Writesonic – An AI tool build for marketeers

In today’s product showcase, I have reviewed another AI tool, this tool is as Neuraltext I have previously reviewed, also built on top of GPT-3. GPT-3 has become public to a lot of different people, which is why we see a ton of different AI tools pop up here and there.

So they need some parts where they really differentiate themselves from all the other tools. The way that today’s product showcase does is that they have a fantastic design. So today’s tool is called Writesonic and I’ll dive into their different features. I’ll show you some of their tools. I’ll not go into all of them. I’ll show you the output and how it all works. Writesonic works via a credit system. This means that each month you have a certain amount of credits and every time you run a tool to generate content, then you use 1-3 different credits.

You can always buy more credits if that’s what you want. I will show you this also later in this video. Furthermore, Writesonic has workspaces. This is a small thing, but it actually does a lot. And I use it a lot. And it’s fantastic because this is a great way to differentiate all of your work into different projects. And it works great. The overall design of Writesonic is fantastic again, as I mentioned earlier.

And you will also come to see this. They use a lot of different help text in order for you to generate better content, because the better input you give, the better output you get. So without further ado, let’s dive into Writesonic and try to test out the tools. We’re now inside, Writesonic, as you can see here, and as mentioned, we have the workspaces right here. I have made two workspaces for my different projects.

Just this is just a sample of projects. So let’s try to click on this project and then you can see that we come into the different tools. They have some sections, they have writing tools, digital ad copy, social media copy, website copy, e-commerce copy and other different tools. As you can see, more are coming soon. But let’s try to test out one of the tools, let’s say that. We want to test out their articles outlines, we click on the tool, then you can see that we need to give it some input.

As you can see, there is a lot of help text here. However, when I start typing, the help text disappears. So maybe they should work on keeping the help text there while I write, or at least add it somewhere else. But let’s say that I want to write a blog about the best WordPress designs available. And then some descriptions, let’s say WordPress is and… I have now written my blog title, The Best WordPress Designs available. I have given a short blog description of my blog post.

So let’s try to generate a blog outline and see how it goes. As you can see, it was pretty fast, and this is basically an outline that I can use in order to create my blog post. So let’s take a look at the different ones here. We only have two headlines. Why WordPress is a popular CMS that could be a good introduction section two, Divi Salient and more. See, that’s that’s too general. I want to have a section between each.

Let’s take a look at the next one. What is WordPress? The best WordPress designs Divi Salient. This one is great, but maybe I should add some more designs. I think so far I would go with this one.

Divi, a premium WordPress theme, Salient an affordable WordPress theme, conclusion. Maybe I should take this one and combine it with these two, then I have five different headlines. Introduction WordPress themes, premium WordPress designs. This one is very general. I would not like to use that, divi salient and what seems to be a font. So as you can see, it generated one, two, three, four, five different outlines for me. And if I take the outlines just by themselves, it’s maybe not the best.

But when I start to combine them, then I get a great outline. Let’s say that I want to use these together. And now let’s try their AI article writer, because in here I need to choose a target topic, which is WordPress designs, let’s call it premium WordPress Designs. It’s going to generate some ideas now. This is ideas that I can use for my headlines, and basically also outlining, as you can see, let’s take a look at the different ones.

The 10 best premium WordPress themes for your website. This one is very, very good, 10 reasons why you should invest. This is a different take on it. Premium WordPress designs that will blow your mind. Also, a good one, a caption. Premium WordPress designs the best sites for the site. Not so well. And the different ones. And you can see here, let’s take I like this one. Let’s take this one. See, now I need to make an introduction.

Let me write a little bit again. I have now made a short article introduction. Let’s see how it generates content based on this. Of course, the longer I make this, the better and more precise the content will be. But let’s see how it goes with this. Now, I have my title I have my introduction, let’s try to generate some outlines. And this is the same tool as we used before, so let’s see what it comes with, WordPress is used by so many websites differentiating your design, not so good.

I would say these three points are good. What’s cool about here is that it has actually found Avada and Ion. That’s two other themes within WordPress, which are good and very, very reliable. So what I would like to see here is that you could actually combine generated outlines. Here I would like to take this one and combine it with maybe these two, but I can’t do that. I would like to see that feature, but let’s try to take this outline and continue.

So if I wanted to add different ones, I could do it here. But let’s just try to write an article and see how it goes. So as you can see here now, I now have an entire article. It’s a decent length. And if we take a look at some of the language, it has automatically made an introduction for me. WordPress is used by so many blah, blah, blah, blah. This was basically what I wrote.

So let’s see what it has generated. WordPress, is used by so many Websites for small business owners, creating a website for them is not very easy. It’s quite expensive. As a result, a lot of newbie website owners just focus on making their own website. See this sentence is maybe not the best. I would rewrite that.

They don’t actually look for inspiration or design ideas, designing their own website would require a lot of work, effort and money. Unfortunately, many of them keep investing in their business and forget about website design, blah, blah, blah. See, this is not a very good section. It doesn’t mention WordPress any where. So that is not a good result. Let’s try to see differentiating your design from others. This section is OK. I would still rewrite it, but it’s OK.

It’s better than the first section. So an overall conclusion on this tool here is that the content generated here is not the best. However, if I made my input more precise, I would also get a better output. But based on what I did here, this is not a success. Now let’s try to take a look at another tool. As the last tool today, I will try to generate text for a landing page, I have changed to my other product, so let’s see how it goes.

In product service name I just put in whatever it is that I have in my workspace and then I start typing. Let’s say that this is a project management tool. So as you can see here, I have now made a description and I’ve written three different features and benefits with this product. Now let’s try to generate a landing page. So as you can see here, it has now generated a landing page. This is cool because in order for you to see how it would look on a landing page, of course, you don’t have to use the landing page design, but is just for you to see it.

So if we take a look at the text generated the freelancer’s toolbox trusted by over five hundred thousand freelancers to organise, track and manage their projects, and then a huge CTA check out. Furthermore, there are some different logos down here. This is a great idea in order to create some trust and this is actually relevant logos. Now, let’s go further down to the features free your schedule for your productivity. Panta gives you the tools you need to get more done all in one place, work in different project management tools, work offline, don’t waste time in meetings, create and manage your project.

As you can see, this is actually a very, very good result of me generated a landing page. It has made five different variations and I can use all five of them and combine them if I want. If we take a look at the next one, a scrum project management tool for freelancers, it’s the simplest way to see your projects and tasks, track the results. Another great one, work in different project management tools, work offline, and we will upload your progress, increase your income by working from anywhere.

Again, a great, great tool. I think the landing page tool is just generating great content. This one simply states it out; project management tool for freelancers work everywhere just in one place. I’m very impressed by the landing page tool, I must say, and the overall design of it is great. I think it’s great that it gives you some credibility, social proof, ideas down here. It gives you some design ideas, some icons. I think it’s just overall great.

These are three different tools that you can use within Writesonic, of course, they have a lot more different tools. So you can see here within writing tools, digital ad copy where you can make ads, Google ads, Facebook ads, you can work on your writing tools here. You can create social media posts where you can take your blog post and basically make it into a social media post. There are more landing page tools here.

You can make meta tags, meta descriptions, product descriptions, growth ideas. If you need growth ideas to grow your business, you can find product names, keyword extractor where you basically put in a text and then extracts the keywords, YouTube, video titles. It makes it catchy and so much more. So overall you can see all of these tools are made for marketers and now we have tested three of them where we got decent results in the outlining.

We got not so good results in their AI article writer. And there’s a reason because it’s in beta. So it will probably be a lot better in the future. And you can see what’s cool is that every time you use a tool, you can give feedback. So you can say whether the content you got was good, it was bad, and you can type feedback in what you think they could improve. And the last tool we used, of course, was landing pages, which is just I’m very impressed by this tool and that’s definitely a tool that I could use in the future.

So if we take a look at their pricing structure, as mentioned in the introduction, they work on credits, they have three different plans, whereas the cheapest cost, 25 USD per month. This means that each month you will get new credits paying 25 USD, in their starter plan you get 75 credits. And that’s a great start if you ask me. It’s a lot of credits, as a lot of the tools cost between one and three credits.

Of course if you rerun a tool because you’re not satisfied with the content, you can end up using up to, of course, depending on how many times you rerun it. But 10 credits, for instance. So that’s worth taking into account. If you want more credits, they have a medium plan where you pay a little bit more and then they have their pro plan, which is their unlimited plan, where you get unlimited credits. This plan cost 449 USD, and that might seem like a lot, but if you have unlimited credits, you can generate so much content and that will take a lot pressure on their servers, which is why the price is a bit higher.

They have a cool thing. If you want free credits, this is possible. You can share, Writesonic on Twitter, you can write a review on different platforms and so on. For each thing you do, you get a certain amount of free credits and these credits never expires. This is cool for you who wants to test out the product without having to spend a lot to get a lot of different credits. If we take a look at right Writesonic’s competitors, the closest ones are Nichesss and Neuraltext. Nichesss are really competing with them on the content.

Often they are generating better content, but their design is really lacking. I know that Malcolm from Nichesss, he’s working on the design, but it’s really, really far behind when we compare it to Writesonic. Neuraltext I have earlier reviewed on my YouTube channel so you can check it out if you want to know more about Nuraltext. Neuraltext is still in the beginning phase. They’re good at generating content, but they have a lot of bugs here and there.

Furthermore, Neuraltext also allows you to content optimise. This is not a thing within Writesonic. So if you want to have the whole package, maybe you should take a look at Neuraltext instead. But based on this review and my Neuraltext review, you should be able to choose between those.

Of course there are a ton of different competitors out there, but all of these competitors are still new due to GPT-3 being available to a lot of different people. I have only talked about Nichesss and Neuraltext because they are the stable competitors in the market, and they are continually improving their product as Writesonic is. If we look into the future of Writesonic, their tool is great, and they have a great future, when you take a look at the roadmap.

Writesonic does a great thing, they have a Facebook group where they listen to all of their users and they listen to their needs. Of course, this can create some confusion. So I hope that they will listen to the needs, but only implement the features that actually aligns with their business. Because if we take a look at their roadmap, they also have this public roadmap where you can vote up and down different features. You can add new features that you would like to see and so much more.

Of course, with AI, it’s possible to generate so much different content. But as Writesonic is meant for marketeers. I hope that they will make it stay like this. And if they want to generate other types of content, then maybe make a sub product, which has nothing to do with Writesonic, because I would really, really hate to see Writesonic turn into an all-in-one tool where you can generate everything from a love letter to a meta description for an article you have made or something different, like a rap verse.

For instance, I saw on the roadmap that there are feature requests like this. Luckily, it’s not in their schedule yet, but let’s see what’s in for the future. Furthermore, they are also working on languages. They have recently added some different languages, but I hope that they will add more languages in the future because this is an easy way to generate content on different languages where you don’t have to be an expert necessarily.

So that’s my take on Writesonic, another AI tool build on top of GPT-3.

I hope that you liked the video and if you did, please give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below. If there are other products you want me to review also let me know in the comments section. I will definitely take a look at it. Thank you so much for watching. Let’s catch up on the next one.

Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann
I love SEO. It's what I live and breathe. I took a different approach than the average SEO expert. I started as a programmer, transitioned into the technical aspect of SEO, which I've always found interesting, and then focused on content using the right tools, which I'm reviewing on my YouTube channel.

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Writesonic – An AI tool build for marketeers

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