to your evolving requirements.

Pros and Cons of Using GetGenie

Being a not-so-common AI writing tool does not mean it does not have its flaws.

I have used GetGenie, and this is what I have to say about the pros and cons of this tool based on my experience with it.

Pros Using GetGenie

Cons Using GetGenie


My Quick Take

GetGenie is perfect if you’re using WordPress for your website. It allows you to generate content within WordPress.

getgenie website
AI content generation within WordPress

What is GetGenie AI?

GetGenie AI is a comprehensive AI SEO writing and analysis tool that assists users with content creation and SEO operations in a WordPress environment.

In this regard, GetGenie AI serves as a powerful tool for content writers, SEO experts, and business owners, with features like:

  • NLP Keyword Analysis: Advanced Keyword Analysis with Natural Language Processing
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Gutenberg, the copied page detector, and common page makers like Elementor, Oxygen, and Bricks.
  • Multilingual Support: The language support of 33+ ensures that SEO can reach all corners of the globe.
  • SEO Optimization Features: Uses sophisticated SEO tactics like keyword analysis, competitor analysis, content score, and NLPbased recommendations.
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GetGenie AI Review Features

From AI-driven content generation to in-depth SEO analysis, each feature is meticulously crafted to improve your digital presence.

So let us go through the features that set GetGenie AI apart.

SEO Optimize Your Content: Rank Your Content Without Stress

With the help of advanced AI solutions, GetGenie AI optimizes your content for the target audience and ranks well on SERPs using its SEO optimization features.

Concerning this, it provides datadriven insights about Google SERPs and search engine rankings, through which content creators can gain helpful information and trend updates.

Integration of GetGenie AI with WooCommerce and Elementor, among other WordPress plugins, makes your tasks easier and more accessible.

Competitor Analysis: Having a Peep Into What Your Competitors Are Doing

A special highlight of GetGenie AI concerns its competitor’s analysis module, which provides thorough insights into rival plans.

In addition to conducting keyword research, the device obtains information driven by Google SERP to enhance content production with ease.

You can look for competitor data that points them to the best performers and help you develop superior content.

One-Click Blog: The Fastest Way to Write a Blog

One-click blog creation and optimization will help generate SEO-friendly content easily within sixty seconds.

This and a monthly 2500 AI word credit make generating different types of content easy. It helps create content by providing entire blog posts based on specific keywords and outlines, thus simplifying the task of generating content.

Advanced Writing: Tweaking AI-generated Content

That is why GetGenie AI’s advanced writing capabilities have been developed specifically for its users. It works on AI-generated content for every heading to help achieve specific SEO targeting.

In terms of versatility, this tool allows for compatibility with famous page-building WordPress platforms such as Elementor, Oxygen, and Bricks for ease in content generation.

GenieChat: Personalised Live Chatbot

The tool also becomes more interesting by adding Genie Chat, which is a chatbot with at least 22 personalities.

The feature transcends conventional AI chatbots to give consumers such chats and interactions. With GenieChat serving as an AI copilot and live chatbot, you will find it engaging with a unique touch.

Small AI tools: Additional Content Tool for You

Including small AI tools, such as the AIDA framework, WooCommerce product descriptions, and title generation, showcases the versatility of GetGenie AI.

You have access to a wide range of templates for diverse content needs. These tools enhance content creation across various platforms, from social media copies to email copies, catering to a comprehensive marketing strategy.

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Who Is GetGenie AI Made For?

GetGenie AI caters to a diverse audience involved in SEO content creation, ranging from bloggers and WordPress website owners to WooCommerce users, copywriters, and SEO strategists.

The tool’s wide-ranging features suit various content-related tasks, from blog post creation to crafting WooCommerce product descriptions.

Here’s a breakdown of the user base:

  • Content Writers: GetGenie AI is an invaluable tool for writers looking to enhance the quality of their articles and optimize their SEO. The AI-driven content generation and personalization features streamline the writing process.
  • Content Managers: Those responsible for managing and overseeing content strategies can benefit from GetGenie AI’s ability to streamline keyword analysis, competitor research, and content creation, ensuring a comprehensive approach to SEO.
  • SEO Strategists: SEO professionals can leverage GetGenie AI’s robust SEO optimization features, including keyword analysis, competitor analysis, and content scoring. The tool’s data-driven insights empower SEO strategists to make informed decisions.
  • Business Owners: GetGenie AI is an asset for business owners aiming to strengthen their online presence. Its user-friendly interface and powerful SEO capabilities make it accessible to those with varying technical expertise.
  • Agencies and Organizations: GetGenie AI’s versatility suits agencies and organizations managing multiple projects. The tool’s ability to handle diverse content creation needs, from blog posts to social media copies, ensures efficiency in marketing endeavors.

The inclusive nature of GetGenie AI’s features accommodates a wide spectrum of users, making it an essential tool for anyone seeking effective and efficient AIdriven SEO and content assistance.

It is important because of its inclusion and the many options available, making it ideal for anyone seeking easy-to-use AI-driven SEO and content solutions.

Alternatives To GetGenie AI

However, you must consider other options because GetGenie AI has some of the best features for AI-based SEO and content help. Here are a couple of notable alternatives, each with its unique strengths.


Frase.io is an intelligent automation and content optimization (content editor) application that gives global insights to organizations and content creators (e.g., content gaps, target keywords, keyword research tools, and content scores).

This is a great alternative to GetGenie AI, which suits perfectly well with content producers with specific needs.

Through the content gap module, developing various ideas for content by studying competitors is easy.

Frase website


Writesonic is an AI-powered writing tool that helps content writers enhance productivity, overcome writer’s block, and improve their writing abilities.

It provides succinct comments, creates article ideas, outlines, and summaries, and aids in the creation of high-quality content such as SEO meta-descriptions, blog entries, and ad copy.

WriteSonic makes writing excellent landing pages, product descriptions, advertisements, and blogs with a click.

I consider Writesonic user-friendly, supportive, efficient, and addressing particular needs.

writesonic website


Rytr is an AI writing assistant designed to create unique and interesting material for emailing, blogging, advertising, and social networking sites.

Rytr’s users find it easy to use and appreciate its high level of customer support.

These options provide different attributes that might better match some types of user needs. On the positive side, GetGenie AI has a good integrated AI-based content production feature and useful SEO enhancements.

Rytr features around 25 tools, including blog article ideas, video descriptions, and landing page descriptions, and it is positioned as a simple solution appropriate for individuals new to AI content development.

rytr website

GetGenie AI Pricing

getgenie pricing

This is one of those pricing pages where you easily get confused.

However, there are 4 plans, and depending on your amount of words, it varies.

Even though the different plans give different features, I recommend you look at the word count and buy the plan you need for your word use.

You can always start with the free plan to see if GetGenie is for you before you invest in a paid plan.

Wrap-Up: Is GetGenie AI Worth It?

Yes, GetGenie AI is worth it because it’s a solution to generate content right where you’re supposed to: On your website.

The tool’s integration of AI technology, extensive language support, and compatibility with popular WordPress plugins position it as a versatile asset in the realm of content creation and optimization.

For users seeking an AI companion in their content creation journey, GetGenie AI offers a seamless experience with its array of features.

GetGenie AI’s worth extends beyond its pricing tiers. It’s not merely a tool; it’s an AI companion designed to simplify content creation, enhance SEO strategies, and streamline marketing efforts.

Whether you’re a solo blogger, a content creator seeking efficiency, or an agency aiming for SEO excellence, GetGenie AI beckons with a promise—the promise of AI-driven content creation made accessible, effective, and worthwhile.


My Last Thoughts

If you want to generate content within WordPress, this is the tool for you.

getgenie website
Generate SEO-optimized content within WordPress
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GetGenie Review – AI Copywriting In WordPress


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