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I make YouTube videos, and I like to share small clips and teasers for the video without having to open up Final Cut Pro and run through the steps to get something simple done.

For this, I use, which works perfectly with their video editor running in the browser.

after using for over a year, I want to share my thoughts in this review.

Let’s get into it.

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Key Takeaways

  • Super easy to create a video, use video hosting and add elements such as text, images and sound.
  • You can use Wave for live streaming to multiple platforms via the live streaming studio.
  • You can promote your video via their landing page function and see statistics.

Pros And Cons Using

After using for more than a year, I want to share some pros and cons to quickly give you an idea of what I really like about, and the opposite.

Pros of

Cons of website
Perfect for repurposing video content

My Quick Take

I’ve used for over a year, and overall I’m super happy with it.

The video editor has a steep learning curve, but you get so much functionality around video creation with


Video Editor: Edit Your Video For Multiple Channels

Now let’s jump into the basic video editor, as some might say, but if you ask me, it’s far from a basic video editor.

When I first used the editor, I spent endless hours trying to get the hang of it until I finally got it.

So when you decide to try, then be patient. You’ll get it in the end, and it helps with your understanding if you start with some video templates.

The Online Video Editor editor

The editor is divided into 4 sections.

  • On the left, you have the menu where you can insert text, resize it for different social media platforms, change the layout and much more.
  • In the middle, you have the video, where you can also see your changes.
  • At the bottom, you have the timeline where you can see all the elements in your video, such as sound, stock video clips and text.
  • Lastly, on the right, you have your settings. Your settings change depending on what you’re doing on the editor’s left side.

What I really like about Wave is how easily you can convert your video into multiple formats, whether it’s YouTube Shorts, Instagram, a YouTube video or even Facebook. automatically converts the video for you, and tries to place the elements conveniently, however, you still 9/10 have to make changes to make it fit, but overall it’s a decent job.

Another neat feature is how easy it is to change the video template you’re using. When you change the template, you can add it in the beginning, replace your video, or add it in the end.

Next up, you have access to stock photos and uploads, this works well, and you can easily upload and manage your photos and videos here. I like the filter options and search options.

What I’m missing, though, is the ability to upload images and videos from third-party applications like Google Drive, Dropbox and similar services.

And then you have the edit tab where everything happens. This is where you place your elements on the timeline and work with them, which is a significant downside of using

Whatever video format you use, video production slows down once you use the online video editor. It’s just not intuitive with the many video editing tools and the timeline.

I wish I could draft and drop the elements onto the timeline like Final Cut Pro, but here you have to add the elements from the left bar menu and change the settings on the right side.

And as this is a core feature, I wish they made this easier to work with because there are many great features.

You can add images from the stock library and use the background removal tool to make it fit better into your video.

The background removal is easy to use and is on the right side.

So as you can probably see now, they have many features, and they work great, but the main problem is that it’s not easy to use, so when you start, be patient.

Video Templates: Create Your Video In 9 Ways

create video with video template

When you start your, you have 9 ways to create your video:

  • Blank video: Start from scratch creating the video yourself.
  • Blank Image: Create a project based on an image and build it out.
  • Video recording: Start your video from your own recording.
  • From Text: Create a video with AI where you describe the video.
  • Templates: Create a video based on a pre-built video template with audio tracks.
  • From a Blog post: Insert your URL for your blog post and let the AI generate a video based on your blog post.
  • Stock assets: Start a project based on a stock video or image.
  • Import from YouTube: Start a video based on a YouTube video URL.
  • Import from Instagram: Import a social video from Instagram reels, and edit it.

 I really like this, and you’re never stuck. You can always use your own material or start based on a video template and make it into your own. It’s so easy to change the resources into your own materials, and then you have a social video or even a video landing page.

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Publish Your Video

When you’ve built out your video, you can then publish it. I usually export it in 1080p; they don’t support 2K or 4K.

However, you have multiple ways of publishing your video. You can also keep it in Wave, host it in, and use it for video streaming, get analytics and much more.

Landing Page publish landing page

You can set up a video landing page per video you create in, customise the landing page, create a headline, write some text and add a call to action button.

You can also add your Google Analytics account and choose your landing page’s layout.

It’s a great way to use video streaming to convert visitors into customers. I’m not using this method, but it works great. Video Player video player

Another way to publish is to use the customizable video player, where you can add your own colours and choose how the video should act and the feel of it.

You can also choose the thumbnail and continue to use for your video streaming.

I’m not using this much, as I export my video and publish it as a social video, but if you want to use video to convert visitors, this is an excellent feature.

Embed Your Video, Password Protect It And Run An Email Campaign

The last 3 methods are not published but are ways to promote your video.

You can easily embed your video on your own website or elsewhere, where you can paste HTML code.

You can password-protect it, which works great if you want to set up a paywall.

Lastly, you can send out the video in an email campaign for whatever it is, to build outbound links, for real estate to convert customers or something completely different.

These outbound options are great for driving conversions in any industry where video marketing works.

Pro-tip: Remember to look into the Analytics, where you can see the number of plays and how long people watch. I wish we could see more data about the visitors, such as geographical data, browser data etc., but it’s a decent start. Livestream

I’ll not dive much into this because it’s pretty straightforward, and I haven’t used it that much. However, Wave. video supports live streaming as well.

You can also record videos and use them as webinars through

Pro-tip: You can use your videos as webinars.

For both live streams and webinars, you can stream simultaneously to 11 destinations:

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Facebook Profile
  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Page
  • Instagram
  • Custom RTMP
  • Amazon Live

Livestream And Webinars On 11 Destinations live streaming

I’ve tested the studio, and 2 features I really liked were the captions and the teleprompter.

I’m not the type who reads up my entire script, but this is super convenient if you need that, as it’s built-in, and you have it right in your studio.

The captions are just great, especially if you want to repurpose your content later on after your webinar. Then you’ll have a library of video clips you can publish as a social video on Instagram or TikTok because the captions are already there.

But you have the following options with the live stream:

  • The classics: COntrol your mic and camera.
  • Share your screen or slides.
  • Invite other people to be on the live stream with you.
  • Change the layout to be able to share your screen and show your camera at the same time.
  • Add your logo to the live stream
  • Add your own text style.
  • Add your own media and move it around.
  • Add captions.
  • Interact in the live chat with your viewers.
  • Use the private chat.
  • And lastly, one of my favourites: The teleprompter.

The webinars work the exact same way as the live streams. The only difference is just that it’s scheduled.

Wrap-Up: Is Worth It? is absolutely worth it, in my opinion. I use it every week to make promos. If I were to do regular live streams and webinars, it’s a 2 in 1 tool for professional video creation and even social media videos.

I like how easy it is to take stunning videos and repurpose them into any format and share it across different social media.

The many customizable video templates and the options to make an excellent video is outstanding.

I hope they’ll improve the online video editing tool to make it easier to create high-quality videos because that’s the only negative thing I have to say in the big picture. website
Made for video content creation

Repurpose Your Videos

My all-time favourite feature with is how easy it is to make one video, and easily repurpose it for all social media.

The live stream has similar features. For is all about making it easy to create stunning videos.

3.5/5 Review Scale Up Your Video Marketing is a video software running in the browser where you can edit your video content easily. It's perfect for promo and smaller videos.

Editor's Rating:


  • It's an all-in-one video platform
  • It's perfect for creating promo videos and promotional videos.
  • You can use it for webinars and live streaming.
  • You can easily repurpose your video content to run a successful video marketing campaign.


  • It doesn't work well in Safari.
  • The video editor is not intuitive to use if you don't know it.
  • The feature, from blog posts to videos, doesn't work well.
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Phillip Stemann
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